02:30 shellclear: hi everyone!, I'm trying to run glxinfo to check nouveau is working but somthing goes wrong.
02:31 shellclear: https://paste.gnome.org/pqppddzo4
02:32 imirkin: shellclear: pretty sure that with DRI3 you don't need to worry about setting the provideroffloadsink thing
02:32 imirkin: but that's not your issue
02:32 imirkin: your issue is that you're on a laptop and we are probably not able to bring the mobile gpu out of suspend
02:33 imirkin: dmesg will have more complete details
02:37 shellclear: https://paste.gnome.org/pamdxsl50
02:37 shellclear: imirkin: thanks for help me
02:37 imirkin: you could try booting with nouveau.runpm=0
02:38 imirkin: but ... might i ask, what are you trying to achieve with nouveau here?
02:39 shellclear: running games
02:40 shellclear: :D
02:41 imirkin: better off sticking to the intel in all likelihood
02:41 imirkin: no reclocking on any semi-recent nvidia gpu's, which means you get lowest clock freqs
02:42 HdkR: Oh hey. I had the fun of having to deal with minimum clock speeds recently. It was murder
02:42 shellclear: hahah
02:43 shellclear: in this case better to use intel
02:43 imirkin: or figure out how to get the blob driver operations on your board, if you're happy running random code you download off the internet in your kernel
02:44 imirkin: or buy amd next time ;)
02:44 imirkin: [though that's little consolation for this time...]
02:45 shellclear: hahahaha
02:45 shellclear: next laptop.... AMD!
02:45 imirkin: my next desktop definitely is
02:46 HdkR: Intel Vega M laptops should be coming
02:46 imirkin: [i don't really do laptops]
02:49 shellclear: imirkin: thank you again for help me, I need to sleep cause I'm living like a zombie.
02:50 gnarface: my pinebook has something like a 12 hour battery life with 3 month standby time
02:50 gnarface: no more x86 laptops for me
02:51 gnarface: arm all the way
02:52 HdkR: I'd rock a Pinebook Pro
02:55 imirkin: i'd be much more into getting an arm laptop if one were made with a keyboard i could type on
02:56 imirkin: and a screen i could see.
02:56 imirkin: however it seems like all manufacturers are carefully optimizing such hardware to minimize my desire to use it
02:57 imirkin: (every time i think i couldn't like that sort of product less, they're still able to pull it off!)
02:57 gnarface: well the pinebook is just optimized to stay under $100 price point at all costs
02:57 gnarface: the keyboard quality does suffer a little because of that
02:57 gnarface: i've heard they're working on addressing that for the next batches
02:58 imirkin: it's a target market that very clearly excludes me
02:59 imirkin: i need a keyboard i can type on and a screen i can see. if those needs aren't met, then it doesn't really matter what the price point is.
02:59 imirkin: not to mention a mouse i can use. (so no trackpad.)
03:02 HdkR: Problem is I'd spend stupid money on a high quality ARM device that runs Linux
03:02 imirkin: why is that a problem?
03:02 HdkR: Because nobody makes high quality ARM laptops
03:02 imirkin: yeah. nobody makes screens that are good for doing work either.
03:03 imirkin: only watching movies.
03:03 HdkR: This 3000x2000 resolution display I have works....pretty well
03:03 imirkin: too much width, not enough height
03:04 HdkR: So you're saying 16:10 is the necessary ratio? :)
03:04 imirkin: 4:3
03:04 HdkR: ah, 3:2 isn't quite there
03:04 imirkin: although i'd consider 1:1, just never tried it
03:05 imirkin: the xerox alto had it right
03:05 imirkin: everything since then has been downhill
03:05 imirkin: (the letter-paper-shaped monitor)
03:06 imirkin: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-qfr_-c686VU/WezC7wIg_YI/AAAAAAABFgc/zQFUdT06QDojnk1nGOKn6294x99ElrlNQCHMYBhgL/w9999/alto-running-smalltalk.jpg
03:06 HdkR: Neat
03:07 gnarface: yes let's bring back 9:16 arcade cabinet resolution
03:07 gnarface: just like spy hunter
03:07 gnarface: it would be nice for coding, really
03:07 imirkin: at work i use rotated 24" monitors
03:07 imirkin: 1200x1920 (x2)
03:08 gnarface: did you buy ones with special swivel mounts, or did you use aftermarket mounts?
