03:16 mooch2: aaaaand, ptimer is finally implemented in my nvidia emulation without hacks
15:26 DatGuyDuh: Hello. I'm trying to run my nVidia 820m with DRI_PRIME, but I get this error when running glxsphere64 https://paste.pound-python.org/show/GnuUvzgyCh3eQFDdSG27/
15:26 DatGuyDuh: Running archlinux and xrandr --listproviders correctly shows me 2 providers
15:31 DatGuyDuh: Any ideas? I'm losing my mind trying to fix this
17:54 imirkin: DatGuyDuh: check out https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/
17:54 imirkin: that should have the proper sequence of steps to get it going with DRI2 and DRI3. you probably just want DRI3 if you're looking to offload.
18:50 DatGuyDuh: s
18:54 cc___: hi
18:55 cc___: by making a wild guess, what would you say is the most powerful potentially-liberable graphic card today ?
18:55 cc___: including old cards
18:57 cc___: do "GTX 780" and "Radeon R9 Fury" sound like good bets to you ?
19:13 Booti386: Hello!
19:14 Booti386: I'm using a laptop with an IGP and a Nvidia card
19:14 Booti386: When I select the NVidia card with DRI_PRIME=1
19:15 Booti386: A fan goes really fast
19:15 Booti386: And I get some tears in the application
19:15 Booti386: *huge tears
19:18 Booti386: The framerate is also a bit low (even if reclocked via pstate to: AC: core 1113 MHz memory 810 MHz AC DC)
19:19 Booti386: So I wonder what to do to improve overall performances.
20:05 imprfcto: hei
20:06 imprfcto: how's the opencl 'image' feature coming along?
20:06 imprfcto: how to turn it on?
20:06 imprfcto: thanks
20:06 imprfcto: I need it
21:30 kattana: I am the same as the other
21:30 kattana: no chances of opencl in nouveau?
23:17 hakzsam: here we go!
23:17 hakzsam: gm107 control codes implemented and available on mesa-dev
23:17 hakzsam: and GL 4.3 for Maxwell/Pascal GPUs
23:17 hakzsam: :)
23:20 kattana: what about opencl?
23:20 hakzsam: not going to happen
23:21 kattana: omg
23:21 kattana: hakzsam: not going to happen for how long?
23:21 kattana: this is unbelivable
23:21 kattana: I don't understand, why not?
23:21 hakzsam: I don't know
23:22 hakzsam: a guy from RH worked on it, but he stopped
23:22 hakzsam: and no one is going to work on opencl
23:23 mupuf_: kattana: because people work on whatever they want
23:23 mupuf_: if you want opencl, you can help pmoreau on translating spir-v into nouveau's compiler
23:23 mupuf_: IR