00:11 RSpliet: I used an NV40-gen card w/ Gnome shell in my previous (Athlon XP 2800+) desktop for years w/ nouveau. Wasn't happy decoding 720p video, but I recall it well enough. That being said, the code for those cards back then was getting more love than nowadays
00:12 RSpliet: +being
00:13 RSpliet: NV4B to be precise
00:43 imirkin: RSpliet: probably older version of gnome
00:43 imirkin: before they decided that 3d accel was the way to draw 3 pixels?
01:03 uriahheep: RSpliet: ah I see
04:28 Simon--: having a problem on old laptop that I'm using as a 3d printer host (using repetierHost). when I slice something so that the filament output has lots of verticies :), X hangs. I can sysrq-e it and get a console which then prints "nouveau 0000:01:00.0: Main[5123]: failed to idle channel 4 [Main[5123]]"
04:29 Simon--: and a soft lockup backtrace. works without breaking (but unusably slow) if I enable "noaccel"..
04:31 Simon--: works well if it tries to slice something any less complicated (simple objects etc).. no textures, so I wouldn't think it would use that much memory, though this 8600M GT (NV84) has only 256MB
04:32 Simon--: guess I should properly file something ;)
04:47 imirkin: Simon--: the messages before that message would be more interesting
04:47 imirkin: one problem with nouveau is that we suck at out-of-vram conditions
06:39 Simon--: imirkin: there's nothing before it that gets logged to dmesg/kern.log other than boot stuff.. maybe I should turn on some more debugging
13:28 RSpliet: imirkin: no, gnome shell definitely. Before plugging the memleaks etc.