01:41 loner269: hi
02:04 loner269: i dont understand why nouveau dont like my vid card grrrr
02:06 loner269: hi avph
02:12 loner269: yawn
02:15 loner269: welcome back
02:16 prg: loner269, we'd need logs from when things aren't working
02:17 loner269: i know but im in middle of wipen hd for new install again if i could get it to just work id be fine
02:17 prg: ok, finish what you're doing, then provide logs when things are failing
02:18 loner269: but 1/2 the time i get screen going to sleep other 1/2 if it does work i get my mouse arrow over all blinding white screen an cant do anything from that point other than tty an restart or shutdown
02:19 prg: do you have another machine available for ssh access?
02:20 loner269: ok i will is there a way to keep the live antergos vid an have it in my installed ? live antergos works ok but dont know if its xorg or xvesa or nouveau or what it is but in live im fine
02:20 loner269: no all i have is this tower the lapp6y i do have died last year on me
02:21 prg: dmesg on the live cd should tell you if it's using nouveau
02:22 loner269: ok cool thats a start but my ? is then if it is an its fine in live but not on installed whats changen? lol
02:22 prg: dunno, need logs
02:22 loner269: ok you gona be around for a wile im at 42%wipe of my 1Thd
02:23 loner269: might be a little wile
02:23 loner269: if not ill get um to ya in day time or something no rush just want this thing working lol
02:23 prg: might be gone for a few hours in the near future, but will return later
02:24 prg: just stick around, there are other people who can help
02:24 prg: not that i know much, just that logs can help
02:25 loner269: ok that works do you know if this nouveau works like the 340 nvidia driver im normally usen? or is it to old for nouveau i dont know much about it
02:26 prg: nouveau should work from tnt to kepler, with new enough kernel GM10x too
02:26 loner269: ok im lost dont know what any of that is lol
02:27 prg: really old cards to really recent cards
02:28 loner269: any way sorry if i bother anyone inadvance i know i been here aa few times already just need this fixed were tower works fine like when im in live then ill be gone again lol
02:28 loner269: ok nice someone said mines like 9years old i dont know never looked it up lol
02:29 loner269: just know its a geforce9300 an its got hdmi lol
02:29 prg: that should be right in the middle and be well supported afaik
02:29 loner269: ok brb maken coffee an ty by the way
02:30 prg: np
02:42 loner269: mmmmm coffeeeeee
02:45 RSpliet: prg: it's an IGP, could simply be insufficient bandwidth
02:47 prg: RSpliet, so try with lower resolution, or reclock if possible?
02:48 RSpliet: reclocking should work, but doesn't give any significant bandwidth because there's no dedicated VRAM to scale along
02:50 prg: how would it work with the blob then? or does the card simply not support largeish resolutions?
02:50 loner269: hi rs
02:51 loner269: 1920x1200 is what my moniter wants an my card can do it but dont know bout this nouveau lol
02:57 RSpliet: nouveau is likely to be slightly less efficient with bandwidth for unknown reasons
02:57 RSpliet: but try setting nouveau to a lower res and find out if it solves problems
02:58 RSpliet: if so, you know in what corner to look
02:58 loner269: i dont know how
03:54 loner269: prg?
03:54 prg: huh?
03:55 loner269: how would i do what he said to do?
03:55 loner269: ill try it if it helps
03:56 prg: uh... change resolution? do things already blow up when KMS kicks in or only when X starts?
03:58 loner269: i dont know 50/50 on me gettin to desktop when i do thought its all white other than my arrow
03:58 prg: anyway, i'm gone for now. RSpliet, can you help with that?
03:59 loner269: ok np im not ready to do anything yet the hd wipe aint dun yet anyway lol
03:59 loner269: have a good 1 an ty
05:55 loner-2: im back re installing i tryd everything i can think of an once i get on installed antergos my vid screws up but on live like i am now its fine i dont get it
10:53 fling: How is nva5 (gt216) support? Is it good? nv50 family
10:54 pmoreau: fling: It is good and even has reclocking support
10:55 pmoreau: Maybe still some issues on reclocking to highest clocks for GDDR5 ones
12:04 AndrewR: hello all. I had question about https://github.com/imirkin/re-vp2 Is bsp_test still compileable with recent git mesa?
