01:41 hrw: hi
01:42 hrw: is "NVIDIA Corporation G72 [GeForce 7200 GS / 7300 SE] [10de:01d3]" still supported in 4.1 kernel?
01:46 hakzsam: sure
01:48 hrw: cool. then I have other issue ;)
09:03 stole: Hi! I'm having some issues with tearing, and I believe I've enabled GLXVBlank in xorg.conf - I've got compiz running as well, but no luck there. (well, almost, since enabling compiz vblank reduces my fps to 30)
09:04 stole: Is there any way to check what my monitor's vertical refresh rate, and possibly set it to it's highest value?
09:39 fladiewatte: can i use native directx in wine with an gtx 770?
09:47 drago01: no
09:54 fladiewatte: are there any other tricks to get more performance in wine?
10:13 drago01: fladiewatte: the biggest performance issue is reclocking i.e your card does not run at the specified clocks hence its slower
10:13 drago01: fladiewatte: fixing that requires some work (not sure what the state is for your specific gpu class though)
10:14 fladiewatte: do you know where i can read about it? ^^
10:14 fladiewatte: i dont find any helpful things, if i search for "reclocking"
10:17 drago01: fladiewatte: search for "nouveau reclocking"
10:18 fladiewatte: im reading allready ^^
10:18 fladiewatte: searched it
10:18 fladiewatte: thanks
11:40 flipmess_: greetings
13:24 HoloIRCUser: I have an issue. I have gentoo installed.
13:26 ffledgling: Hi, I was trying to setup reverse prime from http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/ , to use the Mini-DisplayPort that's connected only to the nvidia graphics card. When I follow the instructions, xrandr seems to think the display is there and I can change it's settings etc, but nothing actually shows up on the physical monitor
13:26 ffledgling: Any idea what I might need to do?
13:27 Barracuz: Gentoo needs the nouveau driver to be able to boot into a console. Nothing else works. Intel for some reason can't generate a screen. So how can I boot into nouveau and modprobe nvidia without a reboot. Also I can't remove the nouveaux module via the command line.
13:27 Barracuz: Or is there a way to use nouveaux in nvidia xserver settings? Or use 3d with nouveau?
13:28 tobijk: Barracuz: you can use nouveau and run 3D apps, depens which ones...really new ones wont work
13:28 tobijk: we are up to OpenGL 3.3 + some extensions
13:30 Barracuz: How. I try to run apps but get a nvidia driver not found even thought it's on the card when nouveaux is loaded
13:30 tobijk: ffledgling: display port is kind of messy, cant you use another output?
13:31 ffledgling: tobijk: well, the only other one is VGA
13:31 tobijk: Barracuz: you tried to install the nvidia driver and failed? it may have messed up nouveau then as well
13:31 ffledgling: For which I don't need the nvidia card at all.
13:31 ffledgling: but that's analog and kindof flicker-y
13:31 ffledgling: tobijk: why is displayport messy?
13:32 ffledgling: It works with the proprietry drivers but they break a shit-ton of other things. (Like backlight. And my meta key)
13:32 tobijk: as far as i remember from reading an enlightening article its specs are kind of written vague
13:33 Barracuz: So reinstall? Or should I remove the nvidia drivers?
13:34 tobijk: Barracuz: you have to chose, nvidia or nouveau, not both
13:34 tobijk: they dont get along very well (at all)
13:34 ffledgling: tobijk: so, I should give up trying to use that reverse prime technique?
13:35 tobijk: ffledgling: normally reverse prime/ reverse prime works fine, maybe you just have bad luck, how are you doing it? maybe i can spot an problem
13:38 ffledgling: tobijk: okay, so what I did was basically follow the install instructions for nouveau from here -- https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Nouveau#Installation
13:38 ffledgling: Then I ran xrandr --listproviders, and I see both Intel and Nouveau
13:38 ffledgling: So then I do $ xrandr --setprovideroutputsource nouveau Intel
13:38 Barracuz: I'll try nouveau and remove nvidia
13:39 ffledgling: With which my second device shows up with all it's dimensions and everything
13:39 tobijk: Barracuz: note that nvidia brought its own glx lib, make sure you get back the normal one, mostly shipped with the xserver
13:40 Barracuz: eselect opengl set*?
