00:00 imirkin_: and the temperature it runs at
00:00 MarcinWieczorek: Ok. I'll make a cool script for i3 and then test it
00:03 orbea: MarcinWieczorek: maybe this helps... http://dpaste.com/3FPG64H
00:03 orbea: that function works well for me
00:04 MarcinWieczorek: Yeah I got that script saved, you've sent me that yesterday
00:04 orbea: right, forgot who i showed it to :P
00:12 MarcinWieczorek: what is the frequency that is important to me?
00:12 MarcinWieczorek: 405 or 810 MHz?
00:12 MarcinWieczorek: What does that even mean?
00:14 MarcinWieczorek: http://i.marcin.co/2017-01-31-011342_402x69_scrot.png
00:14 MarcinWieczorek: Doesn't this look cool?
00:19 MarcinWieczorek: I've added a cool notification too
00:26 MarcinWieczorek: Thank you for help guys, if I disappear then it means I've hit the reset button.
00:28 MarcinWieczorek: Works like a charm
00:29 ladis: .oO(last time I disappeared Xwayland hit segfault)
00:29 ladis:wonders how could one predict stable system :-)
00:33 MarcinWieczorek: imirkin_: the performance is great. I get some glitches but I think it's not related.
00:34 imirkin: cool
00:47 MarcinWieczorek: I'm getting piglit.
01:01 MarcinWieczorek: It doesn't build. Good night.
01:35 Echelon9: I've seen discussion of a corpus of VBIOS'. Could be helpful to add that to my existing c.30 VBIOS.
04:56 Echelon9: So I got my Shield TV (2017) to a Linux kernel boot log, but crashed out before loading the Ubuntu userspace
04:56 Echelon9: Shouldn't be too long until I can get nouveau running on this Tegra X1
05:42 skeggsb: imirkin: got a hackish test case for compute on gp100 running.. i may or may not get around to adding it to gallium after the MT stuff
05:42 skeggsb: imirkin: in other news.. got that nv4x plugged in now
05:54 skeggsb: imirkin: doh.. it appears i don't actually have one of the effected boards..
12:38 MarcinWieczorek: Hello again. I'm getting flickering and glitches when playing CS:GO. Who knows how to find the cause and maybe also has some time spare?
12:42 MarcinWieczorek: imirkin? :)
13:40 RSpliet: imirkin_, skeggsb: does "effected boards" include NV4B?
15:39 imirkin: RSpliet: it needs to be one of the 4097 nv4x's, not 4497
15:39 imirkin: RSpliet: skeggsb: although really i think the issue would affect either one. i guess i don't know.
17:28 RSpliet: NV4B appears to be a 4097 board, considering it's hooked up in device/base.c to nv40_gr_new rather than nv44_gr_new
17:29 imirkin_: cool
17:30 imirkin_: and ideally nv40_mpeg and not nv44_mpeg?
18:08 bapfreak_: hello?
18:19 bryce_: I'm surprised there aren't more conversations going on in here. Maybe I'm just a noob though and don't know the proper way to join them.
18:20 bryce_: Can anyone hear me?
18:22 towo`: bryce_, sure, but that's a support-channel, not a social one
18:24 bryce_: Sorry, I assumed conversations about nouveau would be here. Is there another channel for that?
18:28 bryce_: I
18:29 imirkin_: what makes you think they're not. you've been in the channel for all of 15 minutes.
18:29 bryce_: Sorry, you're right. Just haven't done this in a long time.
18:30 imirkin_: it's not that many people, and there's not always something concrete to talk about.
18:31 bryce_: I've been playing with xorg configs and kernel modules and reading documentation. Am I right in assuming that it is basically impossible to switch to a discrete NVidia card using nouveau on a muxless Optimus laptop?
18:31 imirkin_: define 'switch'
18:33 bryce_: I would say that, to me, 'switch' means to use the discrete card 'completely' (which of course would involve rendering on the discrete card and putting the results on the Intel integrated chip)
18:33 imirkin_: that should be possible i think
18:34 bryce_: Hmm... I must be going about it the wrong way then.
18:34 bryce_: I have looked into using vgaswitcheroo and bbswitch.
18:35 bryce_: Neither seem to work as vgaswitcheroo only works with muxers (at least the documentation implies that)
18:35 bryce_: And bbswitch doesn't work with Nouveau anymore past a certain kernel version.
