03:55 Berra: http://sprunge.us/RPNT Still no way to fix this?
04:03 prg: is this the libdrm 2.4.60 thing?
04:04 RSpliet: prg: symptoms look differnt
04:04 prg: ok
04:09 RSpliet: Berra: "still no way" implies that you are running the latest greatest everything... do you?
04:10 RSpliet: please don't filter logs when you paste them (not even on "nouveau", it's not for our convenience as information goes missing)
04:10 Berra: RSpliet: xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.11-3
04:11 Berra: RSpliet: I have not filtered the log
04:11 RSpliet: ok... please paste a full dmesg as well
04:12 RSpliet: and your version of libdrm
04:12 Berra: http://sprunge.us/WhHW
04:12 Berra: libdrm-git
04:13 RSpliet: interesting... thanks, that's all quite new
04:13 Berra: In what way, I am curous.
04:13 Berra: curious *
04:14 RSpliet: well, I haven't seen "[Jun 7 12:53] nouveau E[browser[3097]] push 1 buffer not in list" before
04:14 RSpliet: mlankhorst: ideas?
04:14 Berra: browser in this case is a QTWebengine application.
04:15 RSpliet: using GL I presume?
04:15 Berra: Yes
04:17 RSpliet: do you happen to know whether this program works on other GPUs/drivers?
04:18 Berra: Not really but it's demo code from QTWebengine. So I assume it works for a lot of people without problem.
04:19 RSpliet: fair enough
04:20 RSpliet: and just for the record: Mesa is also at version 10.5.x?
04:20 Berra: mesa 10.5.6-1
04:20 Berra: mesa-libgl 10.5.6-1
04:21 RSpliet: exactly, thanks... erm, the bad news: I don't know of a particular solution for your problem, sorry
04:22 Berra: Thanks for the help
04:22 RSpliet: the error message makes it sound as if the application tries to re-use a pushbuffer that has already been deallocated
04:22 RSpliet: but... I'm not sufficiently expert
04:30 Berra: I'll try to experiment more if the application is at fault. But last time here I came here I was asked to install and try with supertuxkart and it produced the same error.
06:02 RSpliet: Berra: it's odd though... I know Fermi is a bit underrepresented amongst nouveau devs, but it should work...
08:09 mlankhorst: RSpliet: update libdrm to git?
08:09 mlankhorst: oh no :P
08:09 mlankhorst: dno about that one either
08:09 mlankhorst: valgrind perhaps
08:14 parakle: can anyone tell me if the 8800 GTX (codename NV50, G80 chip) is supported by nouveau *without* firmware blobs?
10:08 mlankhorst: try :p
10:42 parakle: anyone using a QNIX monitor? I'm experiencing erros due to wrong EDID
10:43 parakle: Tried to set modelines, etc manually but with no avail. Even this approach didn't work: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Qnix_QX2710
11:09 joi: parakle: google "drm_kms_helper edid_firmware"
11:09 parakle: joi: will do, cheers!
11:22 parakle: joi: just booted with drm_kms_helper=edid/qnix.bin (from https://lambda.sx/marcus/qx2710.edid) but with no avail
11:22 parakle: still the same grey flickering screen
11:23 parakle: I've set both the kernel parameter and "CustomEDID" in xorg.conf to use that file
14:09 hakzsam: skeggsb, the RFC is on the ML, I hope you will have time to review it :)