02:57 bubblethink: Hi. Are there any recent regressions related to screen tearing in reverse prime scenarios in recent kernels ? Tearing used to be kind of bad earlier too, but I feel things have become much worse in recent ubuntu versions. Earlier it was only tearing in videos and such, but now even basic desktop functionality tears
02:58 bubblethink: I'm on the ubuntu hwe kernel for 18.04, which is 4.18.x. I also tried the 19.04 beta, which is 4.19.x, but no difference
02:59 bubblethink: there is a tear line right through the main diagonal, and things also get garbled
02:59 bubblethink: this is for an optimus kepler gpu
03:03 HdkR: I get the same diagonal tear with i965 in my non-composited WM. So probably less of an issue with nouveau+prime
03:08 bubblethink: it didn't use to be so bad for the same hardware earlier though. I don't know when it started exactly, but I think with the previous kernel on 18.04 (4.15), I didn't have this issue.