01:48 RSpliet: pmoreau: there is a couple of PPCI regs that are touched to set the bus width
01:48 RSpliet: or.. something related
01:48 RSpliet: nouveau doesn't touch them, but they are part of the reclocking process
02:27 dardevelin: how to test to know that nouveau is the driver running a nvidia gtx 850m ?
02:28 dardevelin: if i install bumblebee i sthere a way to easily test if the 'switching' is working ?
05:27 pmoreau: RSpliet: Ok. I'll copy/paste all the PPCI regs writes done by the blob, as there is only about 100 of them.
11:03 Karlton: does this look right: OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 10.5.6
11:03 Karlton: shouldn't is say 3.x for OpenGL?
11:04 drago01: depends on your card
11:07 Karlton: I was getting 3.x before xD
11:09 Karlton: yeah, wtf... "OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 10.5.5"
11:10 Karlton: after I chrooted into a different install
11:14 Karlton: going to see what happens if I update it to 10.5.6
11:26 Karlton: "OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 10.5.6" must be something wrong with my Gentoo install :/
11:29 prg_: Karlton, USE=bindist?
11:30 Karlton: prg_: yeah
11:30 prg_: try without
11:30 Karlton: what does that do exactly?
11:30 prg_: enables this patented texture compression thing
11:32 jushur: got an error about failing firmware nouveau/nva5_fuc084, runing fedora 22 on the box. any sudgestions?
11:33 Karlton: prg_: does that make it non-free?
11:34 bonbons: pmoreau: for the disappearing EVO thing, I'm wondering if it could be a side-effect of netconsole. I did my tests for today with serial console instead of netconsole.
11:34 prg_: um. it would include something that's patented
11:34 bonbons: but the poke of the peeked register still has some positive effect for lighting up the monitor.
11:36 Karlton: prg_: so it shouldn't be included in a FSF endorsed distro i.e. Parabola?
11:36 Karlton: because in Parabola it reports 3.0
11:37 prg_: the implementation could still be free software i guess
11:37 prg_: no idea what their stance on patents is
11:39 prg_: not all parts of the world care about software patents btw
11:40 Karlton: well obviously I guess it depends on the country that grants the patent
11:40 jushur: solved it
11:41 Karlton: so perhaps this isn't an issue in other countries
11:41 prg_: in some countries software patents aren't granted
11:41 Karlton: this makes sense then
13:19 pmoreau: bonbons: Weird... I mean, you're writing back the same value as what was already written, right?
13:21 bonbons: pmoreau: yes, with probably two interesting points: your nvapeek/nvapoke makes monitor get some signal (at least with current linus tree)
13:22 bonbons: the other difference being that I disabled netconsole in favor of serial console (avoids side issues if network driver does weird things when doing netpoll operations)
13:22 pmoreau: Hum... Does 8841c contains the same value after you did the poke or did it change?
13:23 bonbons: The one time I looked it read the same after poking
13:25 bonbons: but loading nouveau still feels rather slow (as if lots of things are happening or some things need to wait much longer than normal)
13:25 pmoreau: Maybe writing something will cause a refresh of some kind somewhere
13:26 pmoreau: Well, all the vm time out I guess
13:26 bonbons: the vm timeout only happens when starting X as far as I know
13:27 pmoreau: Oh, right
13:27 moochmcgee: brb, gonna add a bunch of VESA registers to rnndb
13:27 pmoreau: But the fifo intr always happen, or is it only with X?
13:29 bonbons: yes, the fifo intr always happens
13:30 bonbons: (though it seems the X running on radeon IGP it at least having a look at nouveau drm node showing up even if not making long use of it)
13:31 pmoreau: No ideas...
13:32 pmoreau: I think I saw that fifo intr before I fixed the IGP on my laptop, but... It can't be due to the same bug.
13:34 bonbons: I don't remember if I posted a mmio trace of loading binary blob for this scenario (I think I did)...
13:41 pmoreau: I don't recall seeing one attached to the bug report, but maybe you sent it to the email address. I'll have a look.
13:48 bonbons: if I did, I sent it to the email address
13:50 pmoreau: skeggsb: Meh... Did you activate 2 step authentification on the mmio.dumps address?
13:51 pmoreau: It wants to send a code to your email or phone...
14:55 moochmcgee: does anybody know what 0x680600 is on NV3?