13:40 Barracuz: It's still listed.
13:40 ffledgling: tobijk: that's about it really, after that, my display shows up correctly, just there's nothing on the screen. Monitor says no signal from source
13:41 tobijk: ffledgling: have you tried on the console first, or do you have an x config?
13:41 tobijk: Barracuz: im not familiar with gentoo, just make sure you got the right one
13:43 Karlton: Barracuz: just add VIDEO_CARDS="nouveau" to make.conf
13:43 ffledgling: tobijk: console
13:43 Barracuz: Thanks
13:43 ffledgling: because that lets me salvage everything with a reboot
13:43 tobijk: so you did something like this as well? -> xrandr --output HDMI-1 --auto --above LVDS1
13:43 tobijk: configured for your setup of course
13:43 Barracuz: Karlton: will I need emerge world?
13:43 ffledgling: tobijk: I tried two things.
13:44 ffledgling: Once I tried xrandr --output DP-1-1 --auto --above LVDS1
13:44 ffledgling: that didn't show anything on the screen
13:44 Karlton: Barracuz: it would be a good idea
13:45 ffledgling: then after starting over, next time I tried using the gnome settings for display GUI (too see if it shows up), and that didn't work either.
13:45 tobijk: ffledgling: can you do that and get me th xorg log, maybe we find some errors
13:45 ffledgling: tobijk: does the old log work, or should I do it again?
13:45 tobijk: old log is fine as well
13:45 tobijk: just make sure you ran the xrandr commands :)
13:48 ffledgling: tobijk: I did, I have two logs, Xorg.log and Xorg.log.old
13:48 ffledgling: not sure if these are rotated by day or reboot/re-run
13:50 tobijk: normally rerun: Xorg.log -> Xorg.log.old
13:50 ffledgling: hmm, then I might not have this
13:50 ffledgling: the one with with the xrandr commands, this is my 3rd or 4th reboot
13:50 tobijk: well just exec them now
13:50 tobijk: and it will be in th current log
13:50 ffledgling: I have the optimus disabled from BIOS at the moment
13:50 ffledgling: Let me reboot
13:50 ffledgling: (running on integrated only)
13:51 tobijk: ffledgling: you can leave both on, if you dont the nvidia card with nouveau, it gets suspended, literally not using energy
13:52 ffledgling: oh can I ?
13:52 tobijk: yep
13:52 tobijk: i have it enabled al lthe time, but use the integrated one mostly
13:53 tobijk: (using normal prime if i want the nvidia card)
13:55 ffledgling: and your bios settings are Optimus?
13:55 ffledgling: tobijk: ^
13:56 tobijk: right, but my nvidia card is not connected to any output
13:56 tobijk: so reverse optimus is not an option for me
13:59 ffledgling: tobijk: so, I've rebooted now
13:59 ffledgling: and run the commands
14:00 tobijk: can you pastebin the xorg.log?
14:01 Barracuz: Ok so I managed to get a program running with stock x11 glx lib.
14:01 ffledgling: tobijk: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/0EULCl2rP0AbYem2gRgt/
14:01 Barracuz: How do I check what card the program is using? I have both Intel and nvidia?
14:02 stole_: Some times I have tearing.
14:02 stole_: Other times I don't.
14:02 stole_: This is very weird.
14:02 tobijk: Barracuz: glxinfo | grep vendor will show
14:03 tobijk: normally this will be intel
14:03 tobijk: use prime offloading to use the nouveau card
14:03 tobijk: DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep vendor
14:03 Barracuz: Yeah it says Intel.
