01:21 Weaselweb: is there anything I could do if some tests in piglit hang for a long time? it seems the timeout abort doesn't work :(
05:55 whompy: Just checking for curiosity's sake. It looks like my card defaults to 5GT/s link speed from lspci. Is that correct or misleading? http://ix.io/kad
06:26 RSpliet: whompy: no that's possible... depends a lot on the VBIOS init scripts I reckon
06:48 whompy: RSpliet: Thanks, good to know!
14:23 ixten: Hi guys, I've got a ASUS laptop with optimus switching card between intel and nvidia. I'm using ARCH distro and have intel and nouveau drivers installed but xrandr does not detect the HDMI1 port. I know the HDMI1 port is wired to the nvidia chip.
14:25 ixten: Some info: http://pastebin.com/7n66eCc5
17:27 psaisanas1: what would the be the best way in general diagnose why msi interrupts are not working with nouveau and a particular nvidia gpu. i.e. any particular trace or debug option to be set?
23:30 Weaselweb: on my GF119 (GeForce GT 610) sometimes I get a blank screen within X on my DVI display. It does not come back again. When switching to VT1 (ctrl+alt+1) and back to X my screen is displayed again. this is the dmesg in that case: http://pastebin.com/wy13eiFr (2 times here)
23:31 Weaselweb: it appears to me this happens especially often after I reboot my system
23:31 Weaselweb: any idea what could cause this? kernel is 4.0.5-gentoo