07:41 mardination: so well, it can also probably done with 3*20 ARB slots and try to issue three instructions at time, so whatever you do just remember that clamp modes are set per coordinate, and texture unit can be switched per wfid tile in the beginning
07:47 mardination: first time having samsung low-end smartphone , and i am fairly suprised in a good way, about how much the battery can last on this phone
07:48 mardination: the phone itself is not anything special nor highly fast, but the battery life is absolutely enjoyable
07:54 mardination: all graphics chips theoretically allow doing very good performance, they have tried to defend instruction cache internally, or so to speak make it securer , it can not be pulled into play trvially, but can be non-trivially using couple of different methods
08:11 mardination: concrete algorithm is pointless to explain and it seems to be not patentable either, it is all because there are large range of variations , basically do whatever you want, it is just to remember that those types of rough guidelines i mentioned are hw dependent methods only
08:16 mardination: all this seeking logic should use no more than two samplers, and some amount of fixed mode filter modes
08:18 mardination: pointers are not implemented via register contents, cause this is too much of a security risk , so guys without effort could read out the state of the regs
08:26 mardination: We try to find out, if someone is interested to pay for the work, and if not it is published for free at some point
08:30 mardination: so even 500hundred in month or total is better than nothing, and money should be transfered after the mission is accomplished
08:42 mardination: anyways, those performance issues are not hw fault under any generation, but drivers fault, there are two types of issues, performance and bugs in the codegen for driver, some longer in business or worked employee may say sometimes hw suffers under rare bugs too
08:42 mardination: but definitely not in the more important paths
09:14 mardination: I understand if bill was world richest man in 1990 allready, today is 2019 and he is one of the richest still, according to calculations if he was not a philatropist, he would be a trillionaire, bill and melinda gates organisation makes voluntary charity yearly that is
09:17 mardination: there was a tweet or article that bill bought a burger in russia, waited in the queue, he is the worlds smartest man imo
09:18 mardination: however though he does not cheat at all, those moneys he collected in the company was got with fraud mostly, united states countries money printed and whatever.
09:34 mardination: types of things as cheaters and scammers -- latter as the most estonians are, this is a more dumber version of the two, but both are nasty
09:42 mardination: by the way first time in history conservative national alley is formed in estonian political coalition last scammers almost killed me, I do not expect anything else from this nationalist stuff, it goes worse, those protesters say it is national urgency to kill me
09:45 mardination: i am not gonna lie for nationalism, i was torchered by estonian scammers, no known russian ones involved so far at least directly
10:14 mardination: my mom has wished me to go to eastern asian countries to realize my electronical talent a bit better, those are fairly inactive in forums, compared to indians and such, but highly smart indeed, i said to mom, do you know who sells equipment to chinease , we know arm holdings does ARM based cores for samsung phones
10:14 mardination: but dutch sell lithography machines pretty much to the whole world
10:15 mardination: i been to netherlands recently , and my impression was , those are heck of a smart ones
10:20 mardination: bumped early to/against ASML eomployee there talking to me about how to proccess metals, i know only numbers what metal does what, i do not know much how to cut them or proccess
10:24 mardination: i responded with a little suprise to him, about what i have been dealing with, well lithography is still the moost elegaant technique, i talked about cvd machines doing similar things more cheaply, have to be modified a bit
10:26 mardination: by then which was this summer, i also allready knew that i had this graphics chips hack in place, and i explained him how it roughly works
10:39 mardination: all i am saying that estonians seem to plan very difficult hacks, which is very hard to spot, little scratch of a head a total mistery how can some work at such a thing consistently
10:40 mardination: for instance, i was a sprinter runner, and they managed to work collaboratively on smaller details by a way of scam, how to get me not running away by showing back lights every ti
10:40 mardination: me baing assaulted
10:41 mardination: so the next phase was frankly how to poison me, cause with an injury of highest magnitude i still did it
10:41 mardination: such a very retarded planned actions, which are hard to understand
10:41 mardination: very cowardish also
10:44 mardination: it could be the fact, because i am what i am and nasty opponent and generally hard to tolerate, i can not imagine my own how to compile together so retarded and amoral arrangements
10:44 mardination: to deliberately harm someone in such amoral ways
10:52 mardination: it is so specific mindset difference compared to me, a motivation to injure someone is very negatively toned for me
