03:20 rhyskidd: me wins award for git branch name with the most 'm', 'n', 'u' and similar looking 'r's next to each
11:07 RSpliet: rhyskidd: is that the stuff relevant for multi-GPU? Or for HSA-style single-GPU set-ups?
11:34 rhyskidd: RSpliet: well the numa_info is used by the driver on all modern systems, but the set_numa_status is for multi-GPU, yes
13:53 pendingchaos: imirkin: I think the sched thing might be fine actually
13:53 pendingchaos: nvcc creates https://hastebin.com/livelomama.txt
13:56 pendingchaos: not sure why it reuses barrier so much though
17:30 RSpliet: Lyude: has there already been public discussion about those printk patch? I find it hard to judge whether 1) these patches add untolerable control flow overhead in a debugging build, and 2) still allow efficient culling of prints from sources that have been run-time disabled. Do you know more about this?
17:50 Pooper32i4y45348: Hi guys
17:51 Pooper32i4y45348: I want to install GT 9600 into my HTPC
17:51 Pooper32i4y45348: Question is
17:51 Pooper32i4y45348: Will nouveau be able to output via TV-Out?
17:52 Pooper32i4y45348: FeatureMatrix says no, but it's updated once in a blue moon
17:52 Pooper32i4y45348: Maybe there is hope?
17:56 gnarface: i wouldn't hold my breath
17:57 Pooper32i4y45348: Guess I will have to stick to proprietary driver then...
17:58 Pooper32i4y45348: Thing is
17:58 gnarface: no you're S.O.L. on the proprietary driver too with that card
17:58 Pooper32i4y45348: I don't need any accel, 3D/GLX and so
17:58 Pooper32i4y45348: Just bare TV-Out
17:59 gnarface: well they've already deprecated that line so you're basically stuck with the legacy proprietary driver at that point
17:59 gnarface: which may not be supported by distros anymore and isn't supported by commercial software at all
17:59 gnarface: if your distro has a working package for it though, that's your best bet for tv out
17:59 gnarface: (AFAIK)
18:00 Pooper32i4y45348: I'm totally fine with legacy and all that stuff because I don't need any superfeatures
18:00 Pooper32i4y45348: Right now I use 5200GT with no drivers at all (standart VESA) and that's fine by me
18:01 Pooper32i4y45348: My distro is LFS, so yeah, it definetly has one =D
18:01 gnarface: i'm not saying it would be impossible to get tv out working with nouveau for that card, it may not be. but it'll probably require some debugging/testing effort at a minimum
18:02 gnarface: but most that stuff that is is broken still isn't broken because the work just didn't get done, it's broken because it was impossible to figure out
18:03 gnarface: (usually the hardware and the closed source firmware is doing something really esoteric
18:04 Pooper32i4y45348: It seems that there is a legacy driver from NVidia from 2018, June, so I think it will be good enought for me then
18:04 Pooper32i4y45348: Just hoped for the power of free software)
18:05 Pooper32i4y45348: The thing is I was testing the Nouveau from time to time since 2008 and even at some point maintained PPA for Ubuntu
18:05 Pooper32i4y45348: But I just got tired of all of that...
18:05 gnarface: around here people are saying to buy AMD from now on if you care about free software
18:05 Pooper32i4y45348: "Things should just work" - that's how it is for me now
18:05 Pooper32i4y45348: F*ck AMD
18:05 Pooper32i4y45348: =D
18:06 gnarface: AMD and Intel are both creating hardware support in obvious good faith now for the first time
18:06 gnarface: NVidia hasn't once so far ever
18:07 gnarface: it does seem like there should be another option but there isn't
18:07 Pooper32i4y45348: I guess I'm just your casual Intel/NVidia fanboy
18:08 Pooper32i4y45348: Anyway, thanks for the help and nice chat!
18:08 gnarface: sorry i couldn't help more. people who actually work on nouveau do hang out here.
18:08 Pooper32i4y45348: I now know my road from now n)
18:08 gnarface: you should hang out longer if you can
18:09 gnarface: maybe someone here might be working on something you can test
18:09 gnarface: it's rare but it happens
18:09 annadane: most of the development happens on freedesktop.org mailing lists AFAIK
18:09 annadane: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/GettingInvolved/
18:09 Pooper32i4y45348: Well, guess I will give it a try someday, but just not today, sorry
18:10 Pooper32i4y45348: BBL
19:12 Lyude: RSpliet: which ones?