18:44 jayhost: imirkin_ you still think amd is best open source graphics. I swapped out 750 ti for rx 470 but I take it AMD is not being nice about their open source driver.
18:47 bryce_: I would be content with the Intel HD 520 that I have, but it is noticably laggy on any modern Linux desktop. The computer seems to 'come alive' when using the propreitary NVidia driver.
18:47 bryce_: I would obviously rather use Nouveau
18:47 bryce_: No joke, my laptop seems to run out of power twice as fast using the blob Nivida driver.
18:49 headless:has upgraded to fedora 24 (from 23) last Sunday and it turned out to be a disatrous move
18:50 headless: MATE panel apparently hangs while continously drawing the bottom line on the display, never showing the menu bar
18:50 imirkin_: jayhost: amd has a team supporting the open driver. nvidia does not.
18:50 headless: MATE only works with my rescue kernel (3.13.y) and even that combo doesn't always work
18:51 headless:suspects nouveau again
18:51 imirkin_: jayhost: so yeah, i very much recommend amd over nvidia.
18:52 imirkin_: headless: perhaps. has MATE jumped on the "let's use GL for everything" bandwagon? and/or are you ending up with the modesetting ddx driver? if either of those are the case, it's likely you'll have various unspecified issues.
18:52 bryce_: Hmm.., headless, I'm on Fedora 25 using an Optimus laptop with Intel 520 HD and NVidia 540M. It works with both the open source drivers and RPMFusion blob drivers. BUT I can't seem to switch to Nouveau only.
18:53 imirkin_: bryce_: not sure what bumblebee has to do with anything. definitely using it with nouveau is a bad idea unless you *really* know what you're doing.
18:53 bryce_: I agree with Linus, NVidia has been very douchey about ther graphics chips.
18:54 bryce_: imirkin_, I'm not using bumblebee with Nouveau currently. From what I read, it is now impossible.
18:54 imirkin_: bryce_: either way, sounds like what you're looking for help with is configuring X, not anything nouveau-related
18:54 imirkin_: in that case, #xorg-users might be a better forum.
18:55 bryce_: I simply want to render everything (the whole desktop, not just one window) on Nouveau and publish it on Intel.
18:55 bryce_: imirkin_, thanks for the channel suggestion, I might go there. However this is relative to Nouveau since it involves the driver and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this.
18:56 imirkin_: bryce_: your question isn't in any way nouveau-specific
18:56 imirkin_: bryce_: your question is "i have 2 gpu's, and i want to configure them in a particular way"
18:57 bryce_: I get your point, but it is Optimus realted. Optimus -> NVidia -> Nouveau.
18:57 imirkin_: the fact that one of them is intel and one is nouveau is largely irrelevant.
18:57 jayhost: imirkin_ Alright I'll stick with AMD. I was a bit disappointed in having to use this blob firmware-linux-nonfree to get the open source performing well.
18:58 imirkin_: jayhost: you'd rather they ship that stuff on a chip on the board rather than you storing it on the HDD?
18:58 imirkin_: jayhost: the extra 1MB of storage it's costing you is probably not *such* a huge hit...
18:59 headless: s/3.13/3.11/
19:00 bryce_: jayhost, in the past I tried AMD FOSS drivers and they were, at the time, far superior to Nouveau; mostly because AMD gives a damn about it. It is annoying that the non-free firmware needs to be loaded. If on Debian, the driver will suck until this is installed. Some distros have the non-free firmware in the normal kernel package.
19:00 headless: imirkin_: I'm not relaly into Linux graphics, altho I had to get some acquintance with DRM lately
19:00 imirkin_: headless: you're talking about kernel versions that have been forgotten for so long it's not even worth trying to remember how long ago they were forgotten :)
19:00 headless: I dunno about how MATE works
19:00 bryce_: That kernel is ancient. You might want something at least in the 4.x range.
19:01 headless: my laptop is thinkpad w540
19:01 bryce_: Fedora 25 MATE spin would probably work.
19:01 headless: can't swithc to Intel graphics
19:01 imirkin_: headless: if you're having issues with a package shipped by $distro, feel free to contact $distro for support. in here, you'll really only get help if you're running the latest and great, and even then, often, the answer will be "sorry, dunno"
19:01 headless: imirkin_: I got 4.9.y with FC24
19:02 imirkin_: headless: ok, that's a start.
