00:07 dboyan_: Lyude: You could try adding '&& prog->getType == Program::TYPE_GEOMETRY' to the if statement at https://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/tree/src/gallium/drivers/nouveau/codegen/nv50_ir_from_tgsi.cpp#n2158
01:02 Horizon_Brave: hello everyone
02:25 koz_: I know you probably get this a thousand times, but how do I pass NvClkMode and NvBoost arguments to the kernel properly again?
02:33 dboyan_: koz: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/KernelModuleParameters/
02:33 dboyan_: koz_: ^
02:34 koz_: dboyan_: Thanks, just found em.
02:37 koz_: Also, nouveau is OK with DRI3, right?
02:39 dboyan_: dunno. But I guess so.
02:42 imirkin: [yes, i tis]
02:42 dboyan_: at least prime offloading works all right
02:42 koz_: imirkin: OK, thanks.
03:18 Horizon_Brave: hmm do all kernel modules have to be loaded at boot? You can't load a kernel modules while the system is running? This doesn't apply though to userspace modules/drivers though...
03:18 koz_: Horizon_Brave: Limitation of the Linux kernel I believe.
03:19 koz_: Someone with better knowledge of its guts could probably give you a better reason.
03:36 imirkin: Horizon_Brave: no problem with loading kernel modules whenever you like
03:37 imirkin: (unless you've explicitly disabled kernel module loading in general, which some embedded systems might do)
03:56 Horizon_Brave: imirkin: oh wait wait...sorry...
03:57 Horizon_Brave: imirkin: I meant passing kernel parameters
03:57 Horizon_Brave: like... nomodeset
03:57 Horizon_Brave: etc..
03:57 Horizon_Brave: that can only be done at boot correct?
04:11 imirkin: whenever the module is loaded
04:11 imirkin: params like 'nomodeset' are parsed in a somewhat diff way than regular module params
04:11 imirkin: it is, in fact, not a module param at all
10:46 jamm: imirkin: do "nodep" instructions not require any barriers to be defined?
14:44 karolherbst: mhh, the new PMU counter signal on Pascal could be PCOPY3
14:49 karolherbst: and it makes no sense at all
14:50 karolherbst: there are 4 copy engines, but still only 3 counters for that
15:01 imirkin: jamm: not sure which instructions are "nodep". you mean like tex nodep? don't worry about that nodep thing, that's irrelevant to ... most things.
15:01 imirkin: tbh i'm not even 100% sure what it means
15:02 imirkin: i think it's for when you have multiple tex's in a row
15:24 jamm: imirkin: yeah, tex nodep. btw do i recompile the shaders to test them? also how are the .fpc assembled shaders generated?
16:00 imirkin: jamm: there's a makefile iirc... if you read it, should explain how
16:05 jamm: imirkin: you're right, just noticed the envyas usage there. My bad
22:17 blackswan: i am about to have problems with my nvidia cards.
22:18 Teklad: about?
22:18 blackswan: i may start crying do not be alarmed.
22:19 koz_: blackswan: ...wut
22:19 blackswan: i have an alienware aurrora r6 with two titan x cards and i don't know what i'm doing and i am trying to set up one to use gpu passthrough for a windows 10 vm for the kids and both of them, when the windows 10 vm is not running, for mad science experiments with cuda or something.
22:19 blackswan: except i'd rather use the open source driver if i'm actually sitting at the machine personally.
22:19 blackswan: so i do things in bizarrely complicated ways to get them exactly as i want them.
22:20 blackswan: and then whenever i upgrade everything breaks because my system is so weird.
22:22 blackswan: i came here because i am at the part where it says to blacklist the nouveau driver, which i don't want to do, because i don't like using closed-source drivers, but my kids want to run windows games on this thing.
22:23 blackswan: and there is no way i am letting windows run on bard hardware on a machine i care about, so dual boot is out of the question.
22:23 Teklad: blackswan: Time to shell out more money to get them their own computer.
22:23 koz_: I agree, especially given that you can afford a) Alienware anything, and b) two Titan Xs.
