08:11 kisisten: hi, i have an issue where I connect an external vga monitor and my system instantly becomes unresponsive
08:28 kisisten: i get these errors in dmesg output >>http://pastebin.ca/3027947
08:45 a1fa: does anyone have GTX 970 in here?
08:54 tobijk_: a1fa: whats up with it? besides we cant use its 3d acceleration due to lack of firmware?
08:59 a1fa: just wanted to see if anyone tried pyrit with it
09:00 a1fa: and heaven benchmarks with it
09:02 kisisten: my video card is >>"[0300]: NVIDIA Corporation NV34M [GeForce FX Go5200 64M] [10de:0324] (rev a1)"
09:04 tobijk_: a1fa: not with nouveau, we lack the signed firmware, without it, no 3D accel
09:05 a1fa: i switched over to nvidia channel to ask the guys with propriatery driver
09:05 tobijk_: well they have aupport for the firmware :D
09:07 a1fa: well, this blows.. cs:go does not work with oss radeon drivers :(
09:08 tobijk_: a1fa: i doubt that is true, that should work fine, ask in #radeon
09:10 rgwfwfwff: Hello.
09:10 tobijk_: hi
09:10 rgwfwfwff: I want to get my nvidia optimus work as on windows. Should I help to develop nouveau or smth else?
09:11 rgwfwfwff: I'm tired of windows shit but of bad optimus support on linux too. So I want to improve smth.
09:11 tobijk_: rgwfwfwff: well what is wrong with the optimus support?
09:11 tobijk_: works fine here :)
09:12 tobijk_: or do you want a klick-colorful enduser interface to choose the card where a prog should run?
09:12 rgwfwfwff: No, ofc.
09:13 rgwfwfwff: I get 5x less FPS in glxgears on nvidia card than intel.
09:13 rgwfwfwff: (Yep, vblank is disabled.)
09:13 tobijk_: rgwfwfwff: depending on the card we lack proper reclocking support
09:13 rgwfwfwff: 720M.
09:13 tobijk_: and besides glxgears is not really a performance measurment tool
09:14 rgwfwfwff: But how it's possible if nvidia card gets 5x slower rendering?
09:15 tobijk_: mh NVD7 chip, dont know the state of reclocking for it... <-- RSpliet?
09:15 tobijk_: rgwfwfwff: if your card is clocked at a low boot frequencies, that is expected
09:16 tobijk_: rgwfwfwff: post dmesg and we can see at which clock it boots
09:16 rgwfwfwff: Lol, I'm on windows now, sorry, can't do it.
09:16 rgwfwfwff: Will install Gentoo next day.
09:17 rgwfwfwff: But I have one another question.
09:18 rgwfwfwff: I'm using i3 wm and xcompmgr. When I try to play Dota 2 with borderless window (or maybe simple window) it renders Dota 2 on top of all the other windows while it's not focused.
09:18 rgwfwfwff: How to defeat this?
09:19 tobijk_: thats an wm issue i guess, ask the defs of it (or maybe try fullscreen window, dunno)
09:20 rgwfwfwff: With nvidia driver it works almost fine.
09:22 tobijk_: rgwfwfwff: i dot have dota installed atm, but iM' pretty sure having it render fullscreen is not an problem with nouveau (cant imagine how it would get one)
09:27 rgwfwfwff: Okay, there's another trouble. Black textures.
09:27 rgwfwfwff: I only see heroes.
09:28 rgwfwfwff: Again, with nvidia it renders fine.
09:28 tobijk_: install libtxc_dxtn
09:28 rgwfwfwff: Without it it renders red textures.
09:28 rgwfwfwff: It was installed.
09:29 rgwfwfwff: (Dunno why red, I should read about this compression.)
09:32 tobijk_: rgwfwfwff: besides which version of mesa do you use?
09:33 rgwfwfwff: 10.5.6, maybe.
09:33 rgwfwfwff: Yep, 10.5.6.
09:33 tobijk_: pretty recent, should work fine