08:13 jchorin: Hello everybody! I want to be able to read the BIOS (get the binary string) of a GPU card, on Linux without having to rely on NV_Flash I would like to know if you had an idea of how to start, where to look for
11:59 jchorin: Hello again, I found the envytools utility, which can do wqhat
12:00 jchorin: * what I'm looking for, but I get the message : "WARN: Can't probe 0000:05:00.0"
12:02 gnarface: what card?
12:02 gnarface: the new ones have encrypted firmware, that might be the issue, i don't know
13:16 jchorin: Hello again (got connection issues), I would like to know if using nvagetbios from envytools only for reading the BIOS harms in any way my GPU card, when VFIO is using it
18:33 lebomees: for some reason freedesktop site with logs is down.
18:38 lebomees: Maybe someone had further questions? Well, dispatcher stage on gpu is put to sleep with either geometry plus concext switch on older and newer GPUs , Newer can switch the context from shader without altering the geometry, and third way is to time the fixed function texture bind from shader bo, to put the PCs memory addresses out-of-bounds
18:39 lebomees: cause only when the instruction addresses are out-of-bounds will the dispatcher ignore fetching stuff from memory, however usual memory loads will work i.e data
18:52 lebomees: generally all this is easy, but depends on how hard have i made it myself, due to the meds my brain is bit malfunctional, and some freak outs and anger problems are still present, however the method is clear and known to work, would take some more time to polish it on all cards but... generally no high motivation there
18:52 lebomees: well the code is behing health , if it remains ok, than can be done easily
18:56 lebomees: past days we have faced kinda weirdo climate and low-air pressure , raised most pupil blood pressure, and some including me were sleepy and hazy
19:04 lebomees: however even though some know the method, it is a very big change to turn things upside down, and influences many industries as a direct cause
19:07 lebomees: for me, i gave a 5year battle to verilog , i had hallucinations sometimes present i dunno why, people who have harmed me consitently i could expect anything from them for no real reason, i have several times been near to duying imo, only my internal content to beat those terrorists have kept me alive and strong immunism
19:14 lebomees: the worrying part, is some of the terror was committed albeit in fewer extend to other people too, who did not have that much of resillience or training background like i do, i also have naturally many brain cells, very sadly the subject died there, my dear friend, this thing is too dangerous
19:15 lebomees: this quitelines based of me should not be done, ok I could take it, and some people perhaps knew i could, but not worth to try on others. i.e too dangerous
19:22 lebomees: and yeah there are no mistakes done in hw design, with the time of incremental progress during 5years reading the code, i definitely see that
19:28 lebomees: pretty much clinical stuff , in our country in technical uni. they invested much time on NOCs, but i am not sure i follow how those work, since during a cycle it can schedule in NOC anywhere on the chip, i do not know if there is a way to deterministically read those instructions and reexecute, and if they have similar queues
19:36 lebomees: generally there is lot work, since as i told the register allocator needs a bit of plumbing, and there are many chips and drivers in the world, due to this it's yet quite some work to do, I myself have no resources time and money to carry this out
19:39 lebomees: cause the method involves all the graphics and other accelerators manufactured in the world, there are many of them, i can only later do this for certain chips i have
19:42 lebomees: the biggest GCN1 chip is 16CU one, cause the wf_tag retire wire, is 15bits
19:42 lebomees: ouh it is 32, pardon
19:50 lebomees: so anyways when abriter schedules out-of-bounds memory access to certain CU and it's f_decode_wfid and subwfid called issued_wfid, such instructions and wafefronts or warps are considered issued, but masked off in the alu module
19:51 lebomees: hence when you have out-of-bounds dispatcher addresses, they do not access i-buffer and decode internal regs hence again
19:51 lebomees: however
19:52 lebomees: if you do a schedule with out-of-bounds destination address or swizzled out element, such do not get scheduled, and leave the valid bits on, and those reaccess the
19:52 lebomees: i-buffer contents
19:54 lebomees: hence there are levels of issue queue multiplexers which are faster and slightly slower, the fastest ones are almost fast as issue queue entries, and they can be only 40slots per CU
19:56 lebomees: if you need more, reclaims which is insane, then 40*8 is possible per CU something like 320 or so
19:56 lebomees: but then as it switches them in from warp queues randomly they will be all slow reclaims
19:57 lebomees: they do not involve accessing i-cache neither memory, but decoder instances are only 40 per CU
19:58 lebomees: when those are switched out , then it will go over the decoder loops once again
20:17 lebomees: well since most GPUs have a way to communicate with command processor, either over cache or scratch registers, for some older gpus we could flesh out an extension, to make command processor to toggle bounds and out of bounds processing for instructions
20:21 lebomees: final words are about lsu or texture unit going into a stall, when programmer gives an unaligned non-consecutive addresses in the vector register
20:22 lebomees: attilagpu there shows, that such a texture unit can be unstalled with certain procedure which accesses the same unit as second level dependent load
20:22 lebomees: so such a method can be used to emulate for instance barriers
20:28 lebomees: but there is also another way how to implement barriers, it is dirty bits, unkown instruction that is
20:33 lebomees: and with using such hacks, what is possible is to put atom proccessor GPUs to function as fast as GCN1 apus with doing H264 video decoding in hw and running more modern games, if it is combined with SSD drive, but its just lot of work
20:33 lebomees: it will do fine
20:39 lebomees: also the compilers compiler can be authored aka the precompiler, it is additional work...i am not sure if i am able to help there being unemployed, depends how well my father does to support me, whom I rely on lately
20:43 lebomees: i should not rely on him instead to to work my own, however he is willing to help at some point, but then again court sanctioned my rights, so maybe it still for some limited time will be actual, and i might be able to code finally
20:48 lebomees: yeah so far only garden work i perform and some hobby minor sports, which help me to be almost fit and get thoughts saner
20:49 lebomees: if i were not injured I'd perform physical work in heaps, it is highly needed for staying fit
20:50 lebomees: only sleeping smoking and drinking is not enough for thinking , it needs to be mixed with a little movement to unfreeze the brain
20:55 lebomees: for instance, if you sleep well and are workoholic with computers, you have 1hour of valuable time in the morning to sanely hack
20:55 lebomees: however if you do some muscle stressing during some physical event, this can be extended too several hours
21:00 lebomees: so for the first time all political parties here, involve a program to keep people moving a bit more in this age of computers, which would otherwise threatten a degration of meantal and physical balance and health, yeah this is very sane mixing those things does ensure a perfect work environment and we'd me fine
21:00 lebomees: me/be
21:03 lebomees: unless injured badly physical excersize is what does a man from a boy and human from monkey, i am injured but luckily i live from old fats, cause i did enough as youngster
21:13 lebomees: you know karolherbst, to be a sane man on average day i trained 2times 2*1.5hours at least, from 6-15 luckily, even though this was the reason i got terrorised to cripple, even today if i want i beat them easily and kill them easily off for their actions, ignoring a 19year nerve and muscle and bone injuries which got additions, go to hell, bye.