03:08 imirkin: (and people wonder why i like 80-column code)
03:08 imirkin: pretty much all monitors nowadays have the swivel mounts, i thought...
03:08 imirkin: anyways, these are Dell U2415's
03:08 gnarface: uh... not these two
03:08 gnarface: i guess i buy cheap stuff
03:09 imirkin: the later models steal 120 pixels of height from me
03:09 imirkin: so i can't buy them
03:09 imirkin: (or width, since they're rotated)
03:10 imirkin: that's like 10% of the height of the monitor ... gone
03:10 imirkin: 16:9 27" is basically the same size as a 16:10 24"
03:10 gnarface: hmmm, interesting
03:11 imirkin: that's why 4:3 monitors with fewer "inches" were actually a lot bigger
03:11 imirkin: since it's a measure of the diagonal
03:11 gnarface: well i do prefer 4:3 myself
03:11 gnarface: i think i would like 5:4 better
03:12 imirkin: well, guess what - you can't have it!
03:12 imirkin: if it's not 16:9, it's not being made anymore
03:13 gnarface: i know :( and that upsets me
03:13 gnarface: i actually had to change my coding style to make use of the horizontal space better
03:13 imirkin: oooh -- i guess the market for such monitors has just doubled
03:13 imirkin: heh
03:13 imirkin: i just rotated the monitors ;)
03:14 HdkR: imirkin: 21:9 is a thing though ;)
03:16 imirkin: get like 3 of those rotated... would be itneresting
03:16 imirkin: might be a bit too much even for me
03:17 HdkR: Better to be excessive than not
03:43 nbtenney: HdkR, my Intel Vega M laptop is a treat. Comes highly recommended.
10:09 RSpliet: Lyude: "<Lyude> i remember on some of the tesla generations they had to continuously reupload firmware to work around some issues from elpg" <- that's what was up ;-)
10:09 RSpliet: But more generally I think you're the most up to speed with ELPG/BLCG/SLCG. Any updates on that?
10:41 Visimar: hi all
10:42 Visimar: i have a question about the mesa-dri-nouveau driver and the GTX 1080
10:42 Visimar: what is the recommended configure for the driver for this graphic card?
10:45 Visimar: (to max out the performance)
10:48 Visimar: and can anyone explain me what does this: nouveau.config=NvClkMode=15 exactly?
10:54 RSpliet: Visimar: the recommended configuration for max performance is by installing the closed source driver and disabling Nouveau
10:55 Visimar: thank you but i ask about the configs for the nouveau
10:57 RSpliet: VIsimar: The card you mention is of the Pascal generation. nouveau.config=NvClkMode... can potentially change some of the relevant clocks, but not that of DRAM. Blame NVIDIA for not providing signed firmware that allows us to do so. DRAM is unfortunately the bottleneck for most applications, so even with that trick you're not going to get performance anywhere near its potential
10:58 RSpliet: On top of that there's lots of other inefficiencies in nouveau. Don't get me wrong, I say this as someone passionate about nouveau and a long-time contributor to the code relevant for these clock changes. As it stands we just can't squeeze much more performance out of the card...
10:58 Visimar: yes in my opinion the performance is like 30% of the nvidia driver. but that is awesome for an opensource driver =)
10:59 Visimar: ok i understand the bottleneck is the dram... and the only option to boost the perform for my card is the NvClkMode right?
