06:39 pmoreau: karolherbst: Cool! Though, is the OpTypeBool patch still needed? There should not be any kernel argument using that type, and the code will no longer through an error when OpType(Array|Vector|Struct) use an unknown type but will instead ignore that container.
13:49 GnuGanoo: Hi. Does anyone know if NVIDIA NVS 5400M is supported by Nouveau?
13:50 GnuGanoo: (I mean supported with reclocking)
17:00 pmoreau: karolherbst: `unsigned` -> `uint64_t` on https://github.com/karolherbst/mesa/commit/1103495242bb911d35b557ce44590a43b96027c8#diff-e93f027b695deef96980913562a9d99cR132
17:11 pmoreau: karolherbst: Otherwise, looks good to me! :-)
18:10 karolherbst: pmoreau: ahh, right, thanks
18:14 captainchris: hi everybody
18:14 captainchris: i need your help
18:14 captainchris: my computer freeze sometimes
18:14 captainchris: I have picture of bug
18:25 captainchris: https://imgur.com/a/auaD3tK
18:27 captainchris: do you have an idea
18:27 captainchris: i Have nvidia GT240
20:00 Lyude: btw imirkin_ I haven't forgotten about testing your stuff: I just started doing testing for something at work using all of my available hw so it might take a little while before I've got a chance to run your patches
20:00 imirkin_: no worries
21:36 pl43c: Would a quadro NVS 450 be able to drive 4 1920x1200 displays using this driver?
21:38 imirkin_: remind me what a NVS 450 is?
21:38 imirkin_: is that the 2x NV43's or whatever?
21:38 pl43c: 4x display port fanless card
21:38 pl43c: er
21:39 pl43c: https://www.nvidia.com/object/product_quadro_nvs_450_us.html
21:39 pl43c: I think it might be
21:39 imirkin_: ah, looks like 2x G98
21:39 imirkin_: should work ok. however if you're looking at buying new hardware, i'd strongly recommend AMD
21:41 pl43c: I wouldn't think for basic desktop use I'd need much of a gpu
21:41 imirkin_: nouveau is highly imperfect.
21:42 imirkin_: depends on what one wants to do on a "basic desktop"
21:42 imirkin_: e.g. if one wants to use GNOME or KDE, those are all heavy GL users nowadays
21:43 pl43c: I guess Firefox and mpv might need newer than opengl 3
21:43 imirkin_: those GPUs support GL 3.3
21:43 imirkin_: the GL version isn't the issue though
21:43 imirkin_: just nouveau's implementation quality
21:43 imirkin_: (and not of GL specifically, but dealing with various card failure states)
21:45 pl43c: hm
21:45 imirkin_: you really just want to stay away from nvidia entirely
21:46 pl43c: yeah I get that it's just a matter of getting something cheap that just power multiple displays
21:46 pl43c: I have a gtx 970 I bought years ago I use for my gaming vm
21:47 pl43c: when upgrading to a ryzen machine that didn't have integrated graphics I've been searching for some cheap low power card
21:47 pl43c: to power the host displays
21:47 imirkin_: yeah. doesn't AMD have something?
21:47 imirkin_: i'm not sure i guess
21:47 Lyude: amd is kind of expensive
21:48 Lyude: thank dumb bitcoin miners for that :s
21:48 imirkin_: they don't have a low end board?
21:48 Lyude: imirkin_: hm, maybe, I've never actually looked to see if low end amd GPU boards exist
21:48 Lyude: the apus are pretty cheap and they work just fine
21:48 imirkin_: hard to plug in when you already have a cpu :)
21:49 Lyude: true
21:49 Lyude: for dedicated gpus i've got no idea
21:49 pl43c: I got a HD 7570 after seeing that it supported mst
21:49 imirkin_: G98 won't do MST btw
21:50 Lyude: ...did the mst actually work?
21:50 pl43c: imirkin_: it doesn't have to I just need display port
21:50 pl43c: Lyude: nah lol
21:50 pl43c: turned out it was tecrascale 2
21:50 Lyude: that's what i figured, using radeon.ko right?
