13:50 sigod: if setting GLXVBlank true in 20-nouveau.conf doesnt get rid of tearing in xfce de is there any other way to enable vsync apart from using a compositor like compton with acceleration
13:53 imirkin: tearing of what?
13:54 sigod: browser, videos everything
13:54 imirkin: right, you probably need a redirecting compositor if that bothers you
13:54 imirkin: i never notice it on nouveau myself
13:55 imirkin: it's really bad with modesetting though
13:55 sigod: but if ive turned of acceleration because of that crashing problem
13:55 sigod: will that work
13:55 orbea: sigod: might be able to work around it with compton https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Nouveau#Vertical_Sync
13:55 imirkin: oh yeah, with noaccel=1 you're going to get a ton of tearing
13:55 imirkin: no way around it
13:56 imirkin: with a redirecting compositor, it'll just be really laggy (but no tearing!)
13:56 sigod: whats an example of a redirecting compositor
13:56 orbea: sigod: compton, see my link
13:56 imirkin: 99.99% of compositors afaik
13:57 sigod: oh
13:57 orbea: compiz works too
13:57 sigod: orbea, ive used compton but it wont work without acceleration
13:57 imirkin: (i'm hard-pressed to name one that isn't ... i think even xcompmgr is)
13:58 sigod: would there be a 2d compositor that would work
13:58 imirkin: without accel it's going to be slow
13:59 imirkin: 2d, 3d, whatever - the reason it's slow isn't the third dimension :p
13:59 sigod: lol
13:59 orbea: maybe it might be better to look into the crashes with accel? :P
13:59 sigod: i knew you were going to correct me on that
13:59 sigod: orbea, its out of my hands at the moment
14:00 sigod: just exploring options in the meantime
14:04 orbea: also, note the comton stable release is too old, it only works with the compton git master
14:04 orbea: *compton
14:14 sigod: orbea, i was using stable and it worked with acceleration
14:15 sigod: i just tried to load compton without acceleration and it works but not with -b
14:15 orbea: -b is backgrounding it
14:15 orbea: you probably can put & at the end of the line instead
14:15 sigod: ok
14:15 orbea: or just run it the foreground
14:16 orbea: *it in
14:16 sigod: yea that worked
14:16 sigod: thanks
14:17 sigod: i did download compton from the aur sorry
14:18 orbea: not sure what version that is
14:18 orbea: probably newer than the old stable
14:18 sigod: 0.1_beta2-5
14:18 orbea: and since it works you seem to have a build newer than that very buggy stable :P
14:19 orbea: iirc -b stops working if you enable threading in driconf
14:23 sigod: its still tearing
14:24 sigod: :(
14:24 sigod: i guess no accel is just not good enough
14:25 orbea: you could try making sure compton is new enough too
14:25 orbea: older versions outright didn't work with nouveau
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20:39 daidoji: hi, I have an Elitebook 8540w and when its operating on battery power I frequently have a bug somewhere that 1) stops the world if I'm connected to an Xconsole (doesn't seem to affect ttys and I can still ssh in) 2) won't allow a software power down (I can't wait for a while and just let things spin with the lights going or I usually just hard reboot)
20:40 daidoji: here is https://gist.github.com/daidoji/907fdf382d3c18b3f80e4d5ca22360f3
20:40 daidoji: these nouveau errors showed up in dmesg which is why I decided to start my quest here if anyone has any ideas on what I'm doing wrong
20:40 daidoji: only thing I see in the logs is that fbdev fails to load with an EE
21:45 pmoreau: imirkin: Thanks for pinging the bugs. :-)
21:56 pendingchaos: should https://trello.com/c/aiCbBbEj/109-phimovespass be archived? the linked bug seems to be marked as fixed
22:01 imirkin: pendingchaos: it's questionable whether it's truly fixed or not
22:02 imirkin: also those traces don't quite replay correctly for me on nv50
22:02 imirkin: but it's at least mostly fixed.
22:05 pendingchaos:nods