11:00 annadane: i've often found nvidia is _worse_ than nouveau for a lot of things. nouveau just has a greater tendency to crash
11:00 annadane: but not on XFCE, so i'm happy
11:01 Visimar: i use the nouveau mesa driver on kde plasma and at the moment it works fine for me
11:01 Visimar: and can play in 4k with 25fps =)
11:01 annadane: yeah, KDE always crashed
11:01 annadane: not sure what i could do to fix that, ithink everyhting i tried didn't work
11:02 Visimar: in which case?
11:02 annadane: well, number of cases
11:02 annadane: i'm sure you can fiddle with the KDE settings if you know what you're doing
11:03 annadane: i've actually been wondering if compton might fix it, that i haven't tested
11:03 annadane: but i don't actually like KDE that much anyway so it doesn't matter too much
11:03 Visimar: can you tell me some case that i can check it please?
11:04 annadane: i don't remember, it's been a while. i used it in debian, and i think both in stable and unstable, disabled window effects and other stuff and it still happened
11:04 annadane: i really can't get more speicfic
11:06 annadane: seems to be hit and miss from what i read of it, some people have issues, others don't, but nouveau not cooperating with kde seems to be fairly common
11:06 annadane: i'm sadly really bad at diagnosing problems
11:09 Visimar: RSpliet ok i understand the bottleneck is the dram... and the only option to boost the perform for my card is the NvClkMode right? and is the Mode 15 the best or how it works?
11:10 Visimar: annadane i hope that i have no issues with kde and the mesa driver ;-)
11:11 annadane: as far as mesa, idk
11:11 annadane: not sure whether i'd have to install it seperately or not
11:12 Visimar: oh of course i have several issues with the standard nouveau (lagging, slowly etc) and no issue with the mesa-dri-nouveau driver but i think it depends on the distribution are there two packages or not
11:13 RSpliet: Visimar: NvClkMode lets you change some of the other clocks. For most workloads that's not going to give a big speed-up, and it will make your GPU run hotter. Also, I suspect this might be disabled in the code because fan management was an issue (same firmware problems)... but I'm not up to speed with the state of the art here
11:13 annadane: not sure what the debian equivalent would be
11:13 annadane: i think mesa is split into several packages
11:14 Visimar: than its overclocking with the NvclkMode=15?
11:17 RSpliet: No, rather your graphics card boots "underclocked". That kernel param (mind the caps) should bring clocks up to the advertised speed, if it's not hard-disabled in code for reasons. That bit is still under development and stability cannot be guaranteed. It's not ready for end-users to play with, so it's hidden behind switches and such.
11:19 Visimar: okay thank you for helping me
11:27 draguu: anyone here ?
11:27 annadane: draguu, yes
11:28 draguu: titan x gpu not showing up in ubuntu18.4 LTS
12:40 nyef: New data point on that lockup I've been chasing: It doesn't happen on NV94 / G94.
12:46 nyef: ... admittedly, this test system is still rocking 4.10 or so, but still...
13:27 nyef: And it looks like I may have found another angle to try.
13:27 imirkin: afaik nvaf has extra-special problems
13:27 imirkin: could just be that it's slower
13:27 imirkin: or faster
13:30 nyef: I'm starting to wonder if I want to build up a collection of different Tesla models.
13:35 imirkin: stop wondering - you don't
13:35 nyef: Heh.
13:35 imirkin: ;)
13:35 imirkin: they are relatively cheap though
13:35 nyef: Yeah, I probably don't.
13:36 nyef: I should totally get a G92, though!
13:36 imirkin: why?
13:36 nyef: (Wait, no. I really shouldn't.)
13:36 nyef: VP2?
13:36 imirkin: that's the only one that h264 doesn't work on
13:37 imirkin: something with the G92 is funky
13:37 imirkin: on all other vp2 boards it works fine
13:37 nyef: Exactly.
13:37 imirkin: if you do want a G92, i recommend Quadro FX 3700 -- single-slot
13:37 imirkin: i have one plugged in atm even :)
13:37 imirkin: $10-15 on ebay iirc
13:38 Visimar: can it be that the nouveau.config=NvClkMode=15 only works for the nouveau module and not for the mesa-dri-nouveau module?
