16:48 mercury^: Hey. I just tried running Linux on a Macbook Pro 5,3 (ish). When I power it off there is a plop, as if power is cut somewhere too abruptly. Could that be an issue with nouveau?
17:04 imirkin_: mercury^: i think someone's mentioned that before
17:06 mercury^: Do you think it is safe to keep shutting it off like that?
17:32 pmoreau: mercury^: IIRC, I have that same sound with the blob as well; it doesn’t look like the laptop suffered from it.
17:34 mercury^: Ok, then I will just keep using nouveau and hope that nothing breaks. Do you agree with my guess that the graphics card is at fault, though?
17:37 mercury^: I wonder if the driver could somehow hand over control back to EFI for the shutdown.
17:38 pmoreau: No idea; could be.
17:38 pmoreau: I wouldn’t be surprised if they did weird things. :-D
17:39 mercury^: I meant that maybe nouveau could let EFI power down the card, because the firmware seems to know how to do it. (If it even is the card making the noise.)
17:42 imirkin_: once you take over from EFI at boot, EFI is gone.
17:42 imirkin_: you can't call it after you exit from boot services
17:43 mercury^: Is there some way I could shut down the card earlier than the rest of the hardware, to see if and when the noise is audible in that case?
17:43 imirkin_: "shut down"?
17:43 imirkin_: you could unload nouveau
17:44 mercury^: Would that unpower the card as it would be unpowered in a shutdown?
17:44 imirkin_: no
17:44 imirkin_: i dunno how these laptops are setup
17:44 imirkin_: are they optimus?
17:44 imirkin_: or is it the mux thing?
17:46 mercury^: I do not know for sure, this article ( https://appleinsider.com/articles/10/04/13/nvidia_says_new_macbook_pro_graphics_switching_isnt_optimus ) would suggest it is optimus based on my model being from 2009.
17:47 imirkin_: do you have the apple-mux thing, and if not, how does one shut down the gpu
17:47 imirkin_: do you have acpi?
17:48 mercury^: Let me see if I can find out. So far I have only booted into an installation environment.
17:48 imirkin_: ok, well don't worry about it
17:48 imirkin_: if runtime pm is available
17:49 imirkin_: then nouveau should be able to shut down the gpu when it's not in use
17:49 imirkin_: if runtime pm is not available, then you have to tell the gmux to turn it off
17:49 pmoreau: imirkin_: It has the apple_gmux
17:50 mercury^: And it would turn it off in the same way as it would during shutdown?
17:50 imirkin_: i know little to nothing about gmux
17:51 pmoreau: I guess that’s what you called apple-mux :-) I don’t think it is named apple-mux
17:51 imirkin_: yes.
17:51 mercury^: Is the card even explicitly powered down during shutdown or is power cut more globally by Linux?
17:51 imirkin_: pmoreau: i know basically nothing about it :)
17:52 imirkin_: mercury^: the power off would be system-wide
17:52 imirkin_: in fact, chances are that if the gpu were previously disabled, it would get enabled prior to poweroff
17:52 pmoreau: I can try quickly with Nouveau and the blob, see what happens.
17:53 mercury^: Hmm. So it is not nouveau's responsibility to ensure a clean shutdown of the card anyway?
17:53 imirkin_: no, it's the system's
17:53 imirkin_: linux will send a signal to the system saying "ok, power off please"
17:53 imirkin_: and then the system controller firmware will be responsible for an orderly power off of everything
17:54 imirkin_: normal desktop-type systems don't have fine-grained power control ability
17:54 mercury^: Oh, but then I do not understand why it would be less graceful with Linux than with macOS.
17:54 imirkin_: "discrete" gpu's are a bit of a rare exception to that rule
17:55 imirkin_: system reset is always a very careful operation, the system state has to be "just right"
17:55 imirkin_: so perhaps linux does something that the firmware doesn't like
18:10 mercury^: pmoreau: did you find out anything?
18:12 pmoreau: Not yet, I need to tweak some things to boot on the blob again.
18:47 pmoreau: mercury^: Looks like I won’t be able to test with NVIDIA’s driver: it doesn’t support ABI of the X server I have installed, and using ignoreABI just leaves me with a black screen, with both Nouveau and NVIDIA.
18:48 mercury^: pmoreau: OK, thanks for going through the effort of trying!
19:53 shellclear: hello everyone
19:54 diogenes_: hello
19:56 shellclear: I'm bought recently a optimus laptop and because of that I'm reading this -> https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/
19:56 shellclear: lspci shows two cards
19:56 diogenes_: very good
19:57 shellclear: but running xrandr --listproviders
19:57 shellclear: XRandR specifies only 1 output provider
19:57 imirkin_: pastebin lspci -nn -d 10de: and xorg log
19:58 imirkin_: and dmesg, while you're at it
19:58 shellclear: okay
19:59 diogenes_: hey imirkin_ how you been?
20:00 imirkin_: fine...
20:04 shellclear: dmesg -> https://pastebin.com/d7z8CGkz
20:05 shellclear: lspci -> https://pastebin.com/dGB3P15M
20:06 imirkin_: GP108 would need at least kernel 4.15 or so
20:06 imirkin_: i forget when pascal was added, but GP108 got added after the initial batch
20:06 imirkin_: that's why you get "[ 12.123697] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: unknown chipset (138000a1)"
20:06 shellclear: okay, I got it
20:07 imirkin_: chances are you'll get better perf out of the intel chip btw
20:07 shellclear: So, in this case will be necessary a kernel upgrade
20:07 imirkin_: yeah
20:07 imirkin_: and it probably still won't work, since i think newer laptops have a variety of trouble powering on the chip
20:07 shellclear: kernel running -> 4.9.0-6-amd64
20:08 imirkin_: but i'm not sure, and i don't think anyone's reported trying on a GP108M specifically
20:10 shellclear: where can I follow project news?
20:13 shellclear: What is the better solution in this case?
20:13 shellclear: nvidia proprietary ?
20:38 shellclear: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Nouveau-DDX-Pascal-Support
20:38 shellclear: maybe kernel 4.12
20:38 imirkin_: DDX has nothing to do with kernel
20:38 shellclear: ?
20:38 imirkin_: and iirc GP108 was added later
20:39 imirkin_: in any case ... just grab the latest and don't worry about it.
20:39 shellclear: :D
20:39 shellclear: thanks
20:40 shellclear: I'll install a more recently kernel version