00:29 RSpliet: yates: depending on what kernel, that's pretty old
00:29 RSpliet: but... recently a few fixes for those generations of cards have been pushed to mainline linux/mesa/drm
02:16 xexaxo: yates: long story short - F20's update policy may not track the latest released version of the said components. that plus the mesa fixes do not feature in any release yet - they will be in 10.5.7 this Friday.
05:59 yates: RSpliet: when it gets to the point that a month or two is "pretty old," we begin to have an unusable set of software.
05:59 RSpliet: yates: F20 will be discontinued in a couple of weeks time
06:00 RSpliet: but yes, as far as nouveau is concerned, development went so fast that 2 months is old and many bugs have been fixed in the meanwhile
06:00 RSpliet: keep in mind it's based mostly on reverse engineering effort
06:07 yates: is the 10.5.7 packaged in f22?
06:07 yates: i.e., if i install that on my laptop, will it work?
06:07 yates: http://spins.fedoraproject.org/kde/download/index.html
06:07 RSpliet: 10.5.7 has not been released yet
06:08 yates: when it is, fedora 22 will pick it up shortly thereafter?
06:08 RSpliet: F22 is currently at 10.5.4
06:09 yates: do you know specifically whether or not the fixes for my laptop are in 10.5.4?
06:09 RSpliet: they are not
06:10 yates: i see - ok thanks for the "hot" (latest) info, RSpliet
16:00 dardevelin: hi anyone around ?
16:01 dardevelin: I am having some 'weird' messages when a boot my debian system regarding nouveau
16:01 dardevelin: I am pasting my syslog.1 in the hopes someone can have any ideas
16:10 dardevelin: http://cidadecool.com/z-tunes/data/syslog.1.txt
16:11 dardevelin: bumblebee packages (debian) was installed
16:11 dardevelin: i noticed the SCHED errors on boot before installing it as well
16:12 dardevelin: so it's not exclusive to that (I would assume)
17:43 newb123: I am testing GPU passthru in a VM and I get the following information in dmesg. http://pastebin.com/Azm4VVzH The VM is headless as there is no VGA console. Is there a way to test if I have successfully setup some sort of passthru?