20:37 sdgathman: We have a NVIDIA Corporation NV11 [GeForce2 MX200] (rev b2)
20:37 sdgathman: Has nouveau driver dropped support for that (admittedly ancient) card?
20:38 imirkin_: should work fine
20:38 imirkin_: (within reason)
20:38 imirkin_: i wouldn't try the latest 3d games on it...
20:38 imirkin_: (which unfortunately many modern desktops aspire to be...)
20:40 imirkin_: anyways, nouveau should be OK with any NV4 (Riva TNT) or later. in practice, the older gpu's get less testing than newer ones.
20:40 imirkin_: i do have a NV34 plugged in (FX 5200), which seems to not be complete broken
20:47 sdgathman: It stopped working with Oct CentOS-7 updates. (Still works with older drivers)
20:48 sdgathman: Tried Fedora 29 LiveUSB respin, also doesn't work there.
20:48 imirkin_: can you be more specific than "not work"
20:49 sdgathman: Here is Xorg.0.log from CentOS-7 latest drivers: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/vZlExQT0zI2y125eB-on-Q
20:50 sdgathman: There seems to be some problem with modeset. (have to boot older kernel).
20:50 sdgathman: We tried nouveau.modeset=1 hoping that would override normal kernel modeset.
20:51 sdgathman: In Fedora 29, we get video, but no 3D accel (sufficient for gnome or cinnamon).
20:51 sdgathman: No interest in games, just modern GUIs.
20:52 sdgathman: Since the card was considered an "ancient relic" in 2005, I thought maybe it might be easier to try to replace it.
20:53 sdgathman: imirkin_: ^^
20:53 imirkin_: checking
20:54 imirkin_: so what's the issue exactly?
20:54 imirkin_: that log seems fine
20:54 imirkin_: you're missing the nouveau_vieux driver entirely
20:55 sdgathman: Oh, what's that?
20:55 imirkin_: the 3d component
20:55 imirkin_: frankly, i think that's for the best
20:55 imirkin_: you want little-to-nothing to do with the 3d accel features of that board
20:55 sdgathman: Well, cinnamon requires it for one.
20:55 sdgathman: So maybe time to replace the card.
20:55 imirkin_: i'm sure it has a fallback to software
20:56 imirkin_: but yeah, if you have an environment that thinks it's a 3d game, you may want a newer board
20:56 sdgathman: It does, but the cinnamon fallback never worked well. Crashes requently, etc.
20:56 sdgathman: MATE works well in 2D.
20:56 imirkin_: i doubt the GL 1.3 that you get with that board will be particularly useful for any sort of accel
20:59 sdgathman: We could also try a different DE. CentOS-7 was running gnome.
20:59 sdgathman: gnome3
20:59 imirkin_: ah yeah. gnome-shell will be a pile of hurt.
21:00 imirkin_: i've been using WindowMaker since 1999 or so. still quite happy with it :)
21:04 sdgathman: I have an ASUS 210 Silent that should work in PCI express.
21:04 imirkin_: you have a GF2 that's PCIe??
21:04 sdgathman: yes
21:04 imirkin_: didn't know there were any PCIe NV11's
21:04 sdgathman: Actually, my brother has an ancient motherboard.
21:05 imirkin_: i assumed they were all AGP or PCI
21:05 sdgathman: This more recent one I have here is a GeForce PhysX 1GB DDR3 for PCI express
21:05 sdgathman: (hopefully works with x8)
21:06 sdgathman: The specs are printed in light green on slightly darker green.
21:07 sdgathman: Must be a designer that got transferred to Dilbert's dept...
21:07 sdgathman: They normally do light grey on slightly darker grey - which is actually easier to read than this ...
21:08 sdgathman: I think I'll send it to him.
21:10 imirkin_: k. fwiw the NV11 should still work totally fine
21:10 imirkin_: just don't pick a visually-cutting-edge desktop environment
21:17 sdgathman: Yeah, I'll recommend trying a different DE first.
21:17 imirkin_: skeggsb: friendly ping re my "mmio error" patches. still thinking what to do about that vgalock one.
21:18 imirkin_: unfortunately mmiotrace sleuthing won't help since it only gets run on resume ... =/
22:14 sdgathman: imirkin_: MATE DE works ok
22:20 imirkin_: yay