13:44 imirkin: Visimar: it won't do anything for your GPU at all
13:44 imirkin: Visimar: no reclocking on pascal
13:45 Visimar: but on nouveau driver it boost me
13:45 imirkin: (that parameter just selects a performance level at nouveau load time)
13:45 Visimar: from 2fps @4k to 47fps @4k
13:53 imirkin: Visimar: surprising. either way, if it does affect anything (and not sure that it does), that effect is at the hardware level, not the userspace driver level
13:53 imirkin: karolherbst: is clock setting hooked up for pascal? that seems unlikely, but i don't really have time to check
13:53 imirkin: Visimar: you have a GP104 right?
13:54 Visimar: nv1
13:54 Visimar: the nv130 in the readon wiki
13:54 imirkin: lspci
13:55 imirkin: should be in the title
13:55 Visimar: ah yes gp104
13:56 Visimar: but after i set the option the fps boosts from 2-4fps @4k to 47fps @4k for a 3d benchmark
13:57 imirkin: that's very surprising, since iirc that option literally does nothing
13:57 Visimar: but after i enable the mesa-dri-nouveau: 108fps @4k with and without this option
13:58 Visimar: the boost is only for the nouveau driver without mesa
13:58 imirkin: what do you refer to as "the nouveau driver"?
13:58 imirkin: and is this experiment repeatable?
13:58 imirkin: nouveau has kernel components and userspace components
13:59 imirkin: mesa-dri-nouveau is, i'm guessing (sounds like a fedora packaging thing?) the libGL backend for nouveau
13:59 imirkin: if you're running a GL-heavy desktop, that will be rendering with llvmpipe otherwise, which will be super-duper slow
13:59 Visimar: i can tell you the module i mean...
14:00 imirkin: a GP104 at lowest clocks can still beat out cpu rasterization fairly effectively
14:00 Visimar: ah yes i gain the boost for llvmpipe and can also play a 3d shooter ather this option with the nouveau module
14:01 Visimar: you know there are two drivers for the nouveau... the nouveau module and the nouveau mesa with 3d acceleration...
14:02 imirkin: you need to update your thinking on how nouveau works
14:02 imirkin: since that's extremely inaccurate
14:02 imirkin: https://github.com/skeggsb/nouveau/blob/master/drm/nouveau/nvkm/engine/device/base.c#L2229
14:02 imirkin: note how there's no .clk = ...
14:02 Visimar: there are 4 type of graphic drivers: KMS, direct rendering, mesa and x-driver
14:02 imirkin: that means that all the NvClkMode stuff literally does nothing.
14:03 imirkin: any effect you observe is explained by something else.
14:03 Visimar: why my thinking is inaccurate about drivers?
14:04 imirkin: probably because it's tricky to understand properly?
14:04 Visimar: the kernel module is nouveau and the mesa diver is nouveau_dri and this not correct?
14:04 imirkin: https://keyj.emphy.de/files/linuxgraphics_en.pdf
14:04 imirkin: it's a little dated, but fairly accurate
14:05 Visimar: thats what i say...
14:06 Visimar: its a kms, dri, a meas and a x module
14:06 Visimar: you can load the nouveau kms and x driver without the nouveau mesa driver...
14:06 imirkin: unfortunately i don't have time to explain it all cleanly
14:06 imirkin: but i'd strongly encourage you to look through that pdf
14:06 imirkin: if you'd looking to get a clearer understanding of things
14:07 imirkin: all the things you say are true -- however your questions imply a certain mismatch in your thinking vs reality
14:09 Visimar: that what i said have nothing to do with my question... you asked me what i mean with the "nouveau" driver and mesa driver
14:09 Visimar: i think this was a misunderstanding...
14:11 Visimar: i ask in other way: can it be that the nouveau.config=NvClkMode=15 boosts only the llvmpipe Gl Rendering and not the nouveau 3d Acceleration rendering?
14:12 Visimar: i think this question is more accurate...
