06:53 chillfan: What would be a good distro to use for working with nv110? I am no hacker, but would be happy to test with the nvidia binary or provide bios information for my chip (nv110)
06:57 chillfan: So long as it doesn't contain unity I'm not worried, just want to make sure to have recent enough packages
07:17 gsedej_work: hi! I am trying to install blob, but nouveau keeps loading despite blacklist in /etc/modprobe/blacklist.conf and nvidia...conf
07:18 gsedej_work: ubuntu 16.04, kernels 4.4 - 4.8, oibaf ppa installed
07:27 gsedej_work: it also ignores boot parameter "nouveau unknown parameter blacklist ignored"
07:48 mupuf: gsedej_work: you seem to be doing it wrong
07:48 mupuf: it is blacklist="nouveau"
07:48 mupuf: not nouveau.blacklist=""
07:48 mupuf: and honestly, this is a distro problem, not sure how we can help you :s
07:48 gsedej_work: in the grub?
07:49 mupuf: go talk to the support group of your distro, /me never uses ubuntu
07:55 gsedej_work: mupuf, your suggestion worked
07:55 gsedej_work: never knew for this option
07:55 mupuf: well, anyway, you seem to be doing it wrong
07:55 mupuf: or the distro is buggy
07:55 mupuf: the two options are not mutually exclusive though
15:24 dcomp: ls
15:24 imirkin: . ..
15:28 dcomp: rm -rf *
16:23 karolherbst: the heck