11:52 docmax: is there any vulkan driver for nouveau?
12:03 docmax: well, ok
12:03 gnarface: docmax: 99% certain the answer is still no. 100% certain you'll have to wait a few hours before anyone who actually knows for sure shows up
12:04 docmax: still? did read any answer
12:04 gnarface: however, if this is about wine, you can get some good wine performance on some games with "wine-gallium-nine" (?) and DRI_PRIME ... hardware depending
12:05 gnarface: no, i mean "still" as in, since i last asked myself
12:05 gnarface: maybe a month ago or so
12:05 gnarface: it would be a lot of work and there's nobody to do it, afaik
12:06 docmax: ok
12:11 gnarface: i recall them talking about it, it seemed like it would require a pretty drastic overhaul of parts of nouveau
12:11 gnarface: but i think they were unclear if the knowledge of how to do it was even acquired
12:12 gnarface: it's well beyond what i can do anyway
12:12 gnarface: but in wine it's only gonna help you for dx11 games
12:44 docmax: how can i start nouveau xorg with DP-1 and DP-3 off?
12:48 gnarface: some xrandr stuff
12:48 gnarface: there's syntax for it to go in xorg.conf
12:48 gnarface: (unlike the official nvidia driver, nouveau actually parses that stuff right)
12:49 gnarface: or you could just put some xrandr commands in your WM startup
12:49 gnarface: it depends on how you want to do it
13:07 docmax: i would like to go with xorg.conf, not xrandr
13:07 docmax: and maxwell re-clocking is still not possible, right?
13:08 gnarface: uh, i forget which ones are which
13:09 gnarface: some of them can be manually reclocked
13:09 gnarface: some of them, only mem or gpu, not both
13:09 gnarface: there's a feature grid on the freedesktop.org website, stand by i'll dig you up a link
13:09 docmax: maxwell is gtx 9xx
13:10 gnarface: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FeatureMatrix/
13:10 gnarface: here
13:11 docmax: "WIP" whatever that means
13:11 gnarface: work in progress
13:11 docmax: yes, but i cant see anything about it on the driver and my card gtx 970
13:11 gnarface: kernel version?
13:11 docmax: not even the /sys/kernel/debug interface
13:12 docmax: kernel 5.0.2
13:12 gnarface: oh my
13:12 gnarface: well that should be certainly new enough
13:12 gnarface: though "WIP" might imply there's out-of-tree patches you'll have to try
13:12 docmax: i'm always on the bleeding edge
13:16 gnarface: the 900 series wasn't the ones where they started putting in encrypted firmware, was it?
13:17 gnarface: i'm always forgetting whether that was the 900 or 1000 series when that started
13:17 docmax: generally the maxwell series = 9xx 10xx
13:17 docmax: damnit nvidia
14:52 gnarface: karolherbst: docmax was asking about the status of reclocking on the gtx 970 but i didn't know what to tell him
14:52 docmax: no worries
14:57 gnarface: karolherbst: i didn't know if that was something you guys might be holding onto experimental patches for?
15:43 docmax: can anybody help me with xinerama? i enabled option "xinerama" "on" but still no big screen. with nvidia it works
16:17 karolherbst: gnarface, docmax: needs out of tree patches and we can't control the fan
16:17 karolherbst: so the fan keeps spinning on default speeds
16:17 karolherbst: which is bad
16:17 karolherbst: docmax: don't use xinerama
16:17 karolherbst: you won't need it
16:18 karolherbst: just throw away your xorg.conf and you can configure all you screens at runtime
16:30 gnarface: docmax: even with the official nvidia drivers, you're better off with xrandr/twinview than xinerama
18:03 karolherbst: orbea: I think the server might have some troubles...
18:03 karolherbst: no idea, but that happens quite regulary
18:03 orbea: ah
18:03 orbea: i'll try again later