10:53 mardination: i can not accept that kind of behavior, and i had to learn alot to understand that type of mindset
10:56 mardination: I have to be repeat day by day that i fell as victim under such amoral nasty terror, it is nothing in nature that i have in similar
10:57 mardination: i would forget what i was arranged to, if the frequency was not so bad and if i would not still see the similar
11:00 mardination: i think it was winston chrchills sentence, that he just did not account with someone being so evil, the fat fuck who betrayded and scammed us
11:00 mardination: with franklin delano roosevelt and jossif stalin meeting in jalta 1945
11:03 mardination: i was a bit different, but for me it was devostating to understand evil too, imo retards are evil and plan something that no normal human can plan
11:21 mardination: actually in the ninethies, there were very big hearted russian rulers, one was gorbachev and other to following was boris jeltsin, lennart meri denied the earlier agreement between Boris Jeltsin and Arnold Rüütel, Boris promised to take russian siblings of the war heros back to russia, 100k of them this time
11:21 mardination: but later on an ultimatum for the kgb agent was presented, kgb agent was lennarts father and he himself also a big fuck
11:25 mardination: they have three generations of betraydors, Georg Meri, Lennart Meri and Maarja Meri, Lennarts sons daughter
11:25 mardination: nast motherfuckers
11:25 mardination: nasty
11:45 mardination: well yeah to excile and hence execution according to the work of Lavrenti Beria who was in chanrge of baltic states repressions, they sent the most successful Estonians in 1941 and 1949
11:45 mardination: 1941 6k and 1949 30k
11:47 mardination: we knew who was the fish of those actions a bit later, it was a presidents father, who was on file in Kreml
11:48 mardination: a biggest fish betraydor who gave away and was directly responsible for estonians death
11:50 mardination: because the campaign against Lennarts Meri elections was done by my grandfather, whos uncle was minister in the old days
11:56 mardination: and also my grandmother has personaly gifted embroydery to United States president
11:56 mardination: s wifr
11:56 mardination: wife
11:57 mardination: yeah Hilary Clinton is her name
11:57 mardination: Hilary gifted my ranny a goldplated pen
11:57 mardination: granny
12:01 mardination: and she is old now, this woman i have loved
12:01 mardination: 84 i think now, very sharp still compared to her aged
12:03 loonycyborg: Dammit you've just put me to sleep. Probably moderators are sleeping too.
12:05 mardination: loonycyborg: can you run?
12:06 loonycyborg: While sleeping no
12:06 mardination: Yeah , i run slower than i used to when i had to, but i still can do some quicker sprints
12:06 mardination: which has been the base of keeping me alive
12:07 mardination: if snipers do not do their job, than with hand bone cracked, i got a run
12:07 loonycyborg: You'd put snipers to sleep too
12:08 mardination: yeah well i still have the left hand to throw bunches with, but that gets me to jail accounting the conspires against me.
12:08 mardination: *punches
12:10 loonycyborg: People can't conspire against you if you're so boring. They'd just forget about your existence in couple days
12:10 mardination: yeah if you can do that i am with you
12:11 mardination: so far it has not succeeded, cause you are a bit of leftovers aren't you
12:11 mardination: leftovers are jelous cause of superior beings
12:13 loonycyborg: Doesn't matter
12:13 loonycyborg: you won't even remember me tomorrow
12:13 mardination: as alawys it is a biggest compliment when leftovers do not want me to their crew
12:13 loonycyborg: like nobody will remember you
12:13 mardination: loonycyborg: for me it hardly matters also
12:13 loonycyborg: Exactly
12:13 mardination: loonycyborg: basically my days are over anyways
12:14 loonycyborg: so stop putting me to sleep
12:14 loonycyborg: and other irc people too :P
12:15 mardination: well with not having acheived anything and not possible to be getting any acheivement either, I basically understand that my days are over
12:15 mardination: no pressure at all anymore
12:16 loonycyborg: "achievement" is subjective concept
12:16 mardination: yes, but, i had plans but those were ruined somehow, i had second plans and those too
12:17 mardination: so .... does not matter, i can stay unnoticed too
12:17 loonycyborg: No plan survives contact with enemy, but there never any particular plan will come to fruition
12:17 loonycyborg: it always determined by completenes of your knowledge
12:18 loonycyborg: but what we achieve only limited by laws of physics
12:22 mardination: actually i have been cracked up since decades ago, nowdays there is only yet my good brain to rely on, and i understand the boringness
12:22 mardination: it is so boring to me too
12:23 mardination: it seems to work in a way that makes me a bit suprised what a human power is made of, but...
12:23 mardination: still it is too boring and one sided
12:25 mardination: i have noticed if there is not human interaction involved which i confuse in the climate changing field like HAARP or so
12:25 mardination: than probably my opinion is consistent with stephen Hawking
12:25 ikus060: Hello, I'm fishing for some info regarding GTK 1070 on laptop. Do you know if it's an Optimus system ?
