00:07 aplund: I'm trying to diagnose a hang on X and I'm not sure what information to gather.
00:07 aplund: I read the HangDiagnosis page... and I can get sysrq to kind of work.
00:07 aplund: at least to reboot the system
00:07 aplund: raw and forcefb don't seem to work
00:08 aplund: the logs always seem to end in " NOUVEAU(G0): NVLeaveVT is called."
00:08 aplund: and I think switching VTs is required
00:12 aplund: This is the xorg log: https://gist.github.com/aplund/040ae71566affa608e5fca2aa1b8e80d
00:47 orbea: aplund: may not solve it, but it can be worth trying different combinations of DRI2/DRI3 and xf86-video-nouveau/modesetting
00:52 aplund: orbea: ok. I'll play around with those settings. I get the feeling this is all related to PRIME (integrated intel graphics + nouveau) and fbcon, but I have no output to tell me what's going on.
00:53 orbea: could be, im not really experienced, but since those settings are pretty low hanging fruit can be worth making sure :)
11:00 RSpliet: skeggsb_: I dropped those changes in my mailbox in case the paste disappears. They're on my to-test list
12:25 mupuf: Lyude: you had my R-b btw for your patchset, the modification was trivial-nouveau.
18:27 Lyude: mupuf: oh whoops, forgot to add!
19:50 Lyude: mupuf: resending the series with r-b now