00:00 ppc512: http://entropixel.com/1gam.trace
00:02 ppc512: replayed on the G4, it goes blank after a few seconds, stays blank for several seconds, then shows the debug text again for a few seconds (because the ship has fallen off of the screen at that point)
00:02 ppc512: and then goes blank again
00:02 imirkin: hmmm... that trace is all blank for me
00:02 imirkin: it also renders rather quickly. hold on
00:04 imirkin: every frame is blank for me...
00:05 imirkin: your data is all 0's
00:05 imirkin: or rather foo*10^-41...
00:05 ppc512: weird, not sure what's wrong with it
00:06 ppc512: it should be including the texture data in the trace, right?
00:06 imirkin: i'm looking at e.g. glTexCoordPointer()
00:06 imirkin: the data it points to
00:06 imirkin: >>> struct.unpack("I", struct.pack("f", 2.30458e-41))
00:06 imirkin: (16446,)
00:06 imirkin: >>> hex(16446)
00:06 imirkin: '0x403e'
00:07 imirkin: it's all these smaller numbers
00:07 imirkin: are you forgetting to convert to float somewhere?
00:07 ppc512: I assume apitrace takes endianness into account?
00:07 imirkin: that might be a weak assumption
00:08 imirkin: you'd definitely be right in thinking that it *should* take endianness into account...
00:08 imirkin: oh yeah, that's obviously byte-swapped
00:08 imirkin: 0x3e400000 is going to be a valid float :)
00:09 imirkin: 0.1875. ok yeah
00:11 imirkin: errrr ... well ... floats are not endian-sensitive.
00:12 imirkin: anyways wtvr
00:16 ppc512: it's not a huge deal to me if my game doesn't run on this old hardware, but I'm still willing to test stuff and gather information about this setup
00:17 imirkin: yeah, i'm going to try it out on my ppc
00:17 imirkin: and see if i can repro
00:18 ppc512: you're gonna have to comment out everything that calls into the level code, unless you want to manually byte-swap the 32-bit integers in test.map
00:19 ppc512: aside from the stuff in render_scene, there's some clamping to the sides of the level in render_movecamera, and a call to level_load in main()
00:20 imirkin: can i manually swap them in the code? :)
00:21 ppc512: that works too
00:22 ppc512: you can look at level.h to see the structures and which members are 32-bit
10:11 rickgeekwow: bjr
12:11 docmax:hates nvidia
12:12 docmax: is there something like a nvidia-smi for nouveau?
12:27 pmoreau: docmax: I dont't think there is a unique tool to report everything about the card. If you want to know the temperature, it should be outputed by `sensors`, for the name `lspci -d 10de:` will list all NVIDIA devices.
12:36 docmax: indeed. sensors even show the wattage
12:52 docmax: pmoreau: and is it possible to control the power states somehow?
12:53 docmax: oh just found the website with explanations
12:53 docmax: never mind
12:55 imirkin: depending on gpu, yes, you can change power states
12:55 imirkin: it's a manual process though