12:51 hr49_pi: Is KMS disabled by the nomodeset boot option?
12:57 hr49_pi: ah, looks like it is. This is a bit of a problem for me, as I get a black screen after boot unless I provide nomodeset as a boot option, but nouveau requires it.
12:57 glennk: the entire nouveau driver, KMS included is disabled by nomodeset
12:57 hr49_pi: that would explain the poor resolution
12:58 glennk: what card is this, which kernel?
12:58 hr49_pi: 550 Ti
12:59 hr49_pi: 3.19.0-18-generic
13:00 hr49_pi: (using Xubuntu 15.04)
13:00 hr49_pi: The proprietary drives work fine, but I'd like not to be dependent upon them for decent functionality and resolution.
13:00 hr49_pi: s/drives/drivers
13:03 glennk: NVCF, same as my 450gts which worked last i checked, think it was with 3.16
13:04 glennk: can you pastebin dmesg?
13:06 hr49_pi: glennk: http://pastebin.com/ShKqBFGU
13:20 hr49_pi: glennk: This isn't a new issue. I've had this problem for about two and a half years.
13:21 hr49_pi: I'm just interested in experimenting with the "libre" distributions, which aren't going to have the proprietary drivers.
13:22 hr49_pi: But, I suppose if nouveau just won't work with my card, I could probably use the installer from NVIDIA's website in place of packages.
13:23 hr49_pi: That's odd, though, that it shows up as supported. It seems the generally-agreed-upon way to use the 550 Ti is by dissabling nomodeset.
13:27 tobijk: hr49_pi: please note that the "libre" distributions sometimes even strip drivers like nouveau
13:27 tobijk: so make sure to get a full featured linux kernel with nouveau :)
13:49 glennk: hr49_pi, forgot to mention dmesg without nomodeset
13:51 glennk: also you might want to first un-blacklist nouveau and blacklist nvidia since its loading the blob kernel driver
20:00 loner269: hi
21:10 Karlton: I just saw that Intel is adding firmware blobs to Linux that will be required for their latest graphics hardware D:
21:11 crazedpsyc: ugh, phoronix.
21:12 crazedpsyc: Karlton: intel already has firmware blobs on their chips, microcode on their CPUs, blobs for their wifi, etc. this is not significant.
21:12 Karlton: crazedpsyc: did they get it wrong? https://01.org/zh/linuxgraphics/intel-linux-graphics-firmwares
21:13 crazedpsyc: the drivers are all still open source, and that's not changing
21:13 Karlton: not in the graphics firmware, at least iirc
21:13 crazedpsyc: they didn't used to have blobs *in the kernel*
21:13 crazedpsyc: they just kept it on the hardware
21:14 crazedpsyc: there was never an open source firmware
21:15 Karlton: eh that doesn't suprise me actually
21:17 Karlton: I guess libreboot just replaced the firmware?
21:17 crazedpsyc: libreboot doesn't touch the GPU, it's just boot firmware
21:18 Karlton: err the thinkpad from Gluglug
21:19 crazedpsyc: haven't a clue what that does
21:19 Karlton: https://www.fsf.org/news/libreboot-x200-laptop-now-fsf-certified-to-respect-your-freedom
21:20 crazedpsyc: if it does replace the firmware, it should still be able to do so, because intel at least doesn't have signed blobs like nvidia
21:22 Karlton: I know it replaces intel firmware, but I didn't know the gpu firmware was blobed aswell
21:23 Karlton: I guess part of those blobs included whatever was needed for the intel gpu
21:29 Karlton: In any case, part of the license says this "No reverse engineering, decompilation, or disassembly of this software is permitted." lol
21:33 crazedpsyc: http://i.imgur.com/aZEbL7t.png
21:38 Karlton: Is there anything that you cannot be restricted from doing in a license?
21:39 Karlton: I thought not permitting REing would at least require a patent