04:41 scientes: does nouveau work on armv8? https://www.solid-run.com/product-tag/macchiatobin-single-shot/
04:55 mooch: scientes, i REALLY don't see how that link is relevant, given that those SoCs don't have nvidia gpus in them. the only ones that do are nvidia's
04:56 mooch: and i'm honestly not sure if nouveau works on armv8.
04:56 mooch: i haven't tested it
04:57 scientes: it _does_ have a pci slot
04:57 scientes: but yeah the link isn't relevent
04:57 scientes: pcie
04:57 scientes: this guy goes over some of the problems http://www.workofard.com/2017/03/project-dogfood-my-arm64-desktop/
04:58 scientes: looks like he didn't have problems with the driver, but problems with UEFI
04:59 mooch: lol fair enough
05:00 mooch: yeah, if the shit i've seen vendors pull with mobile graphics drivers is anything to go off of, i'd expect their uefi implementations to be equally shitty
21:37 Lyude: demmio will pick up any writes into the evo channel buffer won't it?