00:16 annadane: i honestly just use i3 and xfce at this point and nouveau doesn't really crash
00:16 annadane: i really do not want to start installing the proprietary stuff
00:17 gnarface: there's something to be said for that
00:39 endrift: Seeing people talk about the problems with the nvidia driver reminded me to make a thing that I was thinking about a few days ago
00:40 endrift: https://twitter.com/endrift/status/1046918785431556096 I think HdkR may be one of the only people in this channel that finds this funny but I'm leaving it here for him anyway
00:46 Katana_Steel: anyone had good results with a GeForce 9600GT and the nouveau module?
00:47 Katana_Steel: on the freedesktop wiki I see quite a bit listed still as WIP...
00:48 Katana_Steel: NV50 (G94 series)
00:48 imirkin: it should be mostly functional
00:49 imirkin: the main bit that won't work iirc is reclocking, but those should boot to high clocks anwyays
00:50 Katana_Steel: so the fans would be on most of the time too then also?
00:50 imirkin: maybe, depends
00:50 imirkin: fan control should work though
00:51 imirkin: i.e. the fans would change speed in response to temp
00:54 Katana_Steel: okay... I might not know entirely how that works... but wouldn't a high clock also generate quite a bit of heat during idle?
00:54 imirkin: it's all relative... but yes, more heat than at lower clocks
00:54 imirkin: however chances are pretty good that the chip only has 1 or 2 perf levels at all
00:56 Katana_Steel: maybe 3 iirc been laying in my draw for little over 6 months...
00:57 Katana_Steel: the only reason I didn't run it with nouveau was the missing GPGPU support...
00:58 Katana_Steel: any work happened on that front lately ?
00:59 Katana_Steel: not critical anymore for me... but a nice to have
01:02 HdkR: endrift: hah
01:21 imirkin: Katana_Steel: on G94, not really
01:29 Katana_Steel: I was using it with Seti@home on 3.16 and 331.x drivers up until I replaced it with a GTX 1060
01:30 Katana_Steel: because that was the last driver from which nvidia hadn't removed Cuda support
01:31 endrift: that's one hell of a space heater
01:31 endrift: I used to have a 9600 GT
01:31 endrift: it ran rather hot
01:31 Katana_Steel: XFX did a pretty good job of cooling it
01:32 endrift: not sure if this was Nvidia's fault or Zotac's fault but it also leaked onto ground so much that my front audio jack was useless while gaming
01:32 Katana_Steel: running a 680MHz (+30MHz of core spec)
01:32 endrift: it would make a 60hz clicking like an old movie reel when watching h.264 video too
01:37 Katana_Steel: I'm planning first build rig for my 6 year old... and in the past year I've pretty much replace all base components in my main rig
01:37 Katana_Steel: and the plan now is to let him build a box more or less on his own...
01:38 Katana_Steel: just wanted to have a viable graphics options even for a bit of light gaming...
01:38 imirkin: should run portal just fine :)
01:38 Katana_Steel: it did indeed when I was using it
01:39 endrift: same haha
01:39 endrift: kinda struggled with Arkham Asylum though
01:40 Katana_Steel: did run PS1 fairly well too
01:40 imirkin: i wouldn't expect anything magical
01:41 Katana_Steel: struggled with MSG2.. but NFS: MW ran without issue...
01:42 imirkin: GL 3.3 should be supported though
01:43 Katana_Steel: he's 6 if the thing turns on and he can get a bit of games... the mere fact that he built it himself would be the magical part :D
01:43 Katana_Steel: indeed GL 3.3 would be the target
01:43 imirkin: (well, sorta ... no seamless cubemaps, but i think nvidia lies about those too ... and texturing shadow cubes won't work either. but those are hw restrictions.)