12:25 mardination: who thought that we are just a playground for UFO based
12:25 mardination: aliens
12:28 mardination: there are basically two different opinions there, that earth is sort of like perfect mixture of things and a fluke
12:29 mardination: hence
12:29 mardination: but... i am more on the side of that there are even more perfect planets with more energy fields
12:29 mardination: present
12:30 mardination: perhaps not kepler or whatever they researched for atmosphere presence, but,,, damn it looks like there are more of earrth alike systems on different galaxies
12:30 mardination: those are seeming to have more energy resources even
12:32 mardination: well practically human beings on this planet if they have enough motivation
12:32 mardination: could perfectly monitor on ground human brain from the sky
12:33 mardination: send whatever signals to make some aftereffect based of the brain activity
12:33 mardination: but what i belive maybe....
12:34 mardination: is that william hill betting office would bet even that aliens would do it even better
12:38 mardination: The Chronicles of riddick, well the truth is, i have been getting so many medications
12:38 mardination: that i do not even care anymore
12:39 mardination: I used to freak out even in mental insititutions when i saw how they pictured and photographed other planets, like pluto
12:39 mardination: or maybe that is a bit far away
12:39 mardination: some other icy planet in this galaxy
12:42 mardination: i am perfectly getting into new iteration, i will be born as a new talent, why should cockblockers remember me
12:43 mardination: they just get their karma depths and above that i no longer care
12:43 mardination: debts
12:44 mardination: i do not want some higher fuckface to take my life, but when it is time to go it is time to go
12:45 mardination: if there is nothing to do to save my life, and only option is to die
12:45 mardination: i die with honor
12:46 mardination: mmy father always said, this guy does not seem to care at all what is going on
12:46 mardination: i.e the uncaring or loose end stuff is encoded in this guys veins
12:47 mardination: my dad though is bit loose his own too, does not care either about death threattening
12:47 mardination: a solid guy so to speak
12:48 mardination: minute later when someone works hard
12:48 mardination: he decides to pull a gun at them
12:48 mardination: :D
12:49 mardination: what is even better, he may shoot too, cause i have seen him do that
12:49 mardination: basically he cares very few abouut leftovers
12:51 mardination: genetics wise, i have round about the same genetics, he does not care about himself either
12:51 mardination: like i do not
12:54 mardination: mu isa ütles, türa Mart sa oled ju pohhuist
12:54 mardination: ma ei julgenud öelda, et krt jah just täpselt nagu sina
13:01 mardination: käbi ei kuku kännust kaugele
13:02 mardination: what i understand he wants to help me, but i do not care of that one much either, as long as he understands that i love my anchestors
13:02 mardination: i can earn money too
13:04 mardination: this is determined mostly in animal world too
13:04 mardination: very oftenly the siblings like their anchestors
13:05 mardination: in that regard i am no different or exception
13:15 cyberpear: ikus060: what CPU does your GTK 1070 system have?
13:19 mardination: let the moderators and big experts wake up :D:D:D:D
13:19 mardination: cyberpear: i go after a 7th beer
13:20 mardination: cyberpear: you have some kind of strategy based of some bug report on that pascal?
13:20 mardination: i say right away that i am not up to date with nouveaus state, but i also say that bskeggs is pretty resillient dude
13:21 cyberpear: mardination: I've got a pascal card that doesn't work w/ nouveau w/o an out-of-tree patch...
13:21 cyberpear: even w/ that patch, suspend doesn't work, but I haven't been able to hook up a netconsole yet to capture the boot-time dmesg
13:21 cyberpear: mine is an Optimus system
13:22 mardination: what the heck dude
13:22 mardination: is that pascal mobile ontop of optimus?
13:22 cyberpear: pascal mobile w/ an on-board Intel GPU
13:22 mardination: lord sakes what combinations they offer nowdays
13:22 cyberpear: many of their CPUs have integrated GPUs these days...
13:23 mardination: this is increibly powerful insane gpu
13:23 mardination: incredibly
13:23 mardination: but i dunno what ben has done with the driving of thatt
13:24 mardination: this is not trivial task to trace and or write the driver for those chips
13:24 mardination: but luckily he gets paid
13:24 cyberpear: apparently "secure boot" mode of the chips has been a big roadblack
13:24 cyberpear: *roadblock
13:28 mardination: cyberpear: i am going to get another beer, but
13:28 mardination: maybe quickly said, what this secure boot blocks btw?
13:29 cyberpear: mardination: I'm unsure; I'm mostly an end user here.
13:29 mardination: is that something delt with 3d, or so to speak frequency scaling