00:04 gnurou: RSpliet: ... solving problems nobody had so far :)
00:20 RSpliet: gnurou: well, don't know about that... esp the "wait for bottom half" patch could be the source of problems completely unrecognisable in bugzilla ;-)
00:34 Pommes: Hi
00:39 Pommes: Does anyone knows the following bug: I am using intel+nouveau (optimus) with kms. 3D accelleration works very well and everything seems fine so far. But there is a fatal bug, sometimes when the console changes his resolution via kms some parts of the text are "burned" into the monitor. "Burned" means that these text-parts are also visible in bios and before the grub-bootloader. After some days the text disapears by fading out from day t
00:39 Pommes: o day.
00:41 Pommes: Any idea? Is it maybe possible to clean some memory which contains this "burned text". Maybe a kernel command or something like that :/
00:47 mupuf: Pommes: I doubt this is a problem with nouveau
00:49 Pommes: mupuf: Do you think its a hardware specific bug?
00:49 Pommes: Dmesg: http://nopaste.linux-dev.org/?553355
00:49 Pommes: There are some errors in log :/
00:49 mupuf: I think it is a problem with your screen
00:49 mupuf: these shuld be harmless
00:50 mupuf: do you have the same problem with the proprietary driver?
00:53 Pommes: mupuf: I did not tested the propriertary driver for a long time. Maybe I should test it by using this one for a week :)
00:56 Pommes: mupuf: I hope its not really a screen related problem. But I think you are right, because I have a second screen on HDMI which does not have this bug. Its only the integrated notebook monitor which shows the text.
00:56 Pommes: mupuf: Thank you very much :) I'll report!
11:16 rce: Is there any information about the state of DP1.2 support on Nouveau?
12:14 apdapreturns: Has the pink line bug been solved?
12:14 apdapreturns: w/ HDMI inputs you get a vertical pink line in the left side of your screen
12:15 apdapreturns: occupying the whole first row
12:16 RSpliet: apdapreturns: this does not sound like something I've heard before (forgive me for not keeping up with bugzilla)
12:16 RSpliet: my HDMI outputs work fine
12:16 apdapreturns: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75800 "RESOLVED DUPLICATE"
12:16 apdapreturns: last time I tried I still had it, though.
12:17 apdapreturns: will check version, here's hopping it's just terribly outdated
12:17 apdapreturns: s/hopping/hopnig
12:17 apdapreturns: hoping*
12:17 RSpliet: yes, presumably it's been fixed in kernel 3.18
12:18 apdapreturns: ah, I think I was using 3.17 or something like that in my last Linux install
12:18 apdapreturns: then I just gave up and installed the official nvidia drivers
14:01 xexaxo: iirc the pink line was fixed by using the correct register base (or was it the trigger) when submitting the infoframe info
17:02 dardevelin: guys
17:03 dardevelin: possible causes for kernel sometimes booting properly and not emitting the SCHED message
17:03 dardevelin: and other times simply not booting at al
17:03 dardevelin: *all