01:05 orbea: karolherbst: :) https://github.com/iXit/wine-nine-standalone/commit/d0173d5db769c69bc73ad15b2a16422c9f3a60b7
01:06 orbea: that was AndrewR's issue ^
14:32 h31: Hello. I have a GeForce 7900 GS (NV49), and it has a substantially higher standby temperature than the proprietary driver.
14:33 gnarface: might be a known bug
14:33 h31: 60-70° on nouveau vs 53° on proprietary
14:33 gnarface: go the latest version?
14:33 h31: Tried on xubuntu 18.04.2 (kernel 4.18)
14:34 h31: gnarface: Any chances than newer driver has fixes for such an old gpu?
14:35 h31: Maybe there's any kind of settings?
14:35 gnarface: theoretically possible
14:35 gnarface: there is a grid...
14:35 gnarface: on the nouveau website
14:35 gnarface: featurematrix
14:35 gnarface: check for reclocking
14:36 gnarface: manual reclocking is possible on some gpus i just don't know off hand which ones
14:36 gnarface: in some cases it is possible even if auto reclocking doesn't work
14:36 gnarface: however in some of those cases, the fan control also does not work, leading to a bad heating situation
14:36 gnarface: and very possibly hardware damage
14:36 gnarface: luckily, MOST cards default to the lowest clock speed
14:37 h31: gnarface: Mostly it says https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/PowerManagement/
14:37 gnarface: hmmm
14:38 h31: I've tried to cat the pstate from /proc but haven't understood it's output
14:38 h31: There are three states (20, 21 and AC), all of the are nearly identical
14:39 gnarface: are you running a compositor?
14:39 gnarface: also, i think AC is supposed to be the audio
14:39 gnarface: *auto
14:39 gnarface: sorry
14:39 gnarface: not sure about that
14:40 h31: gnarface: Yes, xfwm4
14:41 h31: I've installed Compton later but haven't tested it with nouveau. Oh, and openbox works the same. Might a little less temperature, but not too much
14:42 gnarface: i wonder if lack of hardware acceleration is causing it to work too hard, but the powermanagement is working right
14:42 gnarface: what about fan speeds? is the fan working harder too?
14:45 h31: gnarface: The fan has the same speed
14:45 gnarface: that's probably a problem
14:45 gnarface: do you have mesa installed too?
14:45 h31: Yes, of course
14:45 gnarface: just making sure so i understand the install
14:46 h31: Currently I don't have nouveau installed. What's the easiest way to try the lastest version of the driver?
14:47 gnarface: oh, really?
14:48 gnarface: wait, what driver are you using then, some framebuffer driver?
14:48 gnarface: kvm?
14:49 h31: gnarface: Proprietary
14:50 h31: It works OK, the reason I want to set up nouveau is because proprietary driver isn't supported anymore
14:51 h31: Max kernel version is 4.15
15:46 gnarface: h31: i think in most distros, the proprietary driver would blacklist the nouveau kernel module. are you sure that was undone before you tested nouveau?
15:49 gnarface: i'm wondering if it's falling back on some framebuffer driver instead. what does the Xorg.log say about it?