02:06 Garrick_Anders_L: Greetings, wondering if anyone knows a way to view gpu utilization with nouveau drivers?
02:14 Garrick_Anders_L: hey there
02:27 Garrick_Anders_L: anyone awake in here?
02:28 HdkR: IRC usually means waiting around until someone responds with an answer
02:29 HdkR: I don't know your answer so I'm not responding to it. You just seem to be a bit impatient and need some form of response.
02:31 Garrick_Anders_L: apologies, super noob on irc
02:45 joepublic: My guess would be no, nouveau doesn't know about and therefore doesn't report GPU utilizations, otherwise reclocking could be a little more automated
02:51 Garrick_Anders_L: hmmmm, well then, digging down to my root problem, is there a way to positively confirm that sli is enabled and working?
02:51 HdkR: Nouveau doesn't support SLI in any regard
02:52 Garrick_Anders_L: that explains everything, thank you very much for your assistance
03:42 imirkin: and there's currently no way to view gpu utilization