16:55 luv: hey
16:56 luv: anyone interested in reverse engineering nvidia overclocking for $$$ ? :)
16:56 luv: the result of the work would be of course opensourced
17:02 gnarface: i bet some people are
17:03 gnarface: at least in theory
17:03 gnarface: maybe imirkin
17:04 gnarface: if not, i bet he knows who is
17:13 luv: cool
17:14 luv: im interetes in the communication between x server and closed-source nvidia driver when overclocking
17:14 luv: i'd like tobe able to OC gpus with x11 running
17:14 luv: again, happy to pay for the work and the result would be open-source and credited to whoever does the work :)
17:14 luv: *interested
17:27 gnarface: a certainly noble goal
17:29 luv:blushing
17:29 gnarface: i should probably prepare you for disappointment
17:29 gnarface: it's entirely possible they'll tell you that no amount of money is gonna make it work
17:30 luv: ummm
17:30 luv: already had a look myself
17:30 luv: write few values to the memory and do a few ioctl syscalls :)
17:31 gnarface: that easy, you think? i don't actually know. i was under the impression a significant amount of reverse-engineering would be involved.
20:11 grepwood: hi
20:12 grepwood: if I got nouveau to work with nvidia rsx, would nouveau accept pull requests?