16:23 Tom^: can you set digital vibrance with nouveau?
16:40 Tom^: so it seems, xrandr --output DVI-I-1 --set 'color vibrance'
19:59 ttr_ppix: has Kepler reclocking been included in a stable kernel release?
20:00 Tom^: ttr_ppix: not all of the awesome work karolherbst has done, no. not yet
20:00 Tom^: ttr_ppix: its easy to compile and use his branch anyways
20:00 ttr_ppix: Tom^, thank you! i will grab his branch to test
20:01 ttr_ppix: Tom^, do you happen to know if I could compile against Ubuntu's stable 4.4 kernel?
20:02 Tom^: that im not so sure
20:02 Tom^: he has a branch for 4.6 but i dont know how far back it compiles
20:03 orbea:has some 4.4 and 4.5 kernels around still... *tries to see if it works*
20:03 orbea: 4.4.9 is no go
20:04 orbea: http://dpaste.com/26ETMJE
20:04 orbea: same with 4.5.4, seems only 4.6.* works
20:05 Tom^: yeah, hes better of getting a 4.6 or even an 4.7 kernel anyways.
20:05 ttr_ppix: orbea, thank you so much for testing those, sounds like I should throw a copy of Arch on a spare drive to test
20:06 orbea: ttr_ppix: could try compiling your own kernel, its not that hard and great for learning
20:06 orbea: though im not sure what hoops ubuntu has users jump through or not for that
20:07 orbea: i just recall linus not liking ubuntu because it made working on a kernel more work than the wanted :P
20:07 orbea: *he wanted
20:09 orbea: ttr_ppix: actually, seems it wont work anyways here, I forgot I ran make clean in the old kernel src trees...oops
20:09 ttr_ppix: well, I'll need to replace X, mesa and add a custom kernel, I think at that point I'm better off working from a scratch disk
20:10 Tom^: which is why you simply just run arch or some other distro that atleast keeps things relatively new.
20:10 Tom^: :p
20:10 ttr_ppix: Tom^, at least for a project like this, Arch should work well
20:12 ttr_ppix: would Mesa 12.0.1 and Xorg 1.18.4 be adequate to test Kepler reclocking?
20:13 Tom^: sure
20:13 Tom^: not that mesa nore xorg has much todo with reclocking but it doesnt hurt when you are gonna run opengl stuff
20:13 ttr_ppix: right, mostly just concerned with evaluating OpenGL game performance