13:32 flipmess: does anyone know of a way to tell nvidia gpu to go from DynPwr to DynOff after switching off the vga beside restarting X?
13:32 flipmess: s
13:37 imirkin: flipmess: it's automatically determined based on interrupts iirc
13:37 imirkin: if there are no interrupts for 5 or 10s, it goes to sleep
13:38 flipmess: ok.. so there are none..
13:38 flipmess: does this mean anything? cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/1/clients
13:38 flipmess: because
13:39 imirkin: that should be empty
13:39 flipmess: it was showing Xorg even before i used reverse prime
13:39 imirkin: oh right yeah
13:39 imirkin: that can happen
13:39 imirkin: but it's ok
13:40 imirkin: i'm guessing that after using vga and shutting it off
13:40 flipmess: so it doesn't really mean x is using it
13:40 imirkin: we forget to turn something dumb off
13:40 imirkin: and it keeps firing interrupts
13:40 flipmess: can i somehow debug that?
13:40 flipmess: because i want to kill it
13:40 flipmess: ^^
13:40 imirkin: sure :)
13:40 imirkin: just figure out where the interrupts are coming from
13:40 imirkin: i.e. what the source of the interrupt is
13:41 imirkin: and that should hopefully give an idea of what we're forgetting to turn off
13:41 flipmess: hm... do i need an oscilloscope for that? ^^
13:41 imirkin: no :p
13:42 flipmess: um.. may i ask how you would do that?
13:44 imirkin: add prints in the various intr handlers
13:44 imirkin: and see what's firing and why
13:46 flipmess: so that's the way :)
13:46 flipmess: thx