00:34 j2lapoin: With my geforce 8400 gs i can difficulty run opengl 3 prog but with my intel hd 4000 i manage to do it but it slow. I tough by getting a gt 710 that i would be able to do it and faster.
00:34 j2lapoin: Am under a linux libre system
00:50 imirkin: j2lapoin: GL 3.3 should be fine with 8400 GS
00:50 imirkin: what issues are you seeing?
00:50 j2lapoin: I get a pink screen
00:51 imirkin: perhaps you're supposed to get a pink screen? :)
00:53 j2lapoin: Sometime its a pink screen...with supertux racer my 3d is slow as crazy with opengl 3
00:55 j2lapoin: imirkin: im getting a gt 710 tomorrow hoping it will give me more performance
01:00 gnarface: j2lapoin: can you quantify "slow" ?
01:00 gnarface: some people may think "slow" is 45fps
01:01 j2lapoin: Gnarface: unplayable
01:02 gnarface: well th difference between 10fps "slow" and 0.1fps "slow" could be the difference between having a complete mesa install or not
01:02 gnarface: it's important to find out the difference
01:02 j2lapoin: i come back...
01:06 gnarface:shudders to imagine someone spending extra money on a video card to play supertuxcart
01:07 imirkin: well, depending on which 8400 GS it is...
01:07 imirkin: G98 isn't exactly fast.
01:28 gnarface: come on super tux cart should run fine on a video card with 8mb of ram no?
01:29 gnarface: i guess i haven't played it in that long
01:29 gnarface: maybe it's different now
01:30 imirkin: a lot more than 8mb
01:30 imirkin: at least 128, probably 256
01:30 imirkin: stk of old, maybe
01:30 imirkin: the new one is actually a lot more demanding
01:30 imirkin: (not sure what it has to show for those new demands though)
01:32 airlied: gotta anti-alias those penguins
10:01 HdkR: Fun bit of trivia. If you build an SM70 cuda kernel, it will run on an SM75 device unmodified
10:07 mupuf: :)
10:07 mupuf: what family does it relate to?
10:17 HdkR: mupuf: SM70 = Volta, SM75 = Turing
10:27 mupuf: good to hear!
19:36 j2lapoin: i switch video card but i still get a pink screen (but the music is there), when i launch a game (via wine)
19:41 j2lapoin: is there any bentchmark tool (easy to use as gears)
23:58 pabs3: anyone know what these errors mean? my display froze last night and I had to force-reboot to reset it. http://paste.debian.net/hidden/c2d72187/