00:08 pmoreau: sri: You need a really recent kernel version (like at least 4.0 iirc) to get it *working*, i.e. correctly display something on the screen.
00:09 pmoreau: For 2D/3D acceleration... You're out of luck
01:14 Yoshimo: for how many of the diffrent card series does nouveau have acceleration ?
01:17 RSpliet: anything between TNT and the previous gen (Kepler)
01:17 RSpliet: inclusive
04:44 mupuf: RSpliet: you can say maxwell! the GM107 works
04:45 RSpliet: oh yes, there's also a small set of Maxwells :-P
05:59 Agiofws: hello
06:02 Agiofws: can anyone help me with not being able to run gnome shell, or gnome classic which requires HW accel. with the linux nouveau driver ? the only UI that works is gnome flashback, NOT even gdm3 works with nouveau driver can anyone help me with this? my card is a geforce 5700LE its an old card ... but the nouveau driver should be able to support it in 3d accel. to be able to run 3d guis...
06:05 Agiofws: root@P4:~# pastebinit gdm2.txt
06:05 Agiofws: http://paste.debian.net/200714/
06:05 Agiofws: root@P4:~# pastebinit xorgFail.txt
06:05 Agiofws: http://paste.debian.net/200717/
06:05 Agiofws: root@P4:~# pastebinit messagesGnomeFail.txt
06:05 Agiofws: http://paste.debian.net/200718/
06:05 Agiofws: sorry for the flood
06:05 Agiofws: maybe its a gnome issue i don't know
06:21 xexaxo: Agiofws: based off your xorg.log everything is fine.
06:22 xexaxo: there are some mesa nv30 fixes (i.e. ones affecting your gpu/setup) which are queued and will feature in mesa 10.5.7 tomorrow.
06:24 xexaxo: you can grab and build the 10.5 branch, wait for the official release, or chill until your distro to packages it. it's up-to you :-)
06:25 xexaxo: Agiofws: if ^^ fails, getting a fresh set of logs would be recommended. including some debug output of gdm why it fails.
06:25 Agiofws: From a purely practical point of view, if your hardware is this old,
06:25 Agiofws: you might well be better off with lightdm or another non-compositing *DM
06:25 Agiofws: instead of gdm, and/or GNOME Flashback or a non-GNOME environment instead
06:25 Agiofws: of GNOME Shell. On the i865M where I could reproduce #780413,
06:25 Agiofws: I was previously using wheezy's GNOME fallback environment (for
06:25 Agiofws: which GNOME Flashback is the closest equivalent in jessie), until I
06:25 Agiofws: retired it in favour of a second-hand Thinkpad running wheezy's
06:25 Agiofws: GNOME Shell.
06:26 Agiofws: can i install mesa 10.5.7 in debian jessie?
06:27 xexaxo: I'm not using debian plus have 0 to say about their choice of packages - i.e. what goes into which distro.
06:27 Agiofws: do i have to compile it ?
06:27 xexaxo: 10.5.7 is due tomorrow, but when and if debian jessie will pick it that depends on them.
06:28 halfline: odd
06:28 halfline: Jun 4 15:54:56 P4 gnome-session[1455]: (gnome-shell:1576): Cogl-ERROR **: Failed to create texture 2d due to size/format constraints
06:28 halfline: gnome-session-check-accelerated should fail before it gets that far
06:29 Agiofws: Mesa 10.5.6 is released. This is a bug-fix release. ?
06:29 halfline: and then inject LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=y in the environment to force software gl
06:29 Agiofws: oh .7
06:29 Agiofws: ok
06:29 halfline: putting LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=y in /etc/environment might fix it
06:29 Agiofws: halfline, you think i should try ?
06:29 xexaxo: Agiofws: yes, the last digit is the bugfix number :P
06:29 halfline: Agiofws: worth trying
06:30 Agiofws: ok logging out
06:33 Agiofws: halfline, no luck still the same
06:33 Agiofws: why does it work with vesa drivers but have poor performance
06:34 Agiofws: i don't know what to do
06:34 Agiofws: Starting gdm3 (via systemctl): gdm3.serviceJob for gdm.
06:34 Agiofws: service failed. See 'systemctl status gdm.service' and 'journalctl
06:34 Agiofws: -xn' for details.
06:34 Agiofws: lightdm works though
06:35 xexaxo: based off the suggestion nouveau should be picked up as a ddx (2d), and swrast for GL (3d)
06:36 halfline: Agiofws: oh wait, is this gnome 3.16 ?
