01:58 orbea: if I start compiling nouveau and mesa from git, will I need to use git versions of the other Xorg packages too or will it all work fine if just build on top of my os's X packages?
02:48 soreau: orbea: You should be able to use the mesa driver from git with the rest of the stack
02:49 soreau: in fact, you can install mesa git into a nonstandard prefix and point LD_LIBRARY_PATH at it to test without affecting your system mesa install
02:50 soreau: of course you need to be using the open stack, i.e. no proprietary nvidia parts installed
02:51 orbea: cool, thanks
15:50 vp9nv: any VP9 hardware decoding support for GM206 in the works? http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1750627#post1750627 Nvidia enabled it in 361.43 WHQL driver on Windows and LAV Filters nightly build has support and just works
16:00 tobijk_: vp9nv: we are still missing the signed firmware for the gm20x series from nvidia and if i'm not completely mistaken, we need it for video decoding
16:12 karolherbst: and all that REing of the new video engine