00:29 muhannad_: Hi, is GTX900 serie is supported in in the linux kerenal 4.6 and above ?
00:32 chithead: yes, see "news" at https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/
00:43 muhannad_: chithead: thanks <3, I was waiting.
00:45 imirkin: muhannad_: for some definition of "supported"... what are you looking for?
00:46 muhannad_: useing my GTX960 for design and 3D stuff
00:46 imirkin: muhannad_: expect to get 10% or less of the performance you'd get from nvidia's drivers
00:47 imirkin: muhannad_: if you're interested in using open-source, you should definitely get an amd gpu
00:48 muhannad_: is it compatible like intel ?
00:49 imirkin: not sure what you mean by "compatible"
00:50 muhannad_: hmm, I mean intel doesn't have any issue with freedesktop ..
00:51 imirkin: the drivers for amd gpu's should be of comparable quality to intel's
00:52 muhannad_: let's say I'll go and buy a laptop that have amd gpu
00:52 muhannad_: what's the best amd gpu for GNU Linux until now ?
00:53 imirkin: you should double-check in #radeon - they all should function just fine, but i'm not sure what the highest-end models are available in laptops
21:05 imirkin_: pmoreau: looks like your thing stopped building again