14:04 tobijk: ffledgling: you have an suspicious nvidia driver in there
14:04 Barracuz: The second command also states intel
14:04 ffledgling: tobijk: yes, I just saw that. I don't know why, I uninstalled it.
14:05 ffledgling: it doesn't show it as installed in my packages
14:05 tobijk: ffledgling: can you do lsmod | grep nouveau
14:06 ffledgling: tobijk: it's there
14:06 ffledgling: and rmmod nvidia fails
14:06 tobijk: Barracuz: you have to setup prime then first
14:06 tobijk: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/
14:07 Barracuz: I had bumblebee didn't work. So I guess I'll try that instead
14:07 tobijk: ffledgling: can you gie me the dmesg, ust to make sure? :)
14:07 ffledgling: The dmesg?
14:07 ffledgling: What part of it?
14:07 tobijk: all of it
14:07 ffledgling: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/kWRYu7YmuY3gD01vSagX/
14:09 tobijk: yep looks fine, just double checking :)
14:09 tobijk: ffledgling: as we can see in your dmesg, the nouveau card get used for a short period of time, then it suspends again
14:11 tobijk: ffledgling: reload the xserver without the nvidia driver and try again
14:11 ffledgling: tobijk: okay, how do I do that?
14:11 ffledgling: how do I completely remove the nvidia driver actually? I don't want it around at all
14:12 tobijk: ffledgling: how did you install it?
14:12 tobijk: from the nvidia binary or some distro specific package?
14:12 tobijk: or neither and the distro did that? heh
14:13 ffledgling: tobijk: package manager, pacman -S nvidia
14:13 ffledgling: but I removed it via the package manager before installing nouveau
14:13 ffledgling: And I don't see it in my list of packages anymore
14:14 tobijk: mh maybe a broken package
14:14 tobijk: just rremove the .so then
14:14 tobijk: oading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so
14:14 tobijk: from your log
14:15 ffledgling: tobijk: it's not there.
14:15 tobijk: :O
14:16 tobijk: then we have an old xorg.log somehow
14:16 ffledgling: I just see intel_drv.so modesetting_drv.so nouveau_drv.so
14:16 ffledgling: tobijk: can't be, I send you the Xorg.log after the reboot
14:16 tobijk: well the xserver has its bugs, but it does not lie about the driver it loads ;-)
14:17 tobijk: just to make sure, reboot (or restart X) and look if the driver is loaed again
14:17 ffledgling: let me see if it's the right xorg once
14:18 ffledgling: that file doesn't exist...
14:18 ffledgling: let me check the dri folder
14:19 ffledgling: It's not there...
14:19 ffledgling: Is there a specific way you want me to restart x?
14:19 ffledgling: or will startx just work?
14:19 tobijk: easiest way: reboot :D
14:20 ffledgling: somehow I don't think that'll change things.
14:20 ffledgling: I see things in the xorg log, but those files don't exist.
14:20 ffledgling: rebooting anyway
14:21 tobijk: ffledgling: maybe you got the wrong log location then? it is in /var/log/ mostly, but i saw it in /usr/../somewhere/ on other systems
14:23 ffledgling: tobijk: that might make sense
14:23 ffledgling: currently looking at /var/log/Xorg.log
14:23 ffledgling: *Xorg.0.log
14:23 ffledgling: I still see nvidia in there.
14:24 ffledgling: but when I cat the .so it's loading, I get a cat: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.so: No such file or directory
14:24 ffledgling: so the file doesn't exist for sure
14:27 ffledgling: tobijk: nope, nothing
14:28 tobijk: mh that is _really_ strange
14:28 tobijk: does the timestamp of the log match at all?
14:28 flipmess: ffledgling << do you have any xorg.conf files in /etc ?
