00:30 torwag1: imirkin: Hi, I fight again with a bug related to the DP port and distortion and not resuming of the display. We had this a year or so ago and you submitted a patch to fix this. However, it happens again. Do you know was there any work on DP recently?
06:01 chiui: hi, using optimus here; on the screens connected to the nvidia card (but using intel for the "rendering") I see inconsisten updates
06:02 chiui: like, windows are not always drew properly, scrolling miss some redrawing
06:03 chiui: stuff I write in irc does not appear instantly…
06:03 chiui: but if I use an output from the intel card (even with screen cloning) everything is good
06:04 chiui: mouse cursor triggers redraws where it goes, so it can be used to unhide parts of the screen
06:04 chiui: card is NVIDIA Corporation GF108GLM [NVS 5200M] (rev a1) on a Dell Latitude E6430
06:05 rtcm: that's the general lack of synchronization across drivers in the current linux graphics stack
06:05 rtcm: i.e. it's a known unfixed issue
06:10 chiui: rtcm, thank you, I now found the bug on bugzilla; is there any known workaround?
06:12 rtcm: chiui: can't think of anything
08:22 hasenov: hello everyone, i compiled the nouveau binary from darktama/nouveau repository
08:22 hasenov: can anyone tell me what is the proper way to load it?
08:23 prg_: insmod?
08:23 hasenov: prg_: im not sure which file to insmod, and where it was built
08:24 prg_: find . -name \*.ko
08:24 hasenov: its supposed to be in bin dir, but there are many different binaries
08:24 hasenov: prg_: doesnt find anything
08:25 prg_: um, the kernel module should be built in drm
08:25 hasenov: i ran "make; make install"
08:25 prg_: did you run make in there?
08:25 prg_: in the drm dir? or what binary are you looking for?
08:26 hasenov: oh no, only in the top-level dir
08:26 imirkin: hasenov: "cd drm; make"
08:26 imirkin: should generate a nouveau.ko file
08:26 hasenov: ok i tried that, im on arch-linux
08:27 hasenov: says "No rule to make target 'modules'. Stop
08:28 prg_: do you have a kernel source around?
08:28 prg_: for the kernel you want to build the module for
08:45 hasenov: ok, i downloaded them from kernel.org
08:45 hasenov: in /usr/src
08:45 imirkin: it would need a built kernel tree
08:45 imirkin: with the .config from your actual kernel
08:47 hasenov: do i have to actually build the kernel?
08:47 hasenov: i use a binary kernel that I install with pacman in arch
08:47 imirkin: not 100% sure. at the very least, you need a .config
08:51 hasenov: ok, i copied my current .config to the kernel source dir
08:52 hasenov: i guess i also need to type "make modules_install"?
08:56 hasenov: thanks for the help everyone, i think i will need to actually compile the kernel and run it in order for nouveau to pick up the package
08:56 prg_: did you end up with a nouveau.ko?
08:57 hasenov: prg_: nope, not yet, getting to it, will take a while to compile the kernel since I haven't done it in a long time
08:57 prg_: so just running make in the drm dir did not work?
08:58 hasenov: nope, it looks in "/usr/lib/modules/(kernel version)/build" folder for a makefile, and it is not present there
08:59 prg_: make that a symlink pointing to wherever you put the source + .config
09:00 prg_: and make sure the source is exactly the right version
09:01 prg_: or it might be possible that there is a package with whatever is needed to build out of tree modules
09:01 prg_: would be a question for your distro
09:48 imirkin: calim: spill bugs are back :) it tries to spill a b96 value (from a tex instruction) and falls flat on its face when it can't store it.
15:42 imirkin_: skeggsb: you saw the flickering/etc issues on the gddr5 nva3 right, after you fixed the mega-fail in the ctxsw logic?
16:05 skeggsb: imirkin_: yeah, i did
16:05 skeggsb: imirkin_: i have it on my todo list to get back to, but, haven't yet
16:07 imirkin_: somewhere in the middle of the infinite list? :)
16:07 imirkin_: just have to do infinity/2 items first...
20:36 pzykotic: I'm experiencing an issue with nouveau and dmesg indicates there's been a core dump. I wanna be as helpful as possible in submitting it but I can't figure out where it is.
20:37 pzykotic: but its kind of hard to see right now because XOrg is just a checkerboard right now