08:59 nutron: imirkin: thanks, yeah I use Fluxbox, seems to know what it's doing.
13:10 tobijk: imirkin_: you already got an idea for an fix of the purple tx thingy? (maybe just mark merged instructions in RA and check for that?)
13:11 imirkin_: tobijk: i don't fully understand what's going wrong
13:11 imirkin_: until then, i won't have any solution either
13:11 imirkin_: i did make a reduced test-case, although that one ends up relying on an undefined value
13:12 imirkin_: http://hastebin.com/pucasayiho.avrasm
13:12 imirkin_: i haven't spent that much time on it since i found the issue
21:21 skeggsb_: mlankhorst: ping
22:47 mlankhorst: pong
22:51 skeggsb_: mlankhorst: i just pushed a fix for the libdrm issue
22:52 mlankhorst: ah.. my mistake there. :P
22:53 skeggsb_: the fix looks ok to you though, and doesn't introduce any other subtle issues?
22:54 mlankhorst: it's probably fine
22:55 mlankhorst: you should really take a closer look at the debugging patches in my tree, it would have diagnosed this issue if it was upstream. :P
22:56 mlankhorst: only reason I removed the check was because I thought that multiple GEM_OPENs were harmless