14:29 ffledgling: tobijk: I'm looking at journalctl, that has more stuff, let me check timestamp
14:29 ffledgling: flipmess: let me check
14:30 ffledgling: flipmess: I have stuff in X11/ , no .conf though
14:30 tobijk: ffledgling: oh we can tell from the log [ 35.445] (==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Mon Jun 8 12:20:12 2015
14:31 tobijk: thats the one i got from you
14:31 ffledgling: so stat gives me Modify: 2015-06-08 12:47:29.691776659 -0700
14:31 ffledgling: on this one
14:32 ffledgling: it still has nvidia mentioned in it
14:33 ffledgling: tobijk: so can I force the nvidia card to be always on, so that it works?
14:34 tobijk: ffledgling: with nouveau if you have use it with reverse prime it wont suspend
14:35 tobijk: you have a somehow messed up xorg with that driver you dont find
14:35 tobijk: [ 35.508] (II) Applying OutputClass "nvidia" to /dev/dri/card1
14:35 tobijk: [ 35.508] loading driver: nvidia
14:35 tobijk: i woder where this comes from
14:36 ffledgling: I don't know. I see it, but I don't know where it comes from
14:36 ffledgling: can I not modify a config to tell it to not load?
14:36 tobijk: you can config xorg the old way, but that breaks prime :/
14:37 ffledgling: tobijk: so I don't follow what the problem is at the moment.
14:38 tobijk: ffledgling: i still think it is the nvidia driver, whereever it comes from, remove it you should be fine
14:38 ffledgling: also, I ran a grep -ir nvidia on /etc
14:38 ffledgling: I just find it in user files for some reason
14:38 tobijk: ffledgling: not /etc, but /usr
14:39 ffledgling: hm, let me check that as well.
14:39 ffledgling: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/VYFHhn1otBYuw5UCb1lo/
14:41 ffledgling: oh here we go,
14:41 ffledgling: ./share/X11/xorg.conf.d/nvidia-drm-outputclass.conf
14:41 ffledgling: Would that make sense?
14:41 ffledgling: tobijk: ^ ?
14:42 flipmess: to what package does it belong?
14:42 ffledgling: flipmess: let me check
14:42 tobijk: yeah, look in there to see if it manipulates the driver loding path somehow
14:43 ffledgling: flipmess: xorg-server
14:43 flipmess: hm
14:44 tobijk: ffledgling: whoa a distribution taking the will to chose on this ~_~
14:44 flipmess: reinstall the xorg-server
14:44 ffledgling: tobijk: doesn't look like, it literally just says http://paste.pound-python.org/show/GNVVhpEUguI4d4Uz7BsH/
14:44 flipmess: "It is also recommended to reinstall xorg-server and mesa as the proprietary driver might change files provided by them."
14:45 flipmess: says so on: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Nouveau
14:45 ffledgling: flipmess: I did. I didn't even have xorg-server installed before I installed nouveau
14:45 flipmess: k sry :)
14:45 ffledgling: no worries, reinstalled anyway
14:46 ffledgling: both mesa and xorg-server
14:46 ffledgling: tobijk: so... what next?
14:47 tobijk: ffledgling: the "make sure that driver isnt loaded" is still valid
14:48 ffledgling: I don't see it in ldmod
14:48 ffledgling: *lsmod
14:48 tobijk: well the xorg driver, sorry
14:48 tobijk: it only will show in the log
14:48 tobijk: *X
14:48 ffledgling: in the Xorg.log?
14:48 tobijk: yep
14:50 tobijk: ffledgling: just to show you that isnt normal: http://hastebin.com/udetanacig.dos
14:55 ffledgling: tobijk: so I see two things in the xorg log
14:55 ffledgling: 1, it says unloaded the Nvidia driver
14:55 ffledgling: 2, it says failed to load nouveau
14:57 tobijk: ffledgling: well i giess you miss the nouveau driver for X, but the modesetting driver should hoepfully kick in, leaving you with a not so bad driver
14:58 tobijk: hoepfully it does after the nvidia driver messes around
14:59 ffledgling: tobijk: that sounds like greek to me :P
14:59 ffledgling: what do you mean modsetting the driver?
