01:00 vinceh: q
07:21 thomas_cloud_: Should the geforce 9300m be stable with nouveau? Got quite a few problems with it and was wondering if hard locks are common
07:21 imirkin: not common, but i wouldn't say any hw is "stable" with nouveau. it all depends on what you do.
07:22 imirkin: is this a macbook with the dual nvidia gpu's btw?
07:37 l1k: imirkin: MacBook Pro with dual Nvidia had 9400M + 9600M GT
07:38 imirkin: ah ok. i was close :)
07:38 imirkin: all those numbers are sadly quite meaningless
07:38 imirkin: as they're used to represent a ton of different gpu's
07:40 l1k: codenames according to wikipedia: MCP79MX + G96
07:41 l1k: 9300M was G98
07:42 imirkin: hm ok. maybe they used to do a better job of keeping things straight.
07:42 imirkin: they definitely don't anymore
09:27 Umeaboy: Hi!
09:27 tobijk: hi
09:27 Umeaboy: I have a laptop named Asus N550JK that uses hybrid graphics.
09:28 tobijk: ...
09:28 Umeaboy: Intel 4th Generation and GeForece GTX 850M.
09:28 tobijk: keep rolling
09:28 Umeaboy: There's a small problem that causes X11 to crash I think.
09:29 imirkin: sounds like a big problem to me!
09:29 Umeaboy: 3.19.8-desktop-3.mga5
09:29 Umeaboy: is the kernel I'm using.
09:29 Umeaboy: Mageia 5.
09:29 Umeaboy: x86_64 is the arch.
09:29 Umeaboy: No other problem than this when it comes to the graphics.
09:29 tobijk: oes only x11 crash and come back or the whole system?
09:29 imirkin: Umeaboy: pastebin dmesg + xorg log
09:30 Umeaboy: imirkin: I know that it's not reported on the freedesktop bugzilla, but here's all the info you need: https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16635
09:31 tobijk: Umeaboy: well you are missing dmesg output
09:33 imirkin: Umeaboy: i don't see any crash info in that xorg log
09:33 imirkin: what makes you say that xorg crashes?
09:34 Umeaboy: imirkin: Added the the report.
09:35 Umeaboy: Well, I loose the desktop session and see the result from when the kernel booted.
09:35 Umeaboy: All the things started.
09:36 tobijk: Umeaboy: we'd need a dmesg after x11 crashed
09:36 imirkin: i see no mention of nouveau or even an nvidia gpu in that xorg log
09:37 tobijk: besides you have some problems with nouveau, but should not matter as you seem to use intel anyway
09:37 Umeaboy: imirkin: Well, when I installed Mageia 5 it showed errors for nouveau.
09:37 Umeaboy: I "fixed" that by installing bumblebee.
09:38 imirkin: you're on a 3.19 kernel and your gpu is a maxwell...
09:38 Umeaboy: Yeah.
09:38 imirkin: nouveau only started supporting accel with 4.1
09:38 imirkin: on your kernel, that gpu is basically doing nothing
09:38 Umeaboy: Oooooh.
09:38 imirkin: so your issues are entirely unrelated
09:38 imirkin: to nouveau
09:38 Umeaboy: OK.
09:40 tobijk: Umeaboy: as this is a haswell maybe you'd profit from a newer kernel
09:45 Umeaboy: tobijk: OK.
09:59 specing: nouveau shat itself on G84M
09:59 specing: card still renders the mouse, though
10:00 tobijk: specing: dmesg log + xorg log to start with
10:00 tobijk: and tell us what you did
10:02 specing: I was looking at a picture on imgur
10:03 specing: dmesg is full of nouveau and networking interface stuff
10:03 specing: lets see
10:04 specing: EQ Overflow
10:10 specing: I think another reflow will be needed
10:10 imirkin_: specing: EQ overflow tends to just be another word for "aaaaaaaaaaaa the gpu has hung aaaaaaaaaaaaa"
10:11 specing: [kernel] hardware became unavailable during restart
10:13 specing: https://bpaste.net/show/54a97fb62e62
10:14 specing: https://bpaste.net/show/1a7d4c312100
10:16 imirkin_: yeah, you're in for a bad time
10:16 specing: 124 days uptime, last time it died after ~60
13:41 kfractal: is this thing on? sorry, just checking :)
13:42 RSpliet:squeeks and cracks a little
13:42 tobijk: ist it really you or is it your nva3? :
13:42 tobijk: :D
13:45 RSpliet: tobijk: my NVA3 sounds more like a twin turbo V8
13:45 RSpliet: until it goes tits up
13:46 imirkin_: what does it sound like then?
13:47 RSpliet: as serene as the kalahari desert
13:47 imirkin_: i'll have to look for some audio recordings of that :)
13:48 RSpliet: (while my speakers are siren like a Q2B)
14:05 kfractal: hehe... for the sound check :)
14:29 glennk: RSpliet, not nva0 levels of loud though?
14:32 RSpliet: everything is loud since I opened my case
14:33 RSpliet: have you tried turning your NVA0 up to 11?
14:33 hakzsam: mupuf, yeah, this NVIDIA Linux Graphics Debugger is going to be very useful for me but only if it exposes perf counters ;)
14:35 glennk: RSpliet, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFZ39nQ_k90
14:36 hakzsam: mupuf, awesome! http://tinyurl.com/oklt289
14:40 hakzsam: mupuf, and all perf counters exposed by perfkit on doz seem to be available through this debugger, very good news :)
14:41 hakzsam: (but fermi only, of course!)
14:47 RSpliet: glennk: ok... wow
14:52 imirkin_: hehe
14:52 imirkin_: an oldie but a goodie
16:06 karolherbst: mupuf: anything new?
