09:03 Hauke: where should I send patches for nouveau?
09:04 Hauke: could you please add an entry to MAINTAINERS in the linux kernel for nouveau
09:29 mlankhorst: Hauke: there is..
09:30 mlankhorst: or at least there used to be, meh
09:30 mlankhorst: just send to nouveau@lists.freedesktop.org
09:31 mlankhorst: though dri-devel should be picked up, though not 100% sure if it is
09:33 Hauke: thanks
15:33 unit73e: hey
15:34 unit73e: I have a question. Is vsync always turned on for NV50?
15:35 unit73e: I have a game in jme3 that's acting like that
15:35 unit73e: not that's a problem, just curious
15:39 RSpliet: unit73e: it's supposed to be, yes
15:41 unit73e: RSpliet, thanks
15:59 psaisanas: hi, msi interrupts on nv47, can they generally be relied on as working?
16:08 unit73e: just switched to nouveau today and so far seems more stable than nvidia proprietary drivers
17:58 martm: good beef, i dunno how to say, but perhaps a nice pig or lamb, and i do want to kill a labm , pig and to make beef
17:59 martm: dudes you are nice, but i am pissed off a little bit
18:00 martm: those estonians they do me some dreadmill, that you can not imagine
18:04 martm: i am searching for a payback, that is sad, i am very angry, i don't think lambs should dictate stuff
18:07 martm: anyways ben and mupuf and arilied, you are great guys, but...well cya
19:34 shakesoda: interesting spam earlier