15:00 tobijk: a basic driver driver supposed to work for all cards
15:00 ffledgling: Okay, so basically I don't have any of the drivers running then?
15:00 tobijk: and you are loading it just fine: [ 35.598] (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/modesetting_drv.so
15:00 ffledgling: neither nouveau nor nvidia?
15:01 tobijk: yeah wel lthe modesetting driver should work with reverse prime as well
15:01 ffledgling: tobijk: so, it seems to be, but I dont see anything on the screen
15:01 ffledgling: it's just black
15:01 tobijk: you can intall the nouveau x driver for sure
15:02 tobijk: just to check if that changes anything
15:02 tobijk: but i doubt it
15:02 tobijk: mostly named xf86-video-nouveau
15:02 ffledgling: I think I already have that installed
15:03 ffledgling: is there a way to force the nvidia card to on at the moment?
15:03 ffledgling: Like power on?
15:03 ffledgling: just to make sure it's not because the card isn't powered on.
15:04 tobijk: there is, i forgot its name, sec
15:05 tobijk: boot with nouveau.runpm=0
15:05 tobijk: ffledgling: ^
15:06 ffledgling: tobijk: so echo ON > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch won't work?
15:07 tobijk: that would switch the cards on an old hardmux optimus (prime) system
15:07 tobijk: where you can only use one card at a time
15:08 ffledgling: oh
15:09 ffledgling: tobijk: so I just boot with nouveau.runpm=0 to force the card to stay on right?
15:09 ffledgling: both cards, that is
15:09 tobijk: with that you force the nouveau card to stay on
15:09 tobijk: the intel one drives your monitor, so its on anyway :)
15:10 ffledgling: okay
15:10 ffledgling: damned Lenovo. They make the silliest design choices
15:10 ffledgling: Why did the mDP have to be hard wired to the Nvidia.
15:10 ffledgling:grumbles and reboots
15:16 ffledgling: tobijk: nope, no luck.
15:16 ffledgling: Going to move to VGA :/
15:17 tobijk: ffledgling: i'm out of ideas, sorry! :(
15:18 ffledgling: And I feel I was so close too
15:18 ffledgling: it detects the output and runs it and everything
15:18 ffledgling: just don't show up on screen
15:18 ffledgling: I don't know why
15:20 tobijk: mh check the xf86-video-nouveau package you installed, if there is really the nouveau driver inside
15:20 tobijk: thats my final idea
15:59 ffledgling: tobijk: haha
16:01 tobijk: ?
16:01 ffledgling: tobijk: that's the only thing called nouveau in all the packages in the repo
16:02 tobijk: ffledgling: well i meant inside the package :)
16:03 ffledgling: tobijk: I know, but I found it funny because if that were a problem, the arch community would be a little annoyed :)
16:03 ffledgling: tobijk: but I see /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nouveau_drv.so
16:03 tobijk: ke :)
16:05 tobijk: ffledgling: one last thought, you could use a live image of some knid and check if reverse prime is worknig there
16:06 ffledgling: tobijk: what kind?
16:06 tobijk: best pick something not your distribution, just to make sure
16:06 ffledgling: Fedora?
16:06 tobijk: yeah why not, does not really matter
16:06 ffledgling: Probably Ubuntu, if it doesn't work there, it probably won't work anywhere
16:07 ffledgling: I'll try it out and let you know
16:07 tobijk: if you can stand ubuntu, you are free to go
16:07 ffledgling: I can't.
16:07 tobijk: ;-)
16:07 ffledgling: But for test purposes...
16:07 ffledgling: Better than switching to windows :P
16:07 tobijk: well use fedore, opensuse,...whatever
16:08 ffledgling: I was going to test Ubuntu because they typically do stuff get things like this working for their userbase at times.
19:53 Barracuz: So I managed to get hprofile to swtich cards. I just switched onto the nouveau but the screen went blank?
19:54 Barracuz: I'm assuming console is still running but the nouveaux driver isn't showing a display.
21:57 loner269: hi