16:06 mupuf: late for sleep, as usual, so this is not new
16:07 karolherbst: :D
16:07 karolherbst: I just came home
16:08 karolherbst: do you want me to generate some proper plots for my card?
16:34 mupuf: karolherbst: going to bed, do what you think is right! Just define a goal, make hypothesis, check what experiment to run. When you have done a couple of times, just implement the experiment that provides the best return of investment and analyze the result
16:34 mupuf: doing random stuff with no purpose provides no useful data
16:34 karolherbst: okay
16:35 karolherbst: just tried to find some kind of corelation between clock, cstate voltage data, and pwm reg value
16:36 mupuf: there will be
16:36 mupuf: that depends on the pdaemon performance counters values
16:36 karolherbst: mhh
16:39 mupuf: if you have a look at my tool, I dump them
16:39 mupuf: and there is a tool to fake the load :p
16:40 karolherbst: yeah, but I can easily reclock my card
16:40 karolherbst: and get different pwm values
16:40 karolherbst: the blob just jumps to a fixed value after reclocking
16:40 karolherbst: which kind of confused me earlier
16:43 karolherbst: mupuf: I think there is another table for the boost values, pstate says 405MHz is lowest for me, but blob uses 135MHz, maybe I'll try to find that somehow
19:26 marcosps: imirkin_: Hi! Sorry for my disappeareance, but, when trying to install ubuntu here to test "Dead Island", I deleted my EFI partition, and now I'm having problems to set a Ubuntu or Fedora into it...
19:27 imirkin: doh
19:32 marcosps: imirkin: I tought this kind of problem was resolved nicely nowadays, but there is still a long way until getting this UEFI working properly when we do some sh*t... =/
19:33 imirkin: i use gummiboot
19:33 marcosps: imirkin: You use gentoo right...? Is it nice? :)
19:33 imirkin: but yeah, it took me a while to get going the first time 'round
19:33 imirkin: gentoo works the way i like
19:33 imirkin: chances are it doesn't work the way you like
19:34 marcosps: imirkin: I've used Slack, Ubuntu and Fedora... but now I'm almost trying something new...
19:34 imirkin: it works a lot like how i used to use slackware back in the day
19:35 imirkin: i installed the base system, but then i just compiled everything by hand. gentoo systematizes that.
19:36 marcosps: imirkin: it gets easy when using portage? :)
19:36 imirkin: i find it easy. i've also been using gentoo since 2005 or so
19:37 imirkin: (or 2003? i forget.)
19:39 marcosps: imirkin: So it seems to work nicely for you... I have some friends that use gentoo as main distro. But I was trying to use Fedora for some time to be able to fix my own problems, because switch form distro to distro doesn't make you a "especialist" in any of then. (at least in my PoV)
19:39 imirkin: dunno
19:40 imirkin: i spent some time with various distros back in the day
19:40 imirkin: RH 5 (and a bit of 6?), SuSE, maybe one or two others
19:40 imirkin: all that knowledge is way outdated though, and mostly forgotten
19:40 Halfwit: marcosps: Arch is sorta similar to Gentoo, but the package manager gets you precompiled binaries instead of you compiling them, it's a good half/half for my needs
19:40 imirkin: Arch is in no way similar to gentoo
19:41 imirkin: besides using ebuild files to control things
19:41 marcosps:grabs popcorn to watch the flame war now
19:41 Halfwit: I did qualify with sorta :p
19:41 marcosps: Halfwit: I have a friend of mine that loves using Arch too..
19:42 marcosps: Halfwit, imirkin right now I just want to be able to install anything here to continue studying mesa...
19:42 imirkin: to each his own -- i'm a big fan of people using what makes them the most productive/happy
19:42 Halfwit: That's the very truth of the matter, yes.
19:43 marcosps: imirkin: right now my BIOS/UEFI doesn't recognizes my HD with the new installed system ...
19:44 imirkin: marcosps: iirc i used a usb stick to do the install
19:44 imirkin: tbh i don't quite remember how
19:44 imirkin: it took me a bit to get all the pieces in place
19:45 marcosps: imirkin: yes, 'im using it too... I also removed all partitions to start it again, but it seems Fedora is not smart enough to copy all uefi files into the correct places....
19:45 imirkin: since it was my first time dealing with uefi
19:45 imirkin: ah yeah... dunno. gentoo has a mostly manual installation process.
19:45 imirkin: which means that if you screw up, you have but to look in a mirror to find who to blame
19:46 skeggsb: i think portage needs to learn to automagically add use-flag dependencies too, that's the biggest thing that annoys me still (mainly abi_x86_32 stuff)
19:47 skeggsb: though, i only use gentoo on one machine still, fedora everywhere else
19:47 marcosps: imirkin: I'l already blaming myself about this damn problem...
19:47 marcosps: skeggsb: Did you had some problems with UEFI and Fedora?
19:47 imirkin: skeggsb: i broke down and just added abi_x86_32 on by default
19:48 skeggsb: marcosps: hrm, currently i think mine are all legacy boot, but in the past it's worked fine
19:48 skeggsb: imirkin: i've yet to resort to that, but i have a *massive* /etc/portage/package.use for it :P
19:48 imirkin: hehe
19:49 skeggsb: /etc/portage/package.use/portage-sucks
19:49 skeggsb: ^^^ actually, that :P
19:49 marcosps: skeggsb: Hum... this makes things easier :) My ASUS laptop doesn't have any mechanism to turn it off here...
19:50 imirkin: oh, i also installed by flipping between on/off a few times
19:50 imirkin: until i figured wtf it meant :)