00:12 nyef```: Hrm. Make that "modprobe nouveau modeset=1"?
00:18 nyef```: Okay, I think I have this figured out. Back in a few minutes.
00:27 nyef```: skeggsb: Okay, that dance does bring the display online post-suspend if I do it on a machine not using the displayport (or whatever it is), but does not for the machine I'm trying to get working. I'm going to check on the logs next, are they likely to be of any use?
00:30 nyef```: Hrm. Can't even tell if the nouveau driver loaded after the suspend.
00:30 nyef```: So the logs are basically useless. /-:
00:37 RSpliet: skeggsb: if you need more info from my NVAC please e-mail me ASAP, as I'm only physically at the machine until the 27th
05:02 nyef: skeggsb: Okay, finally got that boot-nomodeset-suspend-then-load-nouveau thing to happen, and got a log. Same thing with the inability to detect a sink for the panel.
05:03 nyef: ... And, now that I've switched panels around a bit, I can do these tests without having to hibernate my system, boot the USB stick, run the test, reboot to resume from hibernate, and so on.
05:04 nyef: I can copy the dmesg up to my webspace if you think that it'll help.
17:11 ryan_theo: hello
21:55 NanoSector: why does nouveau keep suspending and resuming my GPU when doing nothing with it?
21:56 pmoreau: NanoSector: Probably some process trying to access it, like lspci, or xrandr, I would guess
21:57 NanoSector: any way to find out?
21:59 pmoreau: No idea, sorry
22:11 chithead: maybe something polling display outputs. you could try to run a window manager or desktop which doesn't try to outsmart the user in that regard
23:47 Jeansf: happy hoidays, i myself sent my application to AMD company, descibed shortly that i have such a case at my homeland where i was controversily diagnosed with mental illness, because that company was said to ignore such scams, treating diagnosed people equally, actually also the diagnosis has never been that i am stupid, but my diagnosis, is that i a
23:47 Jeansf: m paranoid
23:49 Jeansf: if i get some low-salary work, i do not see complications at all to optimize the stack further for any of those gpu's in question, all the work around it is thin easy and can be quickly done