19:02 headless: it's very close to latest I think
19:02 bryce_: headless, mine is a ThinkPad Yoga 14, so the setup might be similar. I assume Optimus?
19:02 imirkin_:has no clue what distro ships what kernel / software
19:02 headless: and I've filed the bug wit RH
19:03 headless: bryce_: I have no idea what that is
19:03 headless: *with
19:05 headless: 4.9.5-100, to be precise, now even .6 but I haven't tried it yet
19:06 bryce_: Optimus is the NVidia term of having a discrete NVidia graphics card with Intel integrated graphics connected directly to laptop screen.
19:06 bryce_: This is suppose to save power by only using the NVidia card when needed.
19:06 headless: bryce_: I think I have noVideo conected to laptop display
19:07 headless: :-)
19:07 headless: *connected
19:07 bryce_: LOL. I thought you were serious.
19:07 headless: noVideo == nVidia :-)
19:07 imirkin_: headless: so what's your issue? desktop hangs after a while? immediately?
19:08 headless: imirkin_: panel hangs, no menu bar
19:08 headless: only power button (sometimes CAD) help
19:08 bryce_: NVidia didn't even attempt until recently to properly implement Optimus until very recently. You need a very up to date distro for either the FOSS or the blob driver to work properly.
19:09 headless: the pseudo ttys seem to work
19:09 bryce_: I find that strange, MATE doesn't use OpenGL at all unless Compiz is involved.
19:09 imirkin_: headless: anything in any logs?
19:09 imirkin_: headless: pastebin xorg log and dmesg
19:09 headless: imirkin_: will try to
19:12 headless: imirkin_: well, officially this spin is called MATE-COmpiz
19:12 headless: but I haven't seen much 3d with it
19:13 imirkin_: compiz uses GL for compositing
19:13 RSpliet: imirkin_: ah no it's nv44_mpeg
19:14 bryce_: Can you turn off Compiz?
19:15 imirkin_: RSpliet: oh well.
19:15 bryce_: I'm sure uninstalling it would fix everything but that is a brute force solution.
19:15 imirkin_: RSpliet: i guess it didn't 100% line up with the GR class. although that's a bit surprising. i thought it did.
19:16 bryce_: FYI, XFCE and LXDE spins exist and they don't use OpenGL out of box for the desktop.
19:17 jayhost: imirkin_ bryce_ Okay I understand now. Neat.
19:17 bryce_: Cool, what do you understand?
19:21 jayhost: It didn't click for me that the firmware-linux-nonfree amd blob was like the onboard nvidia blob. Thought it was an added layer : - /
19:21 imirkin_: jayhost: actually the nvidia firmware is also "off-board"
19:22 imirkin_: the nouveau team (and to be clear, people who aren't me) wrote open-source versions of such firmware for the nvidia chips. no such thing has been done for amd. but in either case, it's code that runs on the gpu, not on the cpu.
19:23 bryce_: Yup, cheers to the Nouveau team for doing that!!!
19:24 bryce_: And with little to no documentation, it is a huge accomplishment.
19:24 headless: reverse engineering smells so much of mess dos times :-)
19:24 airlied: now just need the signing keys :-(
19:24 headless:did it a lot
19:24 bryce_: Phoenix BIOS
19:25 bryce_: Yeah, NVidia stonewalled Nouevau with that signing crap for basically no reason.
19:25 bryce_: Ever heard of a GPU virus?
19:25 imirkin_: i'm sure the reason is that they were hoping i'd recommend AMD to people ;)
19:25 bryce_: Maybe they exist but they aren't a huge problem.
19:25 imirkin_: plan worked!
19:26 bryce_: What worked?
19:26 imirkin_: their plan to get me to recommend AMD to people inquiring about good GPUs to use on linux
19:27 bryce_: It just sucks that AMD hasn't opened the firmware and high end laptops usually always have NVidia
19:27 bryce_: Unfortunately, AMD is relegated to the "budget" category mostly.
19:27 bryce_: I have seen some gamer laptops with AMD and a good CPU but I don't want that kind of bulk because I don't game all that much.
19:28 jayhost: I was told thhe Linux-Libre kernel has a the blobless for AMD but I assume I'm missing somethting
19:28 bryce_: Linux-libre kernel "works" with the AMD chip.
19:28 imirkin_: jayhost: i think you did... the linux libre kernel is about enforcing ... no clue what
19:28 imirkin_: but they remove the ability to load any firmware off the HDD to send to the devices.
