04:10 Tatsh: hi i have some video cards i could donate if anyone is interested: GeForce 560 Ti, Quadro 600; nothing special about either; the Quadro 600 is from a rack-mounted machine so it does not have a regular profile PCI 'cover'
07:20 millerthegorilla: imirkin, - reinstalled xfce daily build and fixed the white screen issue after building the kernel from cgit.freedesktop airlie. To fix the white screen I used the following : delete ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml
07:21 imirkin_: ok, good to know -- close the bug then?
07:21 imirkin_: i didn't have time to work on the DDX this weekend btw, sorry
07:27 millerthegorilla: in that displays.xml file, the two screens were listed with one of them having been incorrectly detected - the lg was detected as a 52", and not a 17". It incorrectly reports the dpmi as well, duff old tv. I could close the bug report but when I adjust the incorrectly detected resolution of the acer monitor, the machine logs out again. When I check the displays file it has the correct resolution which I have selected but not will not log in, u
07:27 millerthegorilla: ntil I delete it.
07:27 millerthegorilla: Perhaps a modesetting issue?
07:28 millerthegorilla: Should I update the bug report or close it and open a new one?
07:47 millerthegorilla: actually, it looks like when I reset the monitors resolution the refresh rate was incorrectly detected as 75 instead of 60. I edited the displays file (including removing a dodgy looking &quote from the name field) and it restarted ok.
07:48 imirkin_: millerthegorilla: ok, so it sounds like you're using some dodgy tool which tries to do dodgy things
07:48 imirkin_: which in turn don't work
07:52 millerthegorilla: no. Clean install of daily build xfce4 ubuntu studio. White screen when logging in as described above. Edited displays.xml after reading advice from https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xfce about removing file.
07:53 millerthegorilla: now working
07:53 millerthegorilla: perhaps its an xfce thing?
07:53 millerthegorilla: xfce4.12 is a new version that is heavily updated.
07:54 imirkin_: why did you say 'no'?
07:54 millerthegorilla: millerthegorilla: ok, so it sounds like you're using some dodgy tool which tries to do dodgy things
07:54 millerthegorilla: - no
07:54 millerthegorilla: don't know of any dodgy tools ...
07:55 millerthegorilla: I'm going to try adding the second monitor
07:55 imirkin_: millerthegorilla: xfce sounds pretty dodgy to me
07:56 imirkin_: if it does that
07:58 millerthegorilla: well I was using lubuntu, but I switched back to xfce cause it's got some really good things going on. it has similar functionality to kde but with a much lighter footprint, and comes as standard with ubuntu-studio which I can use for recording music.
08:31 imirkin_: RSpliet: was 100da0 still used on your G80??
08:44 RSpliet: imirkin_: couldn't check, the card doesn't boot
08:46 imirkin_: ah ok
08:46 imirkin_: i think that either DDR2 or pre-G94 cards will need diff logic
08:46 imirkin_: (or pre-G92)
08:47 RSpliet: highly likely
08:47 RSpliet: but I don't have the devices to verify
08:48 imirkin_: look at the traces i sent you :)
11:23 pmoreau: RSpliet: The former I would say! :D
13:06 RSpliet: darn
13:10 pmoreau: :)