13:18 loners-happy: hi
13:19 loners-happy: anyone around
13:19 tobijk: nope ;-)
13:19 tobijk: whats up?
13:19 loners-happy: oh pooo
13:19 loners-happy: lol
13:19 loners-happy: how ya doing
13:21 loners-happy: hows good with nouveau driver problems here ?
13:21 loners-happy: who's *
13:21 tobijk: depends...whats your problem?
13:22 loners-happy: it hates my card lol an my os well all teh linux i use force it on me an i cant
13:23 tobijk: ...
13:24 loners-happy: i got older card likes nvidia drivers from 179-340 least thats what ive used that work so far do i need to do something to get nouveau to play nice with my card or something
13:24 tobijk: it should work out of the box
13:25 tobijk: whats the problem? kernel oops? garbled screen? please describe it a bit
13:25 loners-happy: nope my card sees nouveau an it puts screen tosleep everytime dont mater if im on antergos manjaro mint what ever my card wont use nouveau an im tired of fighting with it but cant buy anew 1
13:26 tobijk: well we'll find out, lets start with dmesg
13:26 tobijk: put it onto pastebin or such service
13:27 loners-happy: this driver an my card/tower = sleep or no siglan an sleep something like that
13:27 tobijk: try to login with ssh
13:27 loners-happy: im on my onboard just to use antergos so im not good on linux but i try pls tell me what to do an i will
13:28 tobijk: give me a dmesg with nouveau
13:28 tobijk: after boot
13:28 tobijk: dmesg >> file.txt
13:28 tobijk: and put the data in that file into a paste
13:28 tobijk: (pastebin)
13:29 loners-happy: um.... restar with out onboard your sayn then get the dmesg file your sayn?
13:30 loners-happy: if so i dont know how to get dmesg like i said kinda new / not so good but i try
13:30 tobijk: yep, alternately you can see if you find an older dmesg in your syslogs somewhere
13:31 loners-happy: ok i can restart off onboard but i dont know how to get what info your asking for once i do
13:32 tobijk: just type dmesg in a console for now
13:32 tobijk: if that works, reboot with nouveau on and save the new dmesg
13:36 loners-happy: ill restart now brb like 5min i dont move so well an itll take time to flop cords but ill be back
14:37 tobijk: loners-happy: stay in the main channel
14:38 loners-happy: ok
14:38 tobijk: so, where is the dmesg?
14:39 loners-happy: im reinstalling antergos after fighting with screen an tower i made it to desktop an doing new install im on my vid card an 1st time didnt have to do nothing i dont know if its a glitch or what but im happy
14:39 loners-happy: oh crud i forget sorry
14:40 loners-happy: how do i get it to ya
14:40 tobijk: if you are happy and everything works i dont need one :)
14:40 loners-happy: i dont know if its gona just be this time or not thought
14:41 tobijk: well keep using, if something goes really wrong you can ask again
14:41 loners-happy: an i lookied in dmesg an found nouveau lines but didnt understand um i think its not rite thought an i had some red lines in it also
14:42 tobijk: well the red comes from systemd or the console, it isnt necessarily a problem, but can be one
14:42 loners-happy: in a few im gona have to restart an then ill see if its a 1 hit wonder or its workin like it should lol
14:43 loners-happy: id still like ya to take a look thought couse im kinda new an dont know whats good or bad ya know an seems like you might
14:43 loners-happy: if you would that is
14:43 tobijk: wel lthen i need the dmesg
14:43 tobijk: dmesg >> mydmesg.txt
14:43 loners-happy: np but how do i get it to ya
14:44 tobijk: and then use pastebin to upload the data
14:44 tobijk: get me the link to it
14:46 loners-happy: ok i can do that so i put that dmesg line you put in in mine then up it to pastebin an give you the link or no i dont want to mess anything up
14:48 tobijk: dmesg in console, save the output and give it to me, dont matters how you o it :>
14:49 loners-happy: lol ok i got it wish i could just send it like i can on skype lol
14:49 loners-happy: give me a min to get to pastebin an get you the link
14:57 loners-happy: tobijk: ok i dont know if i did it rite but i think this is link you want http://pastebin.com/mSxtXAkz
14:58 loners-happy: never used pastebin b4 lol hope i did it rite
14:58 tobijk: looks fine on a fist glance
14:58 loners-happy: see teh nouveau lines thay didnt look rite but i dont know just didnt to me for some reason
15:00 tobijk: mh reading the video bios gives an warning, but we succeed in bringing the device up, so if you are happy and everything works, just ignore that :)
15:01 xexaxo: loners-happy: thanks, did not realise rite was a word - "an established ceremony prescribed by a religion"
15:01 tobijk: :P
15:05 loners-happy: lol
15:06 loners-happy: anything i should worrie about b4 i restart?
15:07 tobijk: prepare for unforeseen consequences :P
15:07 loners-happy: HAHAHAHA nice
15:08 loners-happy: ok back soon heres hopen anyway lol
18:14 loner-nothappy: tobijk: it messed up im on live i got hdmi(nvidia card) line in an the cord for onboard i need helppppppppp