19:28 bryce_: BUT, the acceleration is broken.
19:29 bryce_: Linux-libre really only works with Intel and Nouveau.
19:29 imirkin_: and only because nouveau (imho foolishly) includes its firmware as part of the kernel. no reason that's not in linux-firmware as well.
19:30 bryce_: I like it being in the kernel tree but maybe it is in the wrong place
19:30 bryce_: Are you using a Linux-libre kernel?
19:31 imirkin_: no, why would i be?
19:31 bryce_: Just asking, since you brought it up
19:31 imirkin_: i can't think of any way in which it promotes freedom
19:32 bryce_: Debian uses it by default
19:32 imirkin_: seriously?
19:32 towo`: Linux-libre would not work with skylake or higher
19:32 imirkin_: i thought it was just a weird offshoot kernel no one used
19:32 towo`: debian does not use linux libre
19:32 imirkin_: (except RMS)
19:32 bryce_: Well, they separate the "bad" kernel parts into a different branch.
19:33 bryce_: You can read on the FSF site that they did this a few years ago.
19:33 imirkin_: yeah, there's just nothing bad about the parts they cut out
19:33 bryce_: Intel WiFi and AMD graphics don't work properly unless the non-free branch is added and the linux-firmware-nonfree package is installeed.
19:33 towo`: bryce_, no
19:33 bryce_: No I agree with you
19:34 towo`: bryce_, linux libre removes the ability for loading non-free firmware
19:34 towo`: so debian is using a deplobed kernel, but not linux libre
19:35 bryce_: Okay, my bad. Wrong terminology.
19:35 bryce_: BUT it is close to the same thing just without the limitation.
19:35 towo`: no, it's not close
19:35 bryce_: Yeah, the same drivers are removed but put into non-free branch
19:35 towo`: linux libre removes all drivers, which need non-free firmware from the source
19:36 towo`: bryce_, wrong1
19:36 towo`: driver != firmware
19:36 towo`: all drivers are in the kernel
19:36 bryce_: Even RMS/FSF agrees that Debian is Libre as long as certain branches aren't activated.
19:36 bryce_: Meant to say firmware
19:36 bryce_: Still, VERY similar depending on your point of view.
19:37 towo`: no, it isn't
19:37 bryce_: Why?
19:37 bryce_: Only difference is you CAN load that non-free firmware.
19:37 towo`: and the deblobing in debian as absolutely different to that, what linux-libre is doing with the kernel
19:38 bryce_: separation VS anhilation
19:38 towo`: bryce_, no, in linux-libre you can't fin any kernel-module, which would need non-free firmware
19:38 bryce_: I agree. BUT they are similar.
19:39 bryce_: If you run linux-libre OR debian vanilla with nothing added (no non-free branch, no NVidia installer) it is essentially the same.
19:39 bryce_: RMS, who is a crazy purist even said that on his site.
19:40 jayhost: RMS says he doesn't support Debian because they put non-free on their servers
19:40 bryce_: Yes, I know that
19:41 bryce_: If you read the announcement of Debian changing their kernel "strategy", he praises them
19:41 bryce_: And his hardware site does allow tests on Debian as long as the "evil" branches aren't activated.
19:42 bryce_: Debian could very easily switch to "pure libre" and get the RMS stamp but it would ruin compatability with many computers.
19:42 towo`: no, thy couldn't switch to libre
19:42 bryce_: Why not!
19:42 towo`: that would break debians social contract
19:42 bryce_: They could hypothetically change that
19:42 bryce_: I'm glad they dont
19:43 bryce_: I put usability far above 'libre'
19:43 bryce_: I wouldn't mind using the NVidia blob if it didn't cause a multitude of 'issues'/'complications'
19:44 towo`: since there is nearly zero modern hardware, which works without firmware, linux-libre is senseless for my opinion
19:44 bryce_: I wish they would put 1 or 2 coders on the Nouveau project to get it working 100%
19:44 bryce_: I agree, it is too hard to get the linux-libre to work
19:44 bryce_: You need Intel GPU and Atheros WiFi
19:45 bryce_: That is the only combination that works.
19:45 imirkin_: and too pointless.
19:45 bryce_: Assuming you aren't a zealot like RMS and need an open BIOS too.
19:45 towo`: then you would have an old atheros chip and you would have old intel cpu
19:45 bryce_: He seems to be moving the goalpost.
