03:53 etgetgewrpfmrgf: Hello. Yep, I know this channel is about nouveau, but how do I relock my card on boot with nvidia driver? Reclocking for Fermi isn't implemented on nouveau, somebody said.
03:53 etgetgewrpfmrgf: I'm running optimus laptop.
08:57 mlankhorst: it's not really supported indeed
11:42 knivsta: Is Nvidia GT 920M or 720M supported well by free driver?
18:00 imirkin: skeggsb_: http://hastebin.com/raw/oviqaqajic -- lxdream seems to destroy nouveau :(
18:29 imirkin: interesting. it also takes chrome down with it, but then lxdream's process is still around until i see a "failed to idle channel" for the chrome process.
18:30 imirkin: maybe chrome is also still running
20:21 koz_: My card not reclocking is still making me sadface.