21:36 igmar: Are reports for MX150 / UHD620 (aka Optimus) wanted ?
21:39 imirkin: what kind of reports?
21:40 igmar: Kernel fault
21:41 imirkin: yes
21:43 igmar: Pretty new model laptop, so that's basically the only part not working
21:43 igmar: Neither do the NVidia drivers, but that's a different story
21:44 imirkin: try booting with nouveau.runpm=0
21:44 imirkin: that's often a source of heartache esp on newer boards
21:44 igmar: Can I supply that on insmod as wel ?
21:44 igmar: I had to blacklist it
21:46 igmar: I'll create the report and file it tomorrow
21:47 imirkin: yeah, sure
21:48 imirkin: just make sure it's one of the parameters
21:48 igmar: Does disabling PM give a huge battery drain ?
21:49 imirkin: yep
21:50 imirkin: prevents the gpu from being suspended when it's not being used
21:51 igmar: Ugh
21:52 igmar: Any chance of that getting fixed ?
21:52 igmar: Would be glad to help out on that
21:53 imirkin: try a more recent kernel
21:53 imirkin: a number of changes have gone into the pci core
21:53 imirkin: the issues generally have nothing to do with nouveau
21:53 imirkin: (but sometimes they do)
21:53 igmar: It runs 4.18.8 now, Fedora issued
21:56 igmar: 4.18.9 just landed I see
21:58 igmar: I'll give it a spin tomorrow
22:06 igmar: Off for today.
22:06 imirkin: maybe more like 4.19-rc