21:50 pl43c: yep
21:50 Lyude: (radeon.ko's mst implementation is very old and definitely not correct at this point)
21:51 imirkin_: Lyude: you're an mst snob...
21:51 Lyude: hehe
21:51 imirkin_: correct/incorrect ... who cares. if it works, it works
21:51 Lyude: well, that's kinda the thing
21:51 Lyude: it probably doesn't work
21:51 Lyude: or if it does, rarely
21:52 Lyude: if it ever gets fixed we should just rewrite radeon.ko to use atomic at the same time tbh
21:52 pl43c: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=106309#c0
21:52 pl43c: yeah no it killed everything
21:52 Lyude: amdgpu's should work fine though
21:52 pl43c: problem is finding something cheap that supports that Lyude
21:52 Lyude: mm
21:53 Lyude: honestly a cheap nvidia card might not be a terrible idea for something like that if you're just looking for something to put an image on some MST displays and not something for intensive workloads, which is what it sounds like
21:53 pl43c: just any kind of way of powering 4 displayport monitors
21:53 pl43c: doesn't have to be mst
21:53 pl43c: looking to spend 50 or less
21:54 Lyude: pl43c: yeah; i'd try to find a cheap amd GPU then, and if not find a more recent nvidia GPU with > 3 CRTCs and at least one displayport
21:54 Lyude: (one displayport + mst is going to be easier to find then one with four displayports, imho)
21:55 Lyude: i don't know if you'll be able to spend $50 or less, but $100 or slightly higher might be a more reasonable goal
21:55 pl43c: I found a firepro 2460 at work
21:55 pl43c: had 4x mini display port
21:56 pl43c: was like 30 dollars
21:56 Lyude: that should work
21:56 pl43c: problem was it had a low profile bracket
21:57 Lyude: you might be able to just replace the bracket iirc?
21:57 Lyude:has never tried that before, but thinks it is possible
21:58 pl43c: yeah but I looked in the scrap pile and there were none
21:58 Lyude: aw
21:58 airlied:remembers "replacing" the bracket with a pliers once
21:58 pl43c: I could just get some other bracket and cut into it
22:01 pl43c: so yeah if that card will not give me issues I'll get it then
22:01 pl43c: bracket is a near non-issue
22:02 imirkin_: best bet on the nvidia side is if you can find a GT 730 or something with a DP port.
22:02 imirkin_: kepler's the best supported generation, i think
22:04 pl43c: I'm trying to make do with the cheap crap I sort though at work
22:04 Lyude: btw pl43c if you do end up getting a nouveau GPU and hit non-ddx related bugs (ddx related bugs → imirkin once I can test their fixes...) let me know, nouveau's mst implementation seems to be pretty stable but I am planning on torture testing it at some point since i've found some devices it doesn't play nice with
22:06 pl43c: Lyude: I got a gtx 780ti to toy with nouveau at one point but I killed it when moving a cable in my case
22:06 Lyude: aw
22:07 pl43c: it was stuck in the fan of it and it got shocked when I moved it
22:07 pl43c: I still have the card
22:08 pl43c: can with the box and everything :(
22:08 pl43c: *came
22:13 imirkin_: pl43c: you can get new fans...
22:14 pl43c: imirkin_: the card board was shocked
22:14 imirkin_: oh.
22:14 imirkin_: that's unfortunate.
22:15 pl43c: dunno what to do with it not sure many people want a dead board
22:16 imirkin_: sell it on ebay. there's lots of boards being sold advertised as dead
22:16 imirkin_: and yet they go for like $50
22:16 imirkin_: if not more
22:16 pl43c: scared I'll get a dude who doesn't read and complains it's dead
22:17 imirkin_: yeah dunno. your call. i've never tried selling on ebay.
22:19 pl43c: plus ebay takes 10% and shipping
22:19 pl43c: makes it where I'll get like 20 bucks for it total
22:21 pl43c: still worth more than dust collection I guess
22:35 imirkin_: and frees up valuable shelf space :)
22:37 pl43c: true