09:38 georgelappies: Hi all, please can anyone tell me how to enable vsync on Fedora 22 with nouveau?
09:49 RSpliet: georgelappies: sync-to-vblank should be enabled by default
09:51 georgelappies: Hi RSpliet , thanks. I installed the nvidia binary driver from RPMFusion and had problems with it. I then uninstalled it. Using the nouveau driver again. But is seems the nvidia driver removed some settings as I now have tearing
09:52 georgelappies: how can I check to see if it is still enabled?
09:53 RSpliet: easiest way is to just start glxgears and check the fps
09:54 RSpliet: if it's 60, it's synced
09:54 georgelappies: it is and tells me this: Running synchronized to the vertical refresh. The framerate should be
09:54 georgelappies: approximately the same as the monitor refresh rate.
09:54 georgelappies: however, I am definitly experiencing tearing
09:55 georgelappies: when moving windows around the screen there is lot of tearing
09:55 RSpliet: is it a Kepler-series GPU?
09:56 georgelappies: it is a 650
09:56 georgelappies: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107 [GeForce GTX 650] (rev a1)
09:56 RSpliet: that's usually Kepler... yes, double-buffering is broken on those cards in my experience
09:57 RSpliet: with nouveau that is
09:57 RSpliet: with NVIDIA... it used to be broken, but they managed to mend it
11:55 Nebukadneza: heho
11:58 Nebukadneza: in debian, migrating from propri nvidia to nouveau, i’ve installed libgl*-mesa* alongside with nouveau, and libdrm too, updated-alternatives for glx, but i can’t get GLX to work … glxgears and glxinfo both report they cannot find a valid rgba visual …
11:58 Nebukadneza: what can i try to make that work …? :/
12:00 prg_: first, is the kernel module loaded? does KMS work?
12:00 Nebukadneza: i loaded dri and nouveau before starting X by hand, the tty resolution changes when loading it, so i guess that’s KMS?
12:00 Nebukadneza: btw, this is a 140M card, so ??NV17??
12:01 prg_: resolution change sounds good
12:01 prg_: maybe pastebin the logs
12:01 prg_: dmesg and xorg log
12:01 Nebukadneza: yay :-)
12:04 Nebukadneza: one second
12:07 Nebukadneza: http://nopaste.ghostdub.de/?1127 this
12:07 Nebukadneza: uhm … that got trunkated a little… but only more modeline fun below…
12:09 Nebukadneza: aaand some package versions: http://nopaste.ghostdub.de/?1128
12:09 Nebukadneza: (prg_)
12:11 prg_: "(EE) NOUVEAU(0): [COPY] failed to allocate class." might be bad
12:12 prg_: not sure though
12:14 prg_: rest looks pretty much ok though
12:16 prg_: oh, (EE) Failed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so: libaudit.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
12:16 prg_: might be related
12:17 prg_: Nebukadneza, ^
12:18 Nebukadneza: aaaahhh
12:18 Nebukadneza: good finding, overlooked that :(
12:18 prg_: missed that at first too
12:20 Nebukadneza: hmh gaaah
12:21 Nebukadneza: its my girlfriends pc im trying to fix ... and now she refuses to restart X -.-
12:25 tobijk: Nebukadneza: way worse
12:25 Nebukadneza: haha
12:25 tobijk: get that glx :D
12:26 Nebukadneza: well, libaudit was installed before, it could be possible that the nvidia installer thingy overwrote it and then broke it when i --unistalled
12:26 tobijk: it often is shipped with the xserver
12:26 tobijk: but nvivida ships its own glx
14:23 broucaries: I have a black screen with modesetting with gm204. I captured a dmesg
14:23 broucaries: I have E Pointer to flat pannel invalid
14:23 broucaries: W unknown connector type 70
14:24 broucaries: failled to create encoder 1/8/0:-19
14:24 broucaries: failed to initialise sync subsystem -38
20:37 yates: any known issues with the nouveau and an nvidia GeForce 7150M video card (runnin kde on fedora 20)?
20:38 yates: (an HP Pavilion laptop - about 8 years old)
21:30 buhman: yates: sounds like ancient nouveau--I doubt anyone cares about that
21:31 buhman: yates: you might also elaborate on your exact issue
23:05 yates: buhman: the basic graphical operations like opening a menu or displaying a window malfunction, with only a portion of the client area drawn correctly and other pixels garbage
23:06 yates: the background and icons (i'm in folder mode) appear to be painted correctly, however.
23:06 yates: (folder mode using kde)
23:07 yates: ancient nouveau? it's pretty new - f20 fedora updates repo.