01:44 imirkin: unlikely to come up as issues in practice
01:44 Katana_Steel: thanks... I'll see, no expectations, but a patch kernel and a secure system will make me feel better about the system
01:45 imirkin: it's ... all relative
01:45 imirkin: if you want an actual secured system, stay away from nouveau (or nvidia gpu's)
01:45 imirkin: esp from that era
01:45 Katana_Steel: heh indeed
01:46 imirkin: the default video firmware loads code from userspace and runs it at a privileged level on the gpu
02:04 zf: wh
02:04 zf: excuse me
19:03 Guest38: Hi guys
19:07 Guest38: I have a video card NVD9 (GF119) and I extracted the firmware for hw video acceleration (https://github.com/imirkin/re-vp2)
19:09 Guest38: the driver version that I utilized is NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.32.sh because it is the last supported by the script, while the latest version of the drivers is NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-390.87.sh
19:12 Guest38: this is the log of the command vdpauinfo after firmware loading: https://pastebin.com/kDXdU3hv
19:13 Guest38: I have downloaded this trailer to test vdpau (1080p 30 fps and 60 fps) http://bbb3d.renderfarming.net/download.html
19:16 Guest38: the trailer has been reproduced but presents some artifacts during playback. When I pressed the stop smplayer button, Debian freezed and I had to unplug the pc from the hardware switch
19:23 Guest38: Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/3c4e66ebfb3d6366d5226d2f1afa15f0/kern_nvd9.txt
19:24 Guest38: this is kernel log from firmware loading and trailer h264 playback
19:26 Guest38: the repository script is hosted by imirkin
20:14 j2lapoin: is the 3d capability of gt 1050 are functional with Parabola Linux (opensource only system)?
20:16 HdkR: 3D sure. Good luck getting any perf on it since it won't run above idles
20:16 HdkR: idle clocks*
20:19 j2lapoin: HdkR: Did you mean it will do 3D but at a really low speed?
20:19 Guest38: nobody answer a my questions?
20:21 HdkR: j2lapoin: Right
20:22 HdkR: Guest38: I don't know the answer to your questions
20:24 Guest38: HdkR my question is "Firmware extracted from nvidia driver freeze video hw acceleration"
20:25 j2lapoin: HdkR: I'm getting a Geforce GT 710, should i see some improvement over a Intel HD 200, or for me it will have no difference?
20:26 HdkR: j2lapoin: A GT710 should get a bit higher performance than an Intel HD 2000
20:26 HdkR: Guest38: And I don't have an answer for you since I don't know
20:28 j2lapoin: HdkR: Do you know what is the Highest Card that can do 3D and made the most improvement on a free system as parabola
20:28 HdkR: Something AMD probably
20:32 j2lapoin: HdkR: AMD work better?
20:32 HdkR: Yea
20:32 HdkR: Intel and AMD are both first class citizens in mesa
20:32 HdkR: Nvidia is semi-gimped past the GTX 7xx line
20:33 j2lapoin: I don't know AMD, do you know a card that do 3D and well in parabola
20:33 HdkR: Anything new should "just work"
20:33 HdkR: on the AMD side
20:34 j2lapoin: Do you know if there are cheaper?
20:35 HdkR: Something of comparable performance is usually cheaper. Since you're not paying the Nvidia tax
20:36 pendingchaos: does Linux-libre work with AMD hardware?
20:36 pendingchaos: *AMD gpus
20:37 j2lapoin: I'm using H-node.org to see witch one is working with 3D...
20:39 j2lapoin: Nope, AMD don't seem too much friendly with 3D with linux libre
20:39 HdkR: Oh, firmware complaints or something?
20:40 HdkR: Sounds like it'll really hate Nvidia then
20:40 gnarface: pendingchaos: there's still some firmware blobs required for full functionality in new AMD hardware. they've contributed a lot to mesa though, as well as the effort to open source a large portion of their driver. a small firmware core remains a blackbox still, unfortunately.
20:42 j2lapoin: I try with a nvidia Geforce Gt 1030, but the 3D was not working...Gt 710 is the top I can get I think....I think 3D is not prossible for linux libre...
20:42 gnarface: pendingchaos: (overall AMD and Intel in the past couple years though have indeed shown a business model where they can productively contribute to open source development while still keeping their dirty secrets secret, proving Nvidia to be a bunch of spoiled brats)
20:43 j2lapoin: I wish someone could tell me what is the greatest 3D card I can get running on a linux libre system
20:45 gnarface: j2lapoin: with nouveau anyway, your best bet i think is a 780
20:45 gnarface: j2lapoin: or, anything in the 700 series really except one that's actually a relabeled card from an earlier series
20:46 gnarface: there might be some sweet spot with a pre-amdgpu radeon card somewhere, but i'm not sure
20:47 gnarface: they might know in #radeon
20:48 j2lapoin: its quite a expansive one (780), wonder if I could found one for %150
20:53 j2lapoin: But its good to know, its expansive specially because they don't sell any new and people make people on those who want some.