14:16 Visimar: imirkin you also said that it is strange that the option has ever brought something right?
14:18 imirkin: yes - that option has no effect on your gpu as far as i can tell
14:19 imirkin: llvmpipe rendering is entirely unaffected by this directly, as that's all on the CPU
14:19 imirkin: if you're using the nouveau ddx, however, which does acceleration directly, this would have an effect on gpu's on which this option does something
14:22 Visimar: yes i understand.
14:23 imirkin: (since llvmpipe draws an image, but then that image has to get displayed, which involves yet-another copy, etc... these things can be accelerated by the gpu sometimes)
14:24 Visimar: this boost is reproducible for me ...
14:25 Visimar: if i disable the option i have 2-4fps and after enable the option in grub i hae 45-50fps
14:25 imirkin: that's very surprising. will take some tracking down to figure out wtf that option enables... coz it certainly isn't higher clocks.
14:27 Visimar: It only confused me why it did not work after i install the mesa stuff for 3d acceleration and I thought I had configured something wrong
14:27 Visimar: but now its not important
14:28 imirkin: cat your pstate file
14:28 imirkin: see what's in there - perhaps it'll be interesting
14:28 imirkin: /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/pstate
14:28 Visimar: thank you for heping me! now i disable the GTX 1080 and Enable the Intel HD Graphics 530 from the i7 6700k, it have much more performance
14:28 Visimar: i have no pstate file
14:29 Visimar: only state
14:29 imirkin: good idea :)
14:29 imirkin: hm, i wonder if that option also uncaps pcie bandwidth
14:30 imirkin: that would make sense that it'd speed things up
14:31 imirkin: since rendering is all done by llvmpipe on cpu, and then has to be transferred to gpu for scanout
14:31 Visimar: it is nice to see that 3D comes to nvidia opensource driver for newer chipset but at the moment they are to slow as the intel
14:31 imirkin: which is basically bus speed constrained
14:31 imirkin: and iirc we only fiddle with pci settings when reclocking
14:32 Visimar: bevore this option i have many kde lags and with this option all laggs are gone... (bevore mesa use)
14:32 Visimar: its another situation to show that this option works in any case ;-)
14:32 imirkin: when using GL rendering on the gpu, this is less of an issue, since less data needs to be transferred
14:37 Visimar: ah but i have a Memory deduction error i forgot this!
14:38 Visimar: it does not matter now ;-)
14:59 pendingchaos: imirkin: wouldn't it be better to not have the basic block fallthrough until codegen?
14:59 pendingchaos: and codegen orders basic blocks and takes advantage of fallthrough to remove unneeded jumps
15:00 pendingchaos: the current approach feels a little fragile
15:00 kubast2: So a frame or so a sec there are a couple of glitches here and there on NV117 / maxwell 1st gen
15:00 kubast2: on 0a and 0f
15:01 kubast2: looks vram related to me but I can't really judge so
15:04 kubast2: trying to get a screencap of it
15:04 kubast2: yeh no luck gonna launch obs
15:15 kubast2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FngrQpTpNYk&feature=youtu.be
15:15 kubast2: was playing on a touchpad mind you
20:35 karolherbst: imirkin: no, just up to maxwell1
21:16 nyef: ... Clearly, GM10x is James Clerk Maxwell, while GM20x is Maxwell Smart.
21:24 jrayhawk: Which one is Maxwell Edison?
21:26 nyef: http://mirror.uncyc.org/wiki/Maxwell_Edison ?
21:28 jrayhawk: Maybe those GM20xes that hammered their address space down to 3.5 GiB
22:01 Lyude: karolherbst: re: the mst issues with nouveau, I think there are deadlocks happening between runtime PM and something else, e.g. we're not making sure everything's actually done with the GPU when we suspend it
22:02 karolherbst: might be, yes
22:47 Lyude: oh
22:48 Lyude: looks like every piece of code in nouveau that was looping through connectors was doing it wrong and breaking things
22:48 Lyude: that's one problem down at least