02:17 mupuf: oh no, ben pushed the wrong patch :s
02:18 mupuf: well, I guess it is fine. I will send him an email
05:06 tobijk: imirkin: whats stopping the glamor removal of/from xf86-video-nouveau? i thought i'd be allright...
10:55 librin: imirkin, I just tested that WoW issue and it does appear to go away with BGRA4 formats disabled for me
10:55 imirkin: librin: great. and i've already pushed that patch.
10:56 librin: yeah, I know
10:56 librin: I just simply updated Mesa and BAM issue gone B)
10:57 imirkin: yay :)
10:58 librin: imirkin, I also tested if it changes the behavior of https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=90513 in any way
10:58 librin: it doesn't. :/
10:58 imirkin: yeah, that issue is a lot more annoying
10:59 librin: oh, and one question, in case I am not sure whether a bug is nouveau-only or if it is a general mesa bug
11:00 librin: what do I do when reporting? File it under mesa in general?
11:01 imirkin: if you're not sure, a reasonable policy is to file it with the driver exhibiting the issue, and it can be moved up more generally later
11:01 imirkin: however if you're sure it's a general problem, you can file it with mesa core directly
11:01 karolherbst: imirkin: having vfetch at the top helps a lot :)
11:10 tobijk: imirkin: any comments on my questions from a few hours ago?
11:10 imirkin: tobijk: the glamor thing?
11:10 imirkin: pure laziness
11:11 imirkin: ben gave me his ok on it
11:11 tobijk: yeah the glamor thing, i'd like to see it commited :)
11:12 imirkin: k. i'll try to do it today.
11:12 tobijk: imirkin: thanks
11:12 tobijk: i guess we have to fi a bit more after that for xserver 1.18
15:12 suprovsky: hello, somebody's there?
15:14 suprovsky: i found a bug in my Gentoo installation with nouveau
15:14 suprovsky: [ 0.729717] nouveau E[ DISPLAY][0000:05:00.0][0x00000000] 01:0130: func 08 lookup failed, -2
15:14 suprovsky: what should I do to get rid of this error?
15:14 imirkin: just ignore it
15:14 suprovsky: why?
15:15 imirkin: the vbios table makes a reference to something it's not supposed to
15:15 imirkin: or rather, is missing
15:15 imirkin: that message should probably be debug, not error
15:15 suprovsky: ah, understood
15:15 suprovsky: but...why is it red on dmesg?
15:16 imirkin: because it's logged as an error
15:16 imirkin: and i guess dmesg changes colors depending on the severity level?
15:16 suprovsky: yup
15:16 imirkin: are you having any actual issues?
15:17 suprovsky: no
15:17 imirkin: ok cool
15:17 suprovsky: just this "error" during booting
15:17 imirkin: yeah, just an error in the vbios table data consistency
15:17 imirkin: and/or our understanding of those tables