21:11 pendingchaos: j2lapoin: I believe 3D acceleration with the 1030 requires firmware that Linux-libre would probably not include
21:12 gnarface: too late, he's gone
21:13 gnarface: there's gotta be some $50 radeons out there that still can do decent 3d without firmware though, right?
21:13 gnarface: like stuff from before amdgpu released
21:13 gnarface: i thought those were firmware-free and some of them were recent enough to get decent framerates if you had enough cpu
21:14 gnarface: like, not great framerates, but better than you'd get without on a newer card without firmware and reclocking capabilities
21:15 gnarface: s/get without on/get on/
22:18 barteks2x: For some reason nouveau seems to have stopped working completely right now... anything that attempts to use nvidia GPU completely freezes
22:19 barteks2x: including attempt at reclocking
22:58 j2lapoin: It is possible to found a Geforce Gtx 780 low profile?
22:59 gnarface: i don't know but i would be worried the low-profile ones have slower RAM
23:00 gnarface: anyway if you find one make sure you double-check the specs on such
23:00 j2lapoin: it seem difficult, there are dual slot too...maybe this card is too powerfull
23:02 gnarface: maybe. but also maybe you could simply alter the fan housing on a regular one to fit in a single slot
23:02 j2lapoin: gnarface: I think this card is too big for my old thinkcentre ;-)
23:03 gnarface: oh, well i'm not sure what that is, but perhaps you should look into older radeons after all
23:03 j2lapoin: I'm wonder if for my present machine, a gt 710 is the best i can fit so it work with my libre system
23:04 gnarface: it does occur to me that if you don't have room in the case for a 2-slot card, you probably don't have enough juice to power it either
23:04 gnarface: most those 2-slot cards also have additional power connection requirements
23:05 gnarface: the problem i think is that a 710 isn't really a 700-series card for the purposes of driver compatibility
23:05 gnarface: it's probably a relabeled 600 or 500
23:06 gnarface: so it might not work as well with nouveau as a 760 or 780
23:06 gnarface: or 750
23:06 gnarface: or whatever
23:06 j2lapoin: gnarface: the bentchmark seem to show a difference with my previous videocard...could i see at least a difference? or should i just take my refund back
23:07 gnarface: i'm not sure. what benchmark, what difference, and what previous video card?
23:07 gnarface: i do think it's possible you might be better off with a radeon HD6XXX-something
23:08 j2lapoin: geforce 8400 gs 1gb, bentchmark i saw on the web
23:08 gnarface: oh, the 8400 gs is even older than a 500 actually, and probably no better supported by nouveau. a 710 could still be faster than that.
23:09 gnarface: 8400 gs is ancient
23:09 gnarface: ANCIENT
23:09 gnarface: it would be hard to find something slower
23:09 j2lapoin: Cause i need the opensource driver, the 3D is limited to few cards...I just hope they will refund me if I see that the videocard is not working
23:10 j2lapoin: gnarface: it's on 527th rank, and Gt 710 is on 432th rank
23:10 j2lapoin: 342 rank
23:13 j2lapoin: well, if at least there where more entrie into h-node.org
23:14 gnarface: j2lapoin: you know about this page, right? https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FeatureMatrix/
23:15 j2lapoin: see it before, but can't remember from when...confusing a bit
23:16 gnarface: the column headers reference this page: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodeNames/
23:16 gnarface: between the two of them you can figure out which cards are which, and what features are supported
23:16 gnarface: you'll see nothing is completely supported, the best you can do is pick something that supports most of what you want
23:16 gnarface: really it is smarter and more ethically aligned to your goals if you do not to spend your money on nvidia hardware, though
23:19 j2lapoin: thank, i will look more. i must go. thank for the tips
23:19 gnarface: good luck