19:45 towo`: recent atheros chips even need firmware
19:45 bryce_: non-free firmware?
19:46 bryce_: I'm surprised
19:46 bryce_: they have been open for quite some time.
19:46 towo`: sure, it's in nonfree
19:46 bryce_: The only laptop that RMS considers 'libre' is a dirt old Thinkpad.
19:46 towo`: that's why i sayed, linux-libre is useless and senseless nowdays
19:46 bryce_: I honestly really don't get why these hardware vendors care about closed firmware.
19:47 bryce_: The profit is in the hardware, not the driver nor the firmware
19:47 bryce_: I wish some billionaire would develop a GPU and Wifi chip with FOSS firmware and drivers.
19:48 bryce_: Furthermore, it would be nice to just release the design for that into public domain or something similar.
19:49 bryce_: If the goal of closed firmware is to make reverse engineering impossible, well Nouveau proves that to be pointless.
19:49 towo`: so?
19:50 towo`: you know that nouveau is requirering signed firmware for recent chipsets?
19:50 bryce_: Yes
19:50 bryce_: But only recently
19:50 bryce_: NVidia is a douche for doing that
19:50 towo`: who want's ancient hardware?
19:51 bryce_: I agree, but my 540M, which isn't that old, doesn't require signed firmware.
19:51 bryce_: Bought the laptop in 2016. I wish it used a newer chip but I'm glad it doesn't need signed firmware.
19:52 bryce_: I think AMD's direction of making a "core" FOSS driver and putting the extra goodies in a closed blob that operates in user space is fantastic
19:52 towo`: it has the other problem, optimus crap
19:53 bryce_: Yes!!
19:53 bryce_: The only way to avoid it is to get Intel only, which, I'm sorry, still is too slow for even desktop use.
19:54 bryce_: Why can't I buy a laptop with just NVidia Geforce or Quadro and no Optimus garbage.
19:55 RSpliet: Intel no longer sells laptop CPUs without integrated CPU as far as I know
19:55 RSpliet: *integrated GPU
19:55 towo`: it would be bad, they would shipping a cpu without integrated cpu ;)
19:56 bryce_: Hypothetically it could be bypassed by a hardware vendor using a hardware mux that is set to just use NVidia chip
19:57 bryce_: Macbook Pro and old Optimus laptops have a hardware mux.
19:57 towo`:asks myself which desktop does not run on intel
19:58 bryce_: With a hardware mux, you can set BIOS to run on Optimus, just Intel, or just Nvidia
19:58 bryce_: Sadly, AMD is the only one making x86 CPUs sans GPU
19:59 bryce_: They do offer it, called APU, but it isn't required.
20:03 RSpliet: I don't quite know what's in the intel OEM contracts...
20:04 RSpliet: unfortunately NVIDIA hasn't quite cracked power management yet to an extent that high end discrete laptop GPUs draw very little power when doing only desktop work, and I guess that has something to do with GDDR5 requiring power
20:13 AndrewR: RSpliet, hi. This was me who had and having troubles with "-19" after trying even just xvmc tests in mesa tree on nv4x
20:14 AndrewR: RSpliet, it would be great if you will able to confirm/deny problem independently
20:15 RSpliet: AndrewR: I'm not sure if I'm the person to help you, my NV4x card is significantly newer (uses a different mpeg hw decoder implementation) and it's buried in dust under my bed with a hard drive probably still containing a 2.6 kernel
20:15 RSpliet: If I was sure that it's the right card I would go and try to dust things off over the weekend, but well... I'm careful with my time given I can only allocate it once :-)
20:18 AndrewR: RSpliet, ok
20:47 AndrewR: RSpliet, https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=99584
21:30 skeggsb: imirkin_: oh, i have 4097 boards, just not one that uses nv40_mpeg
21:30 imirkin_: skeggsb: ah ok =/ you don't have a nv42 or something?
21:30 imirkin_: skeggsb: either way, did it work ok with nv44_mpeg?
21:31 skeggsb: yeah, it worked fine on the nv49 i tested
21:31 imirkin_: nv40 and nv44_mpeg look pretty similar, at least as far as object creation goes
21:31 imirkin_: you saw andrewr's trace right?
21:31 skeggsb: yep
21:31 imirkin_: i had a lot of trouble trying to figure out what it is that returns the ENODEV
21:55 headless: night
22:00 MarcinWieczorek: Hey imirkin