05:12 WoC: somehow i have a feeling this channel has nothing to do with the open source driver called nouveau... or?
05:19 WoC: is there any universal tool for linux that can remove any and all nouveau drivers ?
05:42 gnarface: WoC: no, ask your distro though. they certainly have something.
05:43 gnarface: (this IS the right channel for the nouveau linux video drivers, it's just quiet, because most people get help from their distro unless they're building dev versions)
06:14 WoC: gnarface, ty appreciated. I run several different distributions and nouveau is probably the worst driver. If need be, i just use the vesa. I never had any computer with which the nouveau worked flawless and there seems to be no development on it at all. But unfortunately most distros install it by default.. hopefully one day it gets removed from the kernel
06:17 gnarface: WoC: if it's getting in the way of the official driver, you probably just have to blacklist the nouveau module to fix the problem. you probably don't need to actually uninstall the whole thing.
06:27 diogenes_: WoC, that's a false statement, it nouveau works for me much better than the original nviadia driver
06:28 diogenes_: so blame the hardware manufacturer
06:28 diogenes_: thanks to nouveau team!
11:03 Orbstheorem: Hello, does nouveau support GDB?
11:03 Orbstheorem: Sorry, I meant GDM ^^
11:13 pendingchaos: GNOME Display Manager? it works fine with nouveau for me
11:18 pendingchaos: I can create Wayland sessions with no problem and IIRC X works fine
11:35 captainchris: hi everybody
11:35 captainchris: I have a trouble wxith nouveau driver and Nvidia gt240.
11:36 captainchris: https://img.over-blog-kiwi.com/2/82/24/42/20180523/ob_81eeb4_img-0582.JPG
11:43 captainchris: http://linuxtrouble.over-blog.com/2018/05/xorg-1.20-nvidia-driver.html
11:43 captainchris: last picture of the blog
11:51 captainchris: no idea for my trouble
11:51 captainchris: ??
12:06 RSpliet: captainchris: we talked about this like a week ago...
12:07 RSpliet: "There have been known problems across the board of 2nd gen Tesla cards (of which I think the 240 is a fine example) hanging pseudo-randomly, that are near-impossible to debug. Been lingering for years, we re-he-heally don't know what might be going on... I'm not sure how many generations of cards recent rework goes back, but there may(...) be a few fixes underway for the 4.18 kernel that could make a difference"
15:09 mupuf: RSpliet: where did you copy this quote from?
15:09 RSpliet: mupuf: past-me. Its in the IRC logs.
15:12 RSpliet: imirkin subsequently advised to purchase AMD (or use Intel integrated) if he cares about OSS drivers. Nothing shocking was said really...
15:12 mupuf: RSpliet: ok! thanks
15:13 mupuf: "gr/gf100-: virtualise init_400054" --> that's a very c++-oriented way of describing what is going on :D I was expecting something different,but not sure exactly wha
17:38 imirkin: mupuf: basically adding an entry in the vtable :)
17:45 mupuf: imirkin: cool!
17:45 mupuf: oh, oyu meant for virtualize
17:45 mupuf: not the voltage table for the tesla gen 2
17:47 imirkin: indeed
17:58 captainchris: hi everybody
20:17 mwk: holy fuck that sucked.
20:21 imirkin: hah
20:21 imirkin: yeah, that seems un-fun
20:24 mwk: this instruction is like 17 distinct kinds of fucked up
20:24 mwk: though not as much as SIN/COS
20:25 mwk: I particularly liked the "creative" intepretation of Booth multiplier
20:27 mwk: and I still have no idea wtf the square algorithm is about
20:28 mwk: in unrelated news, I lost a good amount of respect for numpy today
20:28 mwk: In [4]: numpy.polyfit([0, 1, 2], [2, 2, 5], 2)
20:28 mwk: Out[4]: array([ 1.5, -1.5, 2. ])
20:28 mwk: In [5]: numpy.polynomial.polynomial.polyfit([0, 1, 2], [2, 2, 5], 2)
20:28 mwk: Out[5]: array([ 2. , -1.5, 1.5])
20:28 mwk: whyyyy.
20:51 booti386: Hello!
20:51 booti386: I have 2 NVidia cards
20:52 booti386: The primary is connected to the screen, the other one is used sometimes
20:53 booti386: is it possible for the second one to auto turn-off whn unused (like optimus laptops) ?
20:56 booti386: (imirkin_ maybe?)
21:04 imirkin: booti386: is this a laptop?
21:04 imirkin: or a high-end server board with per-slot power control of some sort (i don't actually know if those exist, but i've heard rumors)
21:04 booti386: Sadly nope
21:05 imirkin: turning things on/off is a platform-level function
21:05 imirkin: with laptops, this is handled via ACPI
21:05 booti386: Ohhhhh
21:05 imirkin: the GPU can't turn itself off. something has to turn it off.
21:05 booti386: It makes sense
21:06 booti386: Thanks, I'll look into it :)