03:14 scientes: whats the cheapest card with HEVC 4K?
03:14 scientes: HVEC
03:15 scientes: most of the cheap cards are geforce 710 which doesn't have it
03:26 scientes: looks like i'm bertter off buying an ARM system....
03:37 imirkin: scientes: AMD
03:37 imirkin: or intel's hw decoders should handle it too
03:37 imirkin: stay away from nvidia for new builds
03:49 HdkR: Maxwell+ hardware supports different levels of HEVC, definitely better to stay with AMD if you want to be OSS though :)
13:44 pendingchaos: imirkin: for suld.p: only the r, rg and rgba flags beforeu8 s https://github.com/envytools/envytools/blob/master/envydis/gm107.c#L766
13:45 pendingchaos: * imirkin: for suld.p: only the r, rg and rgba flags before u8 seem to work https://github.com/envytools/envytools/blob/master/envydis/gm107.c#L766
15:17 imirkin: pendingchaos: not surprising - image formats are all r/rg/rgba
19:26 pendingchaos: I'm working on EXT_shader_image_load_formatted and using suld.p on GM107+ btw (in case some else is, or planning to)
19:31 imirkin: pendingchaos: cool. i kinda figured that from your questions =]
19:31 imirkin: thanks for taking it up!
23:46 RSpliet: skeggsb: About those α/β tables, here's how you generate them all except 1 and 16... https://hastebin.com/wosimuxaga.cpp
23:47 RSpliet: Problem... it's floating point logic :-P
23:49 RSpliet: But I'm sure something similar can be done with like 16.16 fixed point logic or sth with sufficient precision