22:23 blackswan: no, this is mine. if this doesn't work, they can play steam games at their mother's house
22:24 Teklad: blackswan: Nobody touches my computer, lol.
22:24 Teklad: Its mine.
22:24 koz_: (how much do Titan Xs go for now anyway?)
22:25 blackswan: i don't know. i just addied in all the things. it's been years since i build a machine parts and at the time a dual 500mhz pentium iii would make people go "smp? what's that?"
22:25 blackswan: built*
22:26 blackswan: so i figured if i am going to get something, i should get a BIG SOMETHING
22:26 blackswan: i really don't need 8 displayports.
22:26 koz_: US$1700 or so. So basically, your graphics hardware alone costs about as much as my *car*.
22:26 Teklad: ^
22:27 blackswan: what car costs $1700?
22:27 Teklad: blackswan: For the love of St. Patty, just shell out a few extra hundred and get them something to use while they are there instead of breaking your computer with each update. :)
22:27 koz_: blackswan: You said *two* Titan Xs.
22:27 Teklad: blackswan: Every car I buy is $1500 or less.
22:27 blackswan: they already each have their own macbook pro, more or less.
22:27 Teklad: blackswan: Tell them to deal with it then.... they wanted a mac.
22:27 Teklad: They got a mac
22:28 Teklad: tough crap
22:28 koz_:is pretty happy with his 680.
22:28 Teklad:has a GTX 1060 that works just fine
22:28 koz_: The only thing holding it back right now is Arch *not* enabling DRI3 by default in their mesa.
22:28 blackswan: you're missing the point, i don't care if they get to play their games or not, i just want to do my mad science experiments.
22:28 koz_: (so I have to build it from sauce)
22:28 blackswan: deep learning and whatnot.
22:29 Teklad: blackswan: But it becomes tremendously less complicated if you stop using a GPU as a Windows 10 passthrough.
22:30 blackswan: this is how i learn things.
22:30 Teklad:can't think of any use cases that merit that level of complexity
22:30 blackswan: complicated is my life.
22:30 blackswan: i am the use case that requires that level of complexity.
22:31 Teklad: You're one of those people that simply like complicated things!
22:31 blackswan: it's what i do.
22:32 Teklad: I love programming... that's about as complicated as I get.
22:32 blackswan: well, i do that, too.
22:33 blackswan: i ported gcc to xenix by myself back at version 1.17 or so because the horrible microsoft c compiler coulldn't compile tex and i wanted to print something out.
22:34 blackswan: put that way i sound somewhat insane.
22:34 Teklad: I should really program for a living, but getting hired without a degree is extraordinarily painful.
22:35 blackswan: i don't have a degree because i failed out of college because i was doing crap like that instead of attending classses. although that was after college.
22:37 blackswan: but, 30 years of experience prowling around the innards of all manner of sofrware and hardware makes me marketable if i can get past the buzzword filters
22:39 blackswan: i hope, anyway.
22:39 blackswan: i am not entirely sure how i manage to be employed sometimes.
22:47 blackswan: oh. update-initramfs -u
22:52 blackswan: so, i blacklisted the nouveau driver and now it's not letting me enter the passphrase for the disk encryption - but it *is* displaying the dialog box in graphics mode on the onboard displayport
23:13 imirkin: so if you have Titan X's, you probably want nothing to do with nouveau
23:14 imirkin: either way, to flip between the two "modes", you should bind/unbind the secondary gpu chip from the relevant driver (nouveau, or nvidia)
23:14 imirkin: when you unbind it, it should become available for passthrough
23:14 imirkin: when the VM is done, you can rebind it to the driver
23:40 LeoTh3o: blackswan: you might want to prod around in #vfio-users. Also, likely the password dialog you see is from GRUB
23:41 blackswan: past that
23:41 blackswan: nosplash fixed
23:41 blackswan: it
23:41 blackswan: now i'm reminded that xen is probably the thing i want
23:42 LeoTh3o: can't help you with xen
23:42 LeoTh3o: before starting running wild with ideas you should check that you have IOMMU groups that make passthrough viable, though
23:49 blackswan: yes, checked that before i bought the machine.
23:52 LeoTh3o: well, what do you need then?