06:36 Agiofws: noveau only works in gnome flashback else gnome shell and gnome classic don't work
06:37 Agiofws: yes its latest in debian jessie
06:37 Agiofws: and gdm3 also fails
06:38 halfline: okay nevermind, google says jessie uses 3.14
06:38 halfline: no idea
06:38 halfline: do you have a file called /usr/lib/gnome-session/gnome-session-check-accelerated ?
06:39 halfline: if so, sudo ln -sf /bin/false /usr/lib/gnome-session/gnome-session-check-accelerated might hack it into submission
06:39 halfline: regardless it's going to have poor performance though since it'll move graphics processing to the cpu
06:40 xexaxo: halfline: hopefully he/she'll remember the changes to the system and revert them before shouting and pointing fingers :P
06:42 Agiofws: should i do it?
06:43 halfline: up to you
06:43 Agiofws: what nvideo driver should i use for my 5700LE card ?
06:43 Agiofws: how can i remove the link after ?
06:43 Agiofws: the soft link?
06:44 Agiofws: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 9636 Oct 1 2014 /usr/lib/gnome-session/gnome-session-check-accelerated
06:49 halfline: Agiofws: you would have to copy the original binary first
06:49 halfline: to somewhere safe
06:49 halfline: then copy it back afterward to undo the soft link
06:49 halfline: alternatively you could reinstall the gnome-session package
10:41 sri: anybody have ny positive experience with nouveau with gtx 970?
10:41 sri:is just trying to get a semblence of a working X
10:41 sri: my monitor doesn't have a proper EDID and I think that is messing up things.
10:41 sri: the nvidia driver has a big problem
10:41 sri: with nouveau, it seems tha tI can't load KMS according to xorg log
10:42 sri: if I try to manually load nouveau, I get an immediate blank screen.
10:43 huehner: sri: what kernel version? you most likely need at least 4.0
10:43 huehner: sri: as 4.0 has some fix needed at least for hdmi (if not -> blank screen when you load nouveau)
10:44 sri: huehner: 4.0.1-1-ARCH
10:45 sri: oh wiat, sorry, I took it out of my laptop :D
10:45 sri: let me get you the real one.
10:48 sri: huehner: 4.0.4-2-ARCH
10:59 sri: huehner: any ideas? the blank screen thing is very puzzling, not having kms even more so.
11:03 huehner: sri: can you try to get dmesg output (log of kernel)
11:03 huehner: sri: easiest maybe if you have 2nd pc via ssh or similar
11:03 huehner: sri: as maybe that log (on loading nouveau) can explain a bit
11:03 sri: huehner: yeah, let me see if I can do that. thanks for helping
11:03 huehner: sri: as i.e. my 960 had similar (hdmi blank, but vga ok) with 3.19
11:03 huehner: sri: and 4.0 has patch to fix exactly that
11:11 sri: huehner: I see.
11:11 sri: huehner: did it load your nouveau module? because it doesn't do that.
11:35 sri: huehner: http://www.fpaste.org/228992/14334428/
11:35 sri: huehner: that's after I manually modprove nouveau
11:35 sri: *modprobed
11:37 sri: huehner: there is apparently no signal to the monitor at all
11:40 huehner: sri: busy .. .will check a bit later and take a look
11:42 sri: huehner: no worries, just ping if you have questions.. thanks!
12:20 huehner: sri: so... looking at your dmesg
12:20 huehner: sri: you seem to not have that issue i had in mind which i had
12:20 huehner: sri: no surprise as you already have 4.0
12:21 huehner: sri: for the other errors starting lint 37 -> same here i still see those (tested yesterday) and still have image fine
12:21 huehner: sri: so a bit out of ideas here as i am no expert either
12:21 huehner: sri: what you could try is some 4.1-rc kernel as there have been some changes again for the gtx 9xx cards
12:22 huehner: sri: i just tried those and for me -> no visible change yet
12:23 huehner: hmm i write too much, sry ;)
12:28 sri: huehner: haha, no its okay
12:28 sri: I'm changing distros to fedora from arch
12:28 sri: andsee if that helps.
12:31 huehner: sri: one idea check if you can connect your monitor differently, as i had initially only hdmi connected and only with that tip noticed -> vga worked, just hdmi was blank screen
12:31 huehner: just an example though but maybe worth a try
12:41 sri: huehner: great idea, let me see if I can get displayport -> dvi-d working