08:18 hakzsam: dboyan_: I didn't get a chance yesterday, hopefully today will be better
10:56 RSpliet: dboyan: I hadn't taken a look on the GSoC website until now, but congrats with your project :-)
10:57 RSpliet: and good luck with the execution! make sure to annoy all of us with all the questions you come across
12:29 dboyan_: RSpliet: Thanks. I'm still finishing off some scholl works since my school season hasn't ended. I have started some work in my spare time though.
12:38 dboyan_: hakzsam: I think if we can get the type of performance counter and properly cast the number to int in hud, the problem is solved
12:48 mr_sm1th: Is the GTX 780 Ti still the most powerful GPU with power management support?
14:09 Tom^: mr_sm1th: technically the titan from that series is. :P
14:48 mr_sm1th: The Titan Z?
14:48 mr_sm1th:looks up price
14:49 mr_sm1th: nope nope nope
16:02 nyef: How likely is it that the whole "3D Vision Ready" display schtick is based on a whitelist in the blob driver, rather than anything clever in terms of extra data in the EDID?
20:32 jushur: nyef: very
20:57 nyef: jushur: I was afraid of that. On the other hand, it does somewhat simplify a couple of things.
21:09 nyef:downloads a third set of windows nvidia drivers for the same damned machine. Because they're all mutually incompatible, and not one of them supports two of the cards that I have.
21:58 nyef: Yay progress. I finally managed to get *something* to run 3D Vision with an external monitor. So now that I have the hardware working, I get to try (and probably fail) to do so on Linux.
22:57 Lyude: What are srcs and dsts in texture instructions in nv50's IR?
23:32 airlied: Lyude: srcs are I assume src coordinates
23:35 Lyude: i guess a better question might be just, what are texture instructions? I assume they do something with fetching texture data from ram, but it looks like there's more to it then that
23:37 airlied: Lyude: they are special instructions that sample texture data
23:37 airlied: sampling is a lot more complicated than just reading values from ram
23:43 airlied: Lyude: there are a range of srcs to different instructions, from coordinates to lods to derivatives
23:43 airlied: